I’ve had situations occur in my life that would knock the average person and even the old version of me directly to their knees.

I’ve had almost unbelievable acts of disloyalty from people who God designed to protect me. In those moments it rocked me to my core in disbelief. In those times, the best thing I could ever do for myself, everyone involved, and my future was to choose peace.

Now I have not mastered this practice of choosing peace, but I have perfected it, gotten really, really, really good at it. I understand and respect the state of peace and what it produces and prevents.

In my humanness, moments of frustration, hurt, or disappointment I have had to practice the fact that I understand that wanting peace and choosing peace are two separate things.

Amidst all of my business and entrepreneurial success, I’ve definitely had things occur that tapped on the door of peace, demanding to enter. Nothing changed about what I’ve observed and experienced while at peace. It always works in my favor and in my future to choose peace.

I can remember one specific time where an employee was late, we had about 10 guests receiving services in my brick-and-mortar business who came as a party of individuals. The service she provided was one all the guests were scheduled to receive. She wasn’t answering the phone nor text. I thought something must be wrong it had been 45 minutes (hurt, harm, or danger) My thoughts while calling turned into concern.

She however did not receive it that way and text some choice words back about an hour after being contacted starting with,

“Mrs. Professional a**.” I can laugh at it now.

My first response by text was ??????????????????????????? . I was about to retaliate with my words, but I chose peace.

It would be almost 6 years later she would reach out on Facebook and apologize, explaining she was sorry. She shared she had been going through a lot of personal things at home. (she was unable to choose peace in those moments years prior-which lead of course to her dismissal)

She asked for forgiveness and complimented my heart and professionalism.

So glad I chose peace, cause I really wanted to curse her out. Can I just be honest? #RealTalk.

However, that would have done no good for the busy day I had at work, my ability to process and shift the situation around without the clients being affected, and my future as a business owner. Surely she would have spread the news of my ugly behavior had I not chosen peace and I probably would have felt awful afterward.

Whenever you are faced with a challenging life event it is human nature for your emotions to stand to the forefront whether that’s worry, frustration, anger, etc.

However, our God nature tells us that peace is our portion. When I think about that, the fact that peace is our portion, I understand I can choose it.

You can choose it.

It is from that place challenges and adversity lose their power in our life. It is from that place distractions, dishonoring acts of others, world events, the evilness that occurs in certain aspects of our world, unexpected twists and turns in business, no longer have the power to overtake you.

You see, most people are seeking a few things in life, freedom and peace.

The extra money you desire to earn is actually so you can have the freedom to do more of the things you love.

The extra money you want to earn without having to necessarily do more work or be tied to your business is to create a new level of freedom that will offer you a new level of peace. Freedom in what you are obligated to do with your time, and, or what you can choose to do with your time.

You need peace to figure all of that out. You need peace to get in alignment with all of that. You need peace to have clear thoughts, clear thinking, clear insight, and clear instructions.

I leave you with this today as a relates to peace:

It is a choice!

We may not FEEL like it during every leg of our journey, every season in our business, every day of our life, but please know, Choosing Peace is your best option. Peace is a soundboard to prosperity.

You could never hear divine instruction or get in an energetic space to make the right moves,

say the right things,

do the right things,

be the right version, that higher version of you, you need to be in order to attract what’s at your next level.

Peace has to become a priceless entity you choose to live in.

Building a muscle to stay in or move quickly back into that state, despite what’s going on outside of you, is going to be the key that opens doors for even more prosperity in your life.

Peace is the place you can hear God’s voice.

Peace is a place you can get divine instruction, and heavenly wisdom imparted into you.

It dictates the right move to make next, what to say, what not to say, who to connect with, who to coach with, even the right clients to accept in your business.

It is in the space of peace, (that’s your personal power), you move into the next round of prosperity.

Wanting peace and choosing peace are two separate things.

Choose Peace,

Success On Purpose


The Growth Strategist

Master Lie And Business Coach



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