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Do entrepreneurs need inner work and healing to be successful?

One thing is for certain, you take all of you, every unique and even uncovered part of you, everywhere you go.
Your business is no exception.

I often say, “If you want to learn who you are, if you want to become aware of your strengths and uncover some of your weaknesses, simply open a business.

The very essence of entrepreneurship and building a business opens up aspects of your being like few other pursuits in life outside of a spiritual awakening and marriage.

YOU show up in every aspect of your business-building process.

There are many instances in the nuances of birthing, growing, and nurturing your business baby where whispers, abrupt screams, and unrecognizable noises will summon you to check in with what’s going on inside of you. It is a voice, sound, or echoing many entrepreneurs ignore in the business-building process.
Because our world’s guiding force is set on searching outside of you, entrepreneurs often look for the next external thing they can do to get ahead to solve employee issues, undesired business occurrences, and unmet business financial goals. They look for the next stamp of approval to gain credibility from the world at large. The idea of earning a degree, getting yet another licensure, title, or more letters behind their name, seems to be the most obvious choice they need. Or at least that is their belief.

What they often fail to bring Full Circle is that no matter how many degrees, certificates, licensing, and titles they achieve or acquire, the same issues in business will continue showing up until they’re willing to go within. Until they’ve done some inner work and healing.

Doing your personal work, your inner work, and addressing those things at the core of you, will change the way you see and do business.
I’ll be highlighting five specific ways inner work and healing impact an entrepreneur’s pursuit. Taking time to pause and do personal inventory is the soundboard many entrepreneurs and all business owners who continue their pursuit of desired success will face at some point.
The sooner the better.

Taking a pause to do inner work and healing is a journey few ever regret and their business always thanks them for.
I’ll begin by sharing five ways inner work and healing, or the need for it, impacts your business journey.

Number one -Your mindset around money.

Now we know you are in business to make a profit.
To make money.
If you have resolved that fact it’s a first step.

Of course, as an entrepreneur whose desire is to build a business you love with purpose and heart infused in the services and products you offer, purpose ranks similarly high, if not higher in priority.

Nevertheless, a for-profit business needs profit. Assuming this fact has been made and recognized…

your thinking around money is huge.

Even passion projects need profit to sustain.
Scarcity thinking is that sly concept that’s often hidden in the crevices of many entrepreneurs’ hearts and minds. Unrecognized and untapped. It’s not something contingent upon how much money you have but how you view money.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few entrepreneurs whose businesses earned a million dollars or more and despite the influx of money coming into their business, the owner still showed signs of scarcity thinking.
If you have limiting beliefs around money you will view your personal finances as if everyone else’s is the same as yours. For instance, if you’re in a season of lack,(low revenue), or your money is looking a little funny, it’s easy to carry that thought process into how you’re pricing your services. If things look funny in your bank account, you will assume everyone else is in the same financial space of lack. This will affect how you price your products and services.
Services and products should be viewed as value-based concepts not based on what you feel you can afford to spend. You definitely can’t predict or determine what customers are able to spend. If you are operating in scarcity thinking. You often unknowingly think because your personal money may look a little funny, you should charge cheaper because you’re thinking that’s what others are able to afford.

Self-love, self-worth, and the value you place on yourself also play a part in this dynamic. As oddly as it may seem inner work and healing is necessary for running a great business.

You personally may not know how to value and price your services, especially when you lack self-love. A shift is definitely needed in this mindset that requires inner work. This is more likely to be a thing if you have dealt with scarcity in your past, some form of lack growing up, rejection, or certain mindsets about money prior.
If you’ve spent the majority of your money-earning career in corporate America, prior to becoming an entrepreneur, it’s likely you will struggle with scarcity thinking. You may maintain an hourly pricing concept versus value pricing.

It does matter.

It is this space of inner work you’ll want to be intentional about working on.
One of the women who worked in corporate America who took my Heal Sis 3 Day Master-life Class was shocked when I suggested she expand her thinking to being able to have no mortgage as opposed to being able to simply qualify for a mortgage. My reason was to break the mindset of the systematic beliefs that often come within our world space that limit the idea of possibility.

Scarcity thinking also leads entrepreneurs to offer discounts on already discounted products. I’ve seen it too many times. The business owner is running a promotion and working a deal on a deal with clients. They’re asked the price of a product or service. (Keep in mind, that the client simply asked for the cost.) The entrepreneur, out of fear, will quote the client an even lower price than what they’re running a promotion for. All based on their thinking and possible fears of losing the sale. Again, they think the client wouldn’t be willing to pay what they should really be charging for the service.

Number two -Fear-based thinking.

