A balanced life:

It’s so easy to get running errands and taking care of the family(spouse and children) confused with actually spending quality time with them. With all the morning preparation to get everyone out of the house on time, (baths, hair combed/brushed, teeth brushed , breakfast ready, extra curricular activities, dinner cooked, homework checked, etc.) it’s easy to feel you do a lot with your family. But quality time includes time when you are not on the computer , phone, or busy running. It is when your family member has your undivided attention. A strong family structure helps to balance all of your other responsibilities in life. Do we grow our money and lose our families or leave them to take care of themselves? Planning time with your family should be on your list of things to do! It’s easy to forget the reason why you are working. We schedule time each day for work, but not family? Schedule date nights with your spouse. That connection time is important. It keeps the foundation strong. Think about it! If we sleep 7-8 hours, work 8-12 hours, there are really only about 4 hours left in the day (and you’re usually preparing for the next day in those hours-driving to and from work, taking baths, etc). Are we giving all of our valuable time to everyone , but the right ones.  Think about it, we schedule out time for work and our clients at least 5 days out of the week, but not the ones we are doing it all for. If we aren’t careful, we will give all of our time and energy to world and confuse the money we spend on our family as what they need.

Look at it this way, imagine your clients/boss just paying you money, but you never connect or do anything for them. How long would that last? How can you arrange a balance work, life and family? Small intervals are fine!

If you dedicate 8-10 hours a day to the outside world, dedicate at least one hour your spouse(ride to the store together, do household chores together, take an evening walk)#CONNECT. Give an hour of undivided attention(even in intervals) to your children. If you take your children to school, don’t answer phone calls during the ride, keep the radio off and spend time building your child’s courage and mindset for the day. Listen to them! Use the ride home for the same purpose.  Plan a few hours a week with your spouse alone.(no children) Also, let your children help you prepare meals, or fold clothes with you…and just listen! One of the main causes of behavioral problems with children stem from lack of attention. With all we do, it’s easy to unintentionally get it twisted)

CHALLENGE: one to two 15- 30 minutes moments of undivided attention a day with spouse and children as a start. Be intentional. We often wait on the opportunity to present itself to build our family foundations, but honestly we know it does not just happen, months can easily slip by without REAL connection. With all we are responsible for, we have to intentionally plan for consistent family time as we plan for everything else! As your business and career grows, your marriage and family will need too as well. They deserve it. It will empower them and allow them to understand when it just isn’t possible. If it’s planned they have something to look forward to. If not, they are always wondering when or seeking other things to feel important and fulfill the human need for connection. It is your foundation for everything else #STAYCONNECTED #WORKLIFEBALANCE


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