Non of my rewards, accomplishments, or achievements could  prepare me for what was about to happen in my business.

I was innovative and thinking outside the box with my business. Often complimented for the excellent customer service and professionalism we offered as a team. Eleven  years ago, I was the first salon in my area with a website. I even personally wrote  a handbook and policy/procedure manual. You name it, I was striving to make it happen in my business.

Yet this thing that was occurring, right under my nose, was about to be exposed. Not just to everyone else, but also to me. Because I, had been in the dark.

I offered in-house and off site training for my staff. I had formed front desk systems  for our customer care coordinators to better serve our guest.. You name it, I had a system( job descriptions, email marketing, computerized check-in for guest.) I mean, I really was giving it my all. It was working, we were growing and expanding and all of a sudden (well, not really), BOOM, my home life was falling apart, and in serious trouble. Trouble that would lead to a 2 year separation from my husband before reconciliation.  My marriage was failing fast and  now rolling over into my business. I was stressed, unfocused, and unmotivated to do all it took to make it happen. It got to the point where I no longer wanted to work with  a staff. I was in trouble.

So many hairstylist and entrepreneurs work doctors hours trying to meet the demands and stay on top of this fast paced, forever moving world. Many stylist and business professionals also suffer with the fact that their home life is shaky. Working long hours and holidays. Hey , those are the biggest money generating times for most businesses.  And with all that effort put into making money, being successful, and making it happen, they sometimes forget that their marriage and family don’t just take care of itself.

Many people go to work, run businesses and strive hard to offer  their family more things, trips, cars, and larger homes. After all, the reason that you work so hard is to offer a better quality life for your family, right? 

It is often too late when you recognize that what they need most is your presence, not your presents

When you are so worn out, unavailable, stressed, quick-tempered, frustrated, and on edge from the grueling demand to make money, you can’t possibly  offer your spouse and children your best. They get all the left overs after you offered everyone else your time, kind words, laughs and patience.

Speaking personally for the hair industry, I have seen many children left to themselves( with good intentions), because mommy or daddy had to cut/style hair to make ends meet. I’ve also met many salon clients who were so busy / running ragged, that their families were suffering deeply.

 Now I know most can’t just quit their jobs tomorrow, but consider finding ways to provide with balance, so that everyone, your spouse and children are having their needs met.

After all , what you do in public holds no real value if it doesn’t match what you do at home.

It may mean eating chicken instead of steak sometimes, or finding local activities for enjoyment instead of faraway vacations, for a while, while you build, serve, and establish your marriage/ family foundation.

When all else fails, your family is the foundation that you have to fall on, and if that’s shaky, everything else is affected. There is nothing worst than going to work everyday, putting on a big smile and kind gestures, and going home to a quiet, tense home. Or getting constant calls from teachers and neighbors about your children’s behavior, because you didn’t have time to monitor them.

Work your business and your personal life around your family. Don’t try to fit your family in wherever time is left. If you use that foundational principle, as your business or responsibilities grow, you can prioritize your involvement based on your family’s needs.

Many  have strived, worked hard, purchased nice homes, cars, and clothes and lost their families in the pursuit.

I changed my business hours many times while trying to adjust before opening a business that worked around my family’s needs. I have never experienced more peace about my work/life balance than NOW!

It is God’s order that you do things decent and in order. He will bless your efforts. His order is God/Spouse/Children..then everything else. Decide what your everything else is and prosper!

Best Wishes!

From My Experience to Yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE.

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