Who is this for:

Service-Based Business Owners, Coaches, Educators, and Beauty Industry Professionals, Creatives

Are you an entrepreneur that’s ready for your Brand to do more?

Do you want to see more growth in your business and more time freedom?

What would an actual strategy, plan, and new systems do for your business?

Are you too busy to take a full-on online course in this season to get the information you need?

Do you receive information better 1 to 1?

Your time with me in your VIP Growth Strategy Day will allow me to support you in creating strategies and systems that allow

  • More time freedom
  • Attract more ideal clients and team members
  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Improve Hiring and Hiring Strategies to develop a team
  • Allow you more control and less frustration in your daily operations
  • Develop specific strategies for productivity and profit

If You know it’s time for your business to perform at another level, this “VIP Growth Strategy Day” is an amazing opportunity for your business!

Gain a specific focus and directions needed to operate at your next level.

I invite you to dive deep and get intimate with your business in this Growth Strategy Day.

All Live VIP Days are held in and around Raleigh NC or Virtually online!


What will it include:

You will immediately receive a business assessment to complete followed by a Virtual Consultation( Approx. 1 Hour) prior to your VIP Growth Strategy Day Based on Your Specific Needs intensive are centered around 6 Focus Areas.

6 Focus Areas  

1-Review and Reflection

Snapshot of the previous year or quarter to determine any gaps in your business and what to tweaked or eliminate to perform at the maximal potential.

2-Full Circle-Vision Casting

  • Value-Based Direction you want your business to head

3-Business and  Brand Clarity

This segment who help you get clear on your Brand Identity, ideal customer and or team members, who to market your services to giving direction to your strategy and planning!

Profit Projection

Set goals for the year that align with your values,

  • Strategies for increasing revenue

5-Brand Strategy and Planning Session:

Finalization of process needed to implement your planning

6-Operational Systems and processes

Creating systems to begin using immediately in your business for daily operations, hiring, and efficiency that allows you more time freedom, client attraction, and smoother daily operations.


If you know having systems and a strategy for your brand is needed for growth and you want to move into a more intentional and strategic approach to growing your business schedule your exclusive VIP Growth Strategy Day!

 The Growth Strategy Day is approx 5 hours in addition to a one-hour onboarding Virtual Business Assessment prior to the in-person session.

Join me for a productive, vision stretching, thought-provoking, power-packed day!

The cost of this Vip Growth Strategy Day  $2997

There is an installment option. There are no refunds for this opportunity!


You won’t look at your business the same!


VIP Growth Day

>Please Note: Your VIP Day is considered confirmed at the time of purchase. Space is very limited for these sessions. Purchasing is considered greatly in the time allotted for this service.  This is for highly driven serious entrepreneurs. There are no refunds. This agreement is made upon payment or intital installment.

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