The Blue Print. We all have one. It is unequally wrapped up in our DNA. There is simply a path that works better for how we are made, wired, and designed Many people never walk their intended path, […]
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Do entrepreneurs need inner work and healing to be successful? One thing is for certain, you take all of you, every unique and even uncovered part of you, everywhere you go. Your business is no exception. I often […]
Three ways to know you are tapping into a new space of abundance! Here are three ways to know you are tapping into a new space of abundance! 1-Your concept of what A LOT of MONEY is, is […]
I’ve had situations occur in my life that would knock the average person and even the old version of me directly to their knees. I’ve had almost unbelievable acts of disloyalty from people who God designed to protect […]
You don’t always know you’ve lost your power when it’s time to take it back.! You create a routine that you live in and where your current truth has become your reality, But if you are feeling off-centered, […]
Simply put, decision making is choosing a particular course of action. Every moment of the day you are making decisions. Those decisions impact the results you have in life and business. Over time you can develop great decision-making […]
I ended up writing this from a completely different direction than what I had planned. As I began to write, what started as one question to ask you to consider, What if you gave yourself permission and followed […]
My entire entrepreneurial career has been centered around working with women. And although I started out in a very Hands-On service-based business in the beauty industry what I always found most intriguing was the stories and the lives […]
People don’t want to pay. People aren’t showing up. People can’t afford my prices. Although this may be your current reality, this is not necessary THE TRUTH This is what YOU believe. There are people who will pay. […]
The idea of S.M.A.R.T goals as a topic to share with you came from a room I moderated on Clubhouse. Another speaker brought up the topic, and I wanted to share my perspective with you! A S.M.A.R.T goal […]
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