You don’t get what you want in life.

You get what you believe!

By the time a child is 7 years old, they have already formed a belief system for how they will see life and view the world.

Of course, other circumstances and life instances impact that belief, but it starts really early.

Those beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind.

When scripture talks about transforming your life by renewing your mind it’s speaking of renewing your mind to a place of abundance, peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Getting rid of beliefs that don’t serve you,

Some of those beliefs can be limiting as it relates to growing and evolving in life.

Everyone has limiting beliefs.

A millionaire may have limiting beliefs that a billionaire may not have. Either way, we all have them. They are the silent, loud voices that impact how we experience life.

They are the voices that speak of poverty, scarcity, or lack,

or the voice that speaks of possibility, abundance, and faith.

God’s Abundance is considered exceedingly, very highly, beyond measure, more. A quantity so abundant it’s considered to be more than what one would expect or anticipate.” 

Taking on this mindset requires awareness and practice.

It’s the key to shifting the trajectory of your life and actualizing your higher dreams, goals, and vision.

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Belief has everything to do with

  • How you show up in the world.
  • How you create in the world.
  • How you attract
  • How you manifest.
  • And how you Prosper.

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