clockBuilding integrity:
Those resounding words of my mother continue to take a front seat the further I go in life. “Be on time, write down what you have to do, make a note of it, let me know what time you will be available, if you can’t do it… I will.”

It’s so easy to commit,  volunteer,  agree to do something, or be some where that we clearly have not evaluated fully. As much as we hate to say no, or maybe feel it makes us seem agreeable by saying yes, it’s important to assess whether we are agreeing to something we are able to pull off effectively. It’s okay to say, ” No, I won’t be able to help you”, to things that are not priority, so you can manage what is. One sure way to discredit your integrity and character is to fall short on promises and the things you’ve committed to.
No matter how great our intentions, it leaves a lasting impression on others when we don’t live up to what we say.

Trust, integrity, and character are built first by the words we speak and then by the actions we take. Sometimes, the need to just slow down, think, and prioritize our life and schedule is all that’s needed.

There are times where entrepreneurs do fulfill all their commitments, but only half heatedly. This can also diminish the true greatness of a person. It is important to establish a vision and prioritized focus so that all efforts can be done with a spirit of excellence.

A wealth mindset would rather commit to less and fulfill the commitments than to disappointment others and taint their character. Time management and a prioritized focus is important for establishing character, building integrity, and forming solid relationships for next level achievement. Integrity is a valuable asset to the doors that open and close for entrepreneurs  on their journey to success.
Home and everyday life is a great place to be conditioned and build character. When you have established  it in your everyday life, it will be that much easier to fulfill it in the business arena. After all, everything that last externally was first established internally. Successful entrepreneurs  make it a habit of letting their yay be yay and their nay be nay!
Here are some tips to help
1. Establish what’s important in your life. (This will help you determine what needs your time and attention the most in-order to maintain it properly)
2. Keep a calendar handy of your commitments and responsibilities. Don’t commit to anything without checking your schedule. This is easier than ever now with smart phones. And they are ALWAYS HANDY. Successful people understand and respect having to wait a day or so to check your schedule. They would rather you be assured of being able to fulfill the commitment then to have to make other arrangements at the last minute to fill your spot.
3. Make a monthly list of important things that need to be done throughout the month. Follow up with weekly task list at the beginning of the week and  finalize them with daily task list. Things change beyond control, so the need to re-assess schedules often is important for people committed to getting important things done.
Managing time is an accoutrement to building and maintaining integrity.
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From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Business Consultant
Founder of The T.E.A.M
Enhancing lives both personally and professionally!

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