Three ways to know you are tapping into a new space of abundance!

Here are three ways to know you are tapping into a new space of abundance!

1-Your concept of what A LOT of MONEY is, is changing.

If a hundred dollars used to feel big to you but you now see $1,000 as big money you’re tapping into a new level of abundance.

If you use to think earning $100,000 per year was a lot of money and that concept has changed, you are tapping into a new level of abundance.

For instance, I use to have a goal of $300,000 a year in my Coaching Business. When I realized what that truly looked like after paying bills, expenses, travel, taxes, etc. That number increased drastically.

Because I had tapped into a new perception of what would be a lot of money, I also began attracting clients who paid $5-$10K with ease. I started getting clients that paid in full.

No installments, no payment plans.

Before, even with a program that cost clients $6,000 to invest in, money would come in slowly, almost dripping in. But that was because internally I had set numbers of what I thought was a lot of money for the work I do.

When you have begun increasing what you feel ALOT of money is you likely to have tapped into a new space of abundance.

2~ When you get comfortable talking about money.

The one thing most people want more of is the one thing most people are afraid to talk about. They start saying it’s not necessary, all the things.

How do you ever learn more about money and wealth building if you don’t talk about it? If you don’t get comfortable addressing your true money story?.

When you find yourself desiring to talk more about money and ready to fix your money story you are tapping into a new level of abundance.

3~ When you find a new space of being,in your subconscious programming, that causes you to feel supported and cared for, regardless of the circumstances.

Whenever we live in a space of scarcity, there is an underlying feeling of fear that we aren’t going to be cared for and provided for, especially in the area of money. Most often because of our expectation for it to happen a specific way,

There is a worry and fear about spending money, whether you’ll ever get more, and whether you’ll be able to replace what you spend. A constant fear around what’s happening in the economy is an ongoing conversation in the mind when we are operating our life from a space of lack.

Regardless of how much money we are making.

This may mean

  • Buying the cheaper brand at the grocery store to save $1 when you really desire the other,
  • Driving across town to save a few dollars on an item when your desire is truly for organic, freshly harvested food.
  • Buying the cheaper one, knowing you need the one that cost more and is of better quality, even if you have the money
  • Being overly concerned about gas prices

Those are just some things that will keep a person in fear and limit abundance from expressing itself in their life.

People who have a fear of money are often very afraid where money is concerned.

Even when it’s not necessary.

Fearful and mindful are two different things.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be smart in your spending. It means if there is an underlying fear attached to it, your thoughts are the opposite of abundance.

However, if you’ve begun tapping into the idea that abundance is an unlimited resource, you begin to adopt the understanding that you are always provided and cared for and there is abundance all around you!

Those are just a few ways to know if you are tapping into a mindset and space of abundance.

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