You don’t always know you’ve lost your power when it’s time to take it back.!

You create a routine that you live in and where your current truth has become your reality,

But if you are feeling off-centered, uncertain, bored, complacent, even restless, If you’ve said, “I don’t know what I’m feeling but it doesn’t feel great.”, chances are it’s time to take back your power.

Here are five actions you can lean into to take back your power.

Number one

Own what you are feeling. Don’t cover it, don’t hide it from yourself. Don’t deflect and do busywork to avoid it. Be fully present and aware of what the uneasy feelings you are having are saying to you.

Number two

Take time to think back to how long you have actually been feeling this uneasiness. Pinpoint what was happening, pinpoint who was around, pinpoint when this uneasy feeling is most dominant and most present in your life.

Go on an internal search.

What you are looking for is your new identity.

It will be wrapped in some of the things that made you feel amazing in your past. It will be wrapped in some of the things that you no longer do that you once loved before. The thought of it, when you lean into it, sparks your interest. Take notes! It will be wrapped in new desires you pushed down and ignored. Those are Stepping Stones to finding clues of what actually gives you power for what you need now. So easy to let life happen and forget or not recognize the things that fuel you,

Number three.

Don’t be afraid to allow what you used to love to evolve. It may have a new sound, new meaning, and new impact on who you are now.

number four.

Create boundaries.

Put time restraints, stop signs, whatever you need in order to position you to grab a hold of your power.

Whatever drains your energy, your strength, your awareness….

Set boundaries.

Whatever is not allowing alignment, your core strengths, or your determination to come to the forefront, block it.

Or you may need to release what’s blocking you.

Number 5

Be very very intentional about doing something that challenges you,

It is in the space of challenge you will begin to operate at a higher version of yourself. It is in the space of what challenges you that your best self will show up. That your innate abilities, your gifts, your talents, and your greatness will shine through.

Complacency (normalcy) steals energy and courage. When it sets in, normalcy, even though you may be busy, there is nothing new in your business or life. You can do it with your eyes closed. It doesn’t require you to stretch and build new muscle. We lose or dilute our power in the ordinary. It takes power to do something challenging.

Lean into these 5,

Really put them to work in your life.

Meditate on them.


Success On Purpose,


Master Life and Business Coach

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