Non of my rewards, accomplishments, or achievements could  prepare me for what was about to happen in my business. I was innovative and thinking outside the box with my business. Often complimented for the excellent customer service and professionalism we […]
Does it seem as if you keep hitting a “snag”? Some form of resistance standing in the path? When you are making changes in your life and striving for greatness, the tendency to resist the process is inevitably […]
There are many ways to get wealth. There are established ways to help you  keep it! Two of the most important and fulfilling wealth building roles a man will have an opportunity to assume are the role of […]
 Or has believing become something that is popular to say. Think about it, if you REALLY believed, your main focus would not be on your lack in any area. If you really believed, your heart and mind would […]
We live in a world that’s always moving and shaking. The opportunity to become consumed is all too easy to do. Saying “NO” can seem like a harsh word..but can be a means of survival. If you are not careful, you’ll become […]
Everyone has a divine intended purpose for their life! There have been times in my past where my vision for my life was not clear and things just felt wrong. Like many others, I had moments of despair […]
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