Fear-based media and conversations are culprits for business decisions for many. This one is huge. In our world space, there is a common belief that if you are not watching the news daily, multiple times a day, your life will crumble because you will miss something super important. In actuality, it becomes a stimulant for business decisions and doubt. I find wrong conversations, the wrong media outlets, and the wrong news, will infiltrate the mind of an entrepreneur and cause them to make scarcity thinking decisions solely based on all of the external information they are hearing.
Fear of marketing, promoting, and selling are culprits of fear-based thinking. Fear in investing and growing. If your thinking in your business is centered around the news, and those you’re in constant conversation with (people who aren’t entrepreneurs) there’s some inner work you’ll need to do in order to change this perspective. If not you will be on a constant whirlwind of making decisions out of your fears.

The onset of the pandemic is a huge reminder of how easily (and understandably) the news, media, and conversations dictate how, when, and what people do in their business.

Are there certain circumstances that impact our world’s economy?


However, if you are continuously moved by what’s going on in media, by the conversations you’re hearing from people who are not entrepreneurs, who are also living in fear-based scarcity thinking, your business and your money will fluctuate all the time. The 2020 pandemic was indeed a time of uncertainty for our world space. We were faced with many unexpected circumstances we’d never seen before in this generation. Entrepreneurs were impacted greatly in their business. Not so much about what was transpiring outside of them but what was transpiring inside of them.

  • Many were uncertain if they should still market their business during this time. (I had many business owners reach out to me on social, even clients, asking me should still market their business. You see, they would see people who worked a job and got a check writing posts on social media and making statements that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be trying to earn money during a time like this. Make it make sense. But that’s for another conversation.
  • Many chose to close their business altogether.
  • Then there was a percentage of business owners connected with me for support in their businesses. We created and tweaked offers from a space of time of possibility. They made more money with greater ease than they had prior to the pandemic.
  • I remember vividly being asked by many clients during that season what they should do. Many of them were discouraged by things they were seeing on social media and in the news and needed me to hold space for them. Imagine if I was operating from a limited space of belief and thinking. Many of them would have folded during that time. Instead, I gave them a new way to think about the opportunity to do things differently. Again, many of them made money they had never seen in those amounts before. A lot of that was identifying a new set of Perfect People to market to.

Are there certain circumstances that impact our world’s economy?

However, if you are continuously moved by what’s going on in media and by the conversations that you’re hearing from people who are not entrepreneurs, and who are also living in a fear-based scarcity mindset, your business and your money will feel it all the time.

Another thing that happens when you are operating from a scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs, money will become so important to you that you forget to do what is truly valuable and what will truly bring in the money.

One of those things is underpromising and overdelivering. I don’t mean adding 50,000 things to your offer or service but doing the thing that is the most valuable to your clients who will purchase your products and services.

When there is scarcity thinking, service providers and business owners usually cut corners in their services and products. They do less for the client in their attempts to chase more money. Things are often done out of desperation.

This leaves an entrepreneur in a space of desperation. This is so uniquely intertwined and ingrained in what you were taught about money as a child in your home or in situations you may have encountered in life.

I remember a time, specifically during my previous 14-year marriage, when Money was looking funny.

I began taking that energy over into my business. Offering really low prices on some of my products and services because of the feeling of desperation. Twenty-five and $30 services. Way below the value.

There had been continuous conversations in my circumference about lack. what was impossible and that money is low and hard to come by. I developed that mindset over time. Cosnistent conversations really begin going into your subconscious programming, unknowingly.

I took that energy over into my business. Thankfully, I quickly shifted back to my normal.

Side bar: I recently found a picture dated around the time I made the shift. It was of a service I charged $1600 for. Nothing changed except my mind and tapping into the Perfect People who would find value in my services.

I had previously operated my entire life from a space of abundance as it related to money. I talked more about my money story in my Money Master Class.

Those lower-priced services attracted some people who simply thought differently. I learned a few things. They are usually the hardest customers to please. They often want another discount on top of a discount or added things they aren’t willing to pay for. They rarely committed to their appointments. They rescheduled often, canceled, or didn’t even bother. It was a domino effect that was happening because of the scarcity thinking I was battling with.

I quickly shifted and expanded.

The space of abundance and expansion is something I’ve been operating in for many years but I allowed what was coming to me within my time of marriage, to change my perspective on money.

I share this with you because I want to ask,

How has your thinking and your mindset been as it relates to your money?
How is it impacting your business?

Inner work is work no entrepreneur should skip. Taking the time to evaluate and learn new ways of thinking, learn new ways of changing those limiting beliefs, things likely limiting them in their business, Is priceless work.

In this video, I go more in-depth on the value of how inner work and healing impact entrepreneurs and business owners of today.

Click below to view the video.

For even more insight you can join us inside our 30-Day Abundance Master Mind “She Propsers“. You can register here

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Peace and Abundance

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