Inner Work/ Healing/ Spiritual Growth

Can we normalize Luxury to include self-care, healing, and inner work❓Not just our degrees, titles, bank accounts, accomplishments, and clothes?

Healing and inner work are not just about you feeling better. There’s a new level of clarity and focus that comes with it as well. You can’t manifest what you really desire when you’re lowballing in the area of your self-value, self-worth, and self-love.

You’ll sabotage it.

It will always be hit or miss and fickle.

When you heal and do inner work, everything you see will be different. Including your idea of wealth and success.

Having emotions without becoming “emotional” is a process of inner work and healing. This means you aren’t always responding to how you feel. This means you aren’t impulsive. This means you are not in reaction mode all the time. This inward awareness and strength is a huge KEY to your life’s success.

Heal Sis

One of many prominent times inner work and healing are needed the most is after a divorce or failed relationship. This also occurs in other unhealthy or toxic relationships even with family and friends.

This often leaves women operating heavily in their masculine energy. Lack of support, and having to hold, chase, and secure the bag on her own leaves her feeling like she jas to do it alone. Self Care is on the back burner and life is a constant chase or reaction to seemingly putting out fires.

This creates a barrier to a woman’s feminine essence.

The Heal SIs Master Class is a 3 Day Body of work that walks you through identifying 4 levels of spiritual growth with practical tools for inner work and healing! I walk you through the personal downloads I received from God that fast-forwarded my healing journey during my separation and divorce from my previous 14-year marriage.

Queen Behavior

All of the inner work you do expands your capacity to receive.


  • Clients,
  • love,
  • money,
  • opportunities,
  • what you deserve and desire.

When women haven’t cleared their headspace and their heart space there is a tendency to let themselves go, doubt and second guess themselves.

There’s something magical about doing your inner work that changes everything from the inside out. You feel lighter, you look better, and life flows better. You tap into what it feels like to be free.

No more people pleasing, saying YES to things you really want to say no to, and having no boundaries. That’s freedom.

Boundaries are not about you keeping other people out, but more about honoring yourself and living a healthy life.

Boundaries are an essential part of healthy relationships of any kind as well as an essential part of life. Boundaries aren’t always comfortable to express to others.

How you value yourself, which is denoted in your Self Esteem, will be the soundboard for recognizing the importance of boundaries. There are many reasons people fear establishing boundaries, let alone how to establish and express them in a healthy way.

I teach you how to establish healthy boundaries and express them to others inside the “Queen Behavior Master Life Session”It’s all a part of your personal inner-work and healing journey.

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Her- Tap Into Your Femininity

There is such a buzz going on about masculine and feminine energy!

I am going to clear up some myths and give you tools to tap more into your feminine side. It’s not about wearing heels, hair done, nails done, lashes and make-up.

It’s internal.

The thing is, both males and females have both masculine and feminine energy. It is scientifically proven that women simply function better when they are more in their feminine, a place of receiving.

I want to share the secrets and benefits of tapping into your feminine energy with you. It has done wonders for my personal life and my business.

Your emotional work is work.

It is noble work.

It is legacy.

It is a gift you give to yourself and others, especially your children. Especially those who love you and those you intend to love.

It is the commitment you give yourself.

It is an expression of self-love.

It is an expression of LOVE in one of its highest, most rare forms.


Renew Full Circle Consulting Master Life And Business Coach