How you feel about you will always trump what anyone else thinks about you. What you say to yourself, throughout the day, all those times you say “I can’t,  they will never like me, I’m not enough, It won’t work, I can’t do it.” All of those thoughts suck your motivation dry. Begin being conscious of what you are saying to yourself. Really, write it down. Also be conscious of the times you say a positive thought verbally and then counteract that same thought with something negative in your mind.

One way to love yourself is to think positive thoughts. It changes your perspective. Positive words and thoughts are healing . Not just the words spoken to you, but the words you speak to yourself. Take your self-love up a notch. Love yourself  by challenging yourself to say ” I love you” each time you look in a mirror! Loving yourself is one of the most powerful tools to changing your life and a soundboard for great relationships. There is so much strength that comes from learning to love yourself.

Get a note card and write five positive things  you like about yourself. Remind yourself often of your good qualities. How you feel about you matters!

“I’m healthy”

“I’m happy”

“I’m whole”

“I’m smart, intelligent and kind”

“I’m loving”

These will be your affirmations. Even if you’re not fully in that place you can speak those positive things into your subconscious mind and begin being all of those things simply by changing your thinking. Speak those affirmations over your life each morning when you wake and at night before you go to bed.

Love Yourself



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