How you feel about you will always trump what anyone else thinks about you. What you say to yourself, throughout the day, all those times you say “I can’t,  they will never like me, I’m not enough, It won’t […]
Building integrity: Those resounding words of my mother continue to take a front seat the further I go in life. “Be on time, write down what you have to do, make a note of it, let me know […]
A balanced life: It’s so easy to get running errands and taking care of the family(spouse and children) confused with actually spending quality time with them. With all the morning preparation to get everyone out of the house […]
I’ve driven down the same highway for well over 10 years on the way home. Yet the other day I saw a house that I had never seen on that very route, that was so beautiful. How on […]
    So many thoughts and so much heartfelt concern as I continue to watch Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston’s recent battles flood my news feed on Face Book. My first thought is prayer […]
Purchase Relationships Matter Course Here: *Course Weekly emails/videos begin March 9, 2015!                         Watch testimonials from  a previous relationship class    Relationships Matter Course 90 From My Experience To Yours Tanya Wilson-Cherry Consultant To Stars Like You and Everyday People Walking […]
Scroll to the bottom to purchase! Relationships help shape everything you do and experience! Many of my followers know that  my husband and I  reconciled our marriage after a 2.5 years of separation. We are now on our 11th year […]
Remember  as a child,  the excitement you had about going to the fair , eating the candy and riding the rides. At one of the most tender times in childhood, like myself, the merry-go-round may very well have […]
So what on earth are successful people doing to keep going in disappointing or uncertain times ?
I don’t pay a lot of attention to the regular news stations.. I do catch it sometimes, because my husband watches it daily . I usually watch Christian News stations that line up with the prophetic words of the bible. Nothing […]
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