I am convinced that we as humans handle our problems based on how we think, our beliefs, and what we have experienced. I recently heard a Ted Talk that made me, once again,  take a look at my parenting skills and what mindset I was exposing my daughter to. It also made me view where I may have operated with a “fixed mindset.” The Ted Talk gave the following research statistics about two mindset types, Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset listed below.

One major thing I was aware of was with growth mindset abilities can be developed.

Here’s a great picture I  found that I used to check my thinking on a greater level.



The mindset determines outcomes in a person’s life and as I often say, “How you think matters.”

Here are some comparisons highlighted in the Ted Talk I heard.

Growth Mindset: A growth mindset becomes more active when receiving information on what they could do better.

Fixed Mindset: The brain becomes most active when they receive information about how they perform. Such as a grade or score.


Growth Mindset: Focused on learning. They understand it is a way to grow.

Fixed Mindset: They focus more on how they are judged.


Growth mindset: Sees effort as what makes us learn or grow.

Fixed Growth: Sees effort as a bad thing that only people with a low capability need.


Growth Mindset: Understands that setbacks are an opportunity for growth.

Fixed Mindset: See setbacks as a conclusion that they are incapable so they often protect their ego, lose interest, or withdraw.

As Managers and Leaders

Growth Mindset Managers and Leaders

Are better at negotiation, welcoming feedback and mentoring employees because they believe that people are capable of growing and changing for the better.

Fixed Mindset Managers and Leaders: Don’t welcome feedback as much and don’t mentor workers as much. They simply believe that where people are is all they are capable of being!

My Thoughts:

The mind is pliable, with the ability to be brought to new levels. Challenges should be viewed as something you can

Challenges should be viewed as something you can overcome, with information, action, and understanding. Don’t count yourself out because you feel something is too hard for you.  Maybe the internet or technology rage has been a lot to think about as if relates to your Salon Success is about overcoming challenges and mastering things by continuous effort.

I share this with you because many people don’t feel capable of doing things they’ve never done when in actuality it’s normally because they have never continuously tried it.

That simple!

The continued efforts yield improvement over time.

You are capable!

Take time to overcome your fixed mindset moments throughout your life and change those thoughts to those of a person with a growth mindset.

A person that believes if you continue to try eventually you will receive positive results!

You can do this.

From My Experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like YOU, walking out this jewel called LIFE!




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