For some reason, I’ve taken on a fascination with eagles and decided to study them a little. In my studying, I found the eagle to have many similar qualities of great leaders. I fully understand why the eagle is referenced so many times in the bible and other resources as a bird of strength. Here are some facts I learned about eagles. I took the time to make my personal conclusions on the characteristics that line up and compare to those of great leaders.

Fact: Eagles have keen vision.

The Leader

Leaders are known for developing a keen sense of vision. They are able to look at things from a long-range perspective which allows them to make great daily choices. They have a clear perspective about where they are headed and often see the “Big Picture.” Leaders understand that what they do daily will affect how things happen in the future.  Great leaders know that what lies ahead, where their  sights are set, helps to decide the direction they should take daily, in order to reach their distant destination.

Fact: The Eagle

When a storm comes eagles don’t panic or fly away in a scattering way. They spread their wings and use the wind to accelerate their stride.

The Leader:

When times are difficult or adversity arise, leaders don’t run from the difficulty, but often see it as a challenge and use the momentum created to soar to new heights and increase their internal strength and fortitude!

Fact: Eagles never eat dead meat

The Leader

Leaders are often more quick to move on from dead situations knowing that they can not receive life where life does not exist. This can seem ironic, because great leaders often see the smallest amount of life and potential in things, others may consider dead and are aware that they can revive a situation with great ideas, concepts, and effort.


Fact: Eagles fly high. At heights of 10,000 feet you will never find another bird!

The Leader

Great leaders usually acquire the ability to reach monumental stages and levels in life only observed by the average individual.


Eagles are fearless. They don’t measure the size of their prey to being afraid. They don’t surrender to the size or strength of their prey.

The Leader

Great leaders break all task down into smaller goals or task. This allows them to view the picture from a scope they can handle without feeling overwhelmed. They are comfortable with their ability to handle, gain knowledge to handle, or overcome a situation.


The Eagle

Eagles hunt with not only great skill, but efficiency.

The Leader

Great leaders take time to become efficient in their craft, knowledge, skill, and ability. They dedicate their time and energy in things that cause them to grow and connect to their over all-purpose. They are efficient in their use of time and resources in order to carry out a task or goal.


 Fact: The Eagle

When a eagles wings are worn, they rest and allow them to regrow and strengthen.

The Leader

Great leaders are aware of the need to rest and rejuvenate. They pace themselves, listen to their body, and take ample rest, vacations and planned outlets to rejuvenate and strengthen, equipping themselves for the journeys ahead. Great leaders learn to watch their lives. making sure to support a positive work life balance


Fact: The Eagle

The eagles strength is known to be in his food.

The Leader

Great leaders know what they take in is an intricate part to their success. Their strength has a great deal to do with their ability.  What they listen to is often things that will strengthen their will and determination. Who they listen to is also critical to their overall success. Leaders often work under conditions that the average person has not been developed to handle. The journey often proves to be strenuous to a driven leader and require they also feed their body foods that give them great energy and react well with the amount of energy they exert into accomplishing great feats and task.  The mind and the body become one for most great leaders. Great leaders know what they take in matters.

These are just a few facts I learned while studying the characteristics of the eagle, which I was easily able to cross-reference with things I’ve found true about great leaders.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was refreshing for me , learning what a great symbol the eagle is and why.

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!


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