Do you value other people’s time, goals, and dreams more than you do your own?

Think about it!

When you are at work do you try harder to complete task then you do with the personal goals and task you have set for your self and your family?

What if you incorporated that same drive, or greater, into achieving things in your own life that will change your quality of life? Maybe there are things you need to do to enjoy your living space more. Organization is key to successful living.  Will finishing a household task allow you to live a better quality of life?  Like re-organizing rooms, so you can find things and experience less stress in your daily routine. Or maybe making time to read a book or take a class on your craft or passion that will help you grow that great business you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you make list on the job to assure that you get things done?

The last thing you want to do is forget what your boss or supervisor has asked you to do. More than likely you ‘ve acquired the habit of writing it down at work. You value what they have asked and want to assure the task are completed in a timely manner. But, then there is your life and your free personal time. How valuable is it to you that you get things done for yourself? Do you make a list of things to do during your free time to assure getting them done? You know, those things that are important to you or your loved ones.

It wasn’t until I had an “A-HA” moment about my own personal time and how valuable it was, that I was able to shift and make changes that would take me from dreaming about a certain lifestyle to achieving it. The one thing I needed to do was re-evaluate  how I was spending my time.

Do you make sure you have few distractions at work so you can complete task?

Do you do the same with your personal time? Think about it, most of  time spent through out the day is on someone else’s watch. There are really only a few hours available of “Your Time.” You’ve dedicated much of it to helping others fulfill their dreams, goals, ambitions, and business achievements. Surely you care enough about your own free time, to use it wisely, be mindful of how you are spending it, and mindful of the distractions that keep you from obtaining your own personal goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Without careful consideration, you could  easily spend a life time helping others build their dreams and very little time fulfilling their own.

I ask you once more to ponder on this question:

Do you value other people’s time more than you do your own?

Take the time to invest in growing you and your buisness!

Love yourself!

Time is a precious commodity!

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Thought Leader/ Business Consultant

Everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!




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