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A simple powerful Impactful guide to assist you in creating the business and lifestyle you love by policing your thoughts, adopting a new mindset, and changing what you say!

If you ever desired to do any of the following

  • Create an amazing life you love
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Manifest new desires and experiences
  • Increase productivity
  • Control negative feelings
  • Own your personal power
  • Manifest new desires

This Affirmations= guide will assist you in the fundamentals needed!

This Affirmations guide

  • Is a soundboard equipped with the practice of affirmation and how to use them to expand your current reality to the one you truly desire.
  • Can be tweaked to personalize adding your name,  descriptions of what you desire, dollar amounts, or things specific to you!
  • Contains over 120 abundance thinking affirmations
  • Is arranged in categories to make it easy for you to focus on specific areas you may need at the time
  • Provides workspace  to create, tweak or change and create your own affirmations
  • Has beautiful pictures to help you visualize what you desire
  • Is equipped with bonus scriptures that align fully


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