About 4 years ago I attended a 3 day coaching conference in Florida. I was with good company, a girlfriend that I had not seen in a while. The trip offered an opportunity to really catch up on some things and enjoy Florida’s beautiful scenery. However, the most amazing thing about that trip was one statement /one question that I was asked during the seminar that changed my life forever. I wept almost like a child at the revelation I received when I answered that one question and that one statement. It changed my life. It is the reason I realized that my purpose was intertwined with consulting, the beginning of my business Renew Full Circle, LLC. and why I am able to connect with you in this way today.

Amazed, I began to think back on how many other times I had been in the right atmosphere, was proposed the right question, or heard the right statement that took me to my next level in life. At that point, I made a decision to make an intentional lifetime investment to go places and be in atmospheres that would allow me to learn and grow. Although I had always gone to trainings, seminars, read books and sought ground higher than where I currently stood, on that day, the importance of being in that type of setting was more revelatory than ever.

It was clear; the biggest investment in life would always be the one that I made to my mind. The type of investment that would allow me to think past my current situation, find clarity and perspective. The investment in my mind will always be my biggest investment!

Often times you sit and search for answers within your own mind! Maybe being in a different atmosphere or setting, with the possibility of hearing one thing you need to move to the next level, could very well be your answer.

Yes, convincing you to go to seminars, would seem only right being a consultant, but this is a heartfelt message to you about what I’ve learned along my journey. Every leader needs to be led and every teacher needs to be taught. EVERYONE needs mentors and teachers for their journey. The most successful people in life have mentors and teachers who have gone before them to pave the way and offer insight to others on a path similar to the one they have already taken. Your biggest investment in your life will be the one that you make to your mind. One word in the right atmosphere can shift your position.

Never stop reading books, never stop learning, never stop going to classes.

Solutions are not always in the form of money, but in the form of a spoken word, an idea, or something that you have learned. You can always get more money if you have ideas and solutions to get it. You can get answers to your right now situation by the information you feed your mind.

Your best investment will not be your next pair of shoes or clothing item. It will be the one that you invest in your mind. For as a man THINK…so is he!

From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life LIFE.cropped


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