We live in a world that’s always moving and shaking. The opportunity to become consumed is all too easy to do.

Saying “NO” can seem like a harsh word..but can be a means of survival. If you are not careful, you’ll become responsible for other people’s lives and lack so much in your own. No is often something you also need to tell yourself.

Allowing unproductive things to steal your precious time and balance in life can block you from receiving the incredible. I know this first hand. A balancing act for me was realizing that clutter was not just the excessive consumption of things and items I didn’t need. It was much more!
For example, remaining committed to committees, organizations and activities because you feel responsible, or because they have become routine, that no longer serve purpose for who you are now or where you are headed, is a form of clutter.

Everything good is not necessary. What can you remove from your life and your routine that will allow room for peace and prosperity in areas that are more important?

Here’s a short video clip on decluttering your life!  Watch the clip

Clutter can block peace and balance in your life. Figure out what to let go of and what to say no to. Give yourself room to receive the things you really need!


From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!wpid-wp-1407986005159.jpeg

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