• People don’t want to pay.
  • People aren’t showing up.
  • People can’t afford my prices.

Although this may be your current reality,

this is not necessary THE TRUTH

This is what YOU believe.

There are people who will pay.

There are people who will show up

There are plenty of people who can afford your prices.

Maybe the way you are Pricing your services attract the wrong people.

Maybe you are not showing up with a message that speaks to people who will show up.

Maybe your ideal customers are turned off by your prices.

There, I said it.

I got the hard to swallow part out. (in Love of course)

💫Beating the price of your competition (attempting to be the cheapest) 

SN This is the competitor you have created in your mind

💫Slashing your prices more

💫Doing every new tactic you hear is not the answer.

You are attracting people who are aligned with what you BELIEVE.

If you change that.

If you get in alignment with those who are truly aligned with the value you offer everything will change. (Those people aligned with the value you bring could be clients, team members, teachers, mentors, collaborations, coaches, and community)

Are you struggling to raise your prices or to believe in the possibility of greater with easier FLOW in your business?

Maybe, you aren’t even sure.

The first step is to become aware of your thinking.

What is it you really believe?

Start here: renewfullcircle.com/lbeliefs

Download this free Limiting Belief s Guide and check your beliefs.

Awareness is the start for change. 

If you’d like to do the work that will shift that with support, and erase some of the time it takes to see results. I have a few spaces available for Private 1 to 1 Coaching. You can schedule a complimentary time to discuss the options here

Either way it remains :

You don’t get what you want,

” You Get What You Believe”

Here is a question for you .

“Are you willing to become the person needed for your next level?”

Success on purpose 


Master Life and Business Coach


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