Simply put, decision making is choosing a particular course of action.

Every moment of the day you are making decisions. Those decisions impact the results you have in life and business.

Over time you can develop great decision-making skills that help you assess whether the choices you make are in alignment with your desired outcomes.

If you’ve followed me any amount of time you’ll know for me this connects to the subject of VISION, a huge foundation for developing great decision-making skills that enable you to manifest the Destiny you desire.

This is the direction I teach to help clients build businesses and lifestyles they love and not ones they feel overwhelmed or frustrated by.

You can start building great decision making by looking at 6 areas of your life.

I call them

“The 6 Elements of Life Alignment”.

~Mental and Emotional(Spiritual)

~Career( Business) and Finances

~Home and Relationships

~Health and Wellness 

~Learning and Self-Improvement

~Social and Cultural  
Imagine all those areas of your life missing and lacking nothing on a progressive harmonious growth track. This is when you’ve decided that each area of your life will be achieved from a space of abundance and alignment

Doing that requires making some Destiny Decisions!

Let’s explore it a little, shall we?

In your career and finances, ask yourself,

“What decisions should I take that position me progressively where nothing’s lacking nothing’s missing in my Career(Business) and Finances? Are there books I can read, courses I can take, new disciplines I can acquire? What decisions can I make differently?”

As it relates to your home and relationships, what would be ideal for your home, your environment? What would you like to look at every day in your home that inspires you and makes you feel the energy you need to choose powerfully daily? What do you bring into your space to make it special? Is it candles, fresh-cut flowers, art, etc? Do you spend your time being refreshed at home?

How will you make this conducive for your relationships with your children, your spouse, parents, or your friends? What decisions can you make that will put you in alignment with what you really desire in those areas? Are your home life and relationships serving you powerfully?

What about your health and well-being? What decisions can you make? For me, deciding to grow a vegetable garden, cooking organic foods, and importantly having a business that allows me the time to cook the foods I love, were decisions I made.

Now, I love to cook. For you, it may be your choice to hire someone to prepare meals for you. Working out, taking walks regularly? What decisions do you need to make in those areas?

There is no doubt in this information age there is a lot to absorb. In the area of your learning and self-improvement. What do you want that to look like? What decisions do you need to make that will put you in alignment with the future that’s bigger than your past? What do you need to learn, what areas do you need to uplevel in your personal growth that’s in alignment with what you really and truly desire?

For me, I spend a huge amount of time while working, while at home, while in my garden, listening to things that allow me to continuously learn, grow and become more. Inside 3D Success Academy, I have an entire bonus portal where clients have access to listen to numerous hours of training throughout their day. Thought-provoking self-development and personal growth training that will help them up-level who they are. I understand the importance of our learning and self-improvement for what we want to build. Having a designated space to divert your attention, a go-to to stay focused may be just what you need!

What have you decided that you will do daily that will put you in alignment with what you really desire for your whole life?

Lastly, your social and cultural life. This is huge. So often as entrepreneurs, work is at the forefront and social and cultural life goes on the back burner. It is in those social interactions that we grow, align our energy, and gain new levels of creativity. It’s important that you are intentional about your social life too.

What does that look like for you?

We often feel so obligated to our past, even past relationships and friendships, we never give ourselves permission to choose something different, more expansive. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your previous friendships from your past but what if you decided to do something new?

What if you decided to expand your social circle and activities? Decided to do it differently, be around new people, experience new experiences that would broaden your horizons.

Get outside of the home and normal routine, and into the flow of what you desire. That energy is everything!

As I end the invitation to look at areas to make new decisions in, I invite you to deep dive into this training inside 3D Success Academy. It is part of the Destiny by Design Series we work through during the first month of joining!

You are making Decisions all the time.

They are determining your Destiny.

Make sure they are decisions that support where you want your business and life to go!

What powerful new decision will you make today?

Success On Purpose,


The Growth Strategist/ Master Life and Business Coach

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