There are many ways to get wealth. There are established ways to help you  keep it! Two of the most important and fulfilling wealth building roles a man will have an opportunity to assume are the role of a husband and a father. When a man fully walks in these roles he is setting a preface for real wealth in his life. It is through these roles that God conditions men to win in other areas of  life. The role of husband and father are a man’s divine opportunity to walk in a divine purpose that will build him up for success and other areas of pursuit. When done whole-heartedly , it will  affirm a man’s inner most being as a man. Operating  fully in the role of husband and father offes protection and promotion! Men were created to head, lead and provide. They are powerful, confident and at peace when they operate in their roles.  The role as head helps man build character and integrity. Not easy roles, but crucial to a man’s growth in life and society.  And crucial to overall outcome of society itself.  Many have not had examples of what being the head really means. So they are doing what they know. Being the head of the home means making decisions that will  take your wife and family to new heights and cause them to grow, the same way you would effectively lead a team at work.  Thankfully, you are not called to make all the decisions alone. You are a family unit and God has provided help for you through your spouse and children. Being the head does not mean walking around the home beating your chest and making demands. You will find that your family and people you lead will be happy to adhere to your decisions, willingly, when you affirm value to those you are leading. Being the head is not a dictatorship position.  This is often the misconception, making it difficult to lead affectively.  I say this in love, “No one wants a dictator for a leader.” Being the head of a wife and family means staying connected to your spouse and family, paying attention to their needs in order to provide, leading by example with a secure loving hand, and doing the best to lead them into a vision that causes them to grow and advance in the most healthy way. Operating this way creates an atmosphere to be poured back into.  Operating in the role roles of husband and father teaches sons how to properly love a wife and affectively raise children. It teaches daughters what to look for in a spouse and assures them.that it can be found in one man. This is also how you grow a business and your wealth as well. The crew leader that hollers out directions and always has to be right, receives the least effective results from those they have been put in a position to lead. But the owner/manager who has vision for the month or day, includes their staff, makes great decisions and leads with strength and fairness has the greatest results from their staff! God has placed a special position of authority to man. As men develop in heading their family, God trust them to head in other areas in life, business, and in the work force. Your home, your kingdom, is the first place he uses to form a basis of trust. Your first priority, after being a son to him, is to your wife and then your family and then everything elses. This is God’s order. He blesses you when you honor it! God is more concerned with how you treat your wife and family than how you perform on your job. He knows that if you handle these responsibilities  you will be well suited to obtain much more. Your submission to his will is your true answer to your wealth. If you have not had good examples, know that everything God does to lead us, is an act of unselfish love. Setbacks are God’s  strategies to greatness and what seems like problems are purposed for growth. ThW concept God has provided is a  great start for your future moves and motives for your wife and family and future wealth. The roles of husband and a father are God’s gift,  they are seeds to promotion that teach men to handle real wealth. When God can trust you to love your wife and govern your family properly, he will promote you to greatness.  We change the world one person, one family at a time and it starts with the head. The world needs strong men in their rightful positions. Step into your wealthy place. If you have not operated this way, it is not too late. Ask God to show you how to be a husband and a father his way. He wishes to promote you and  entrust you with great wealth. May you find good help-meets  to further your greatness. From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry, Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called LIFE!

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  1. Wow – as a father who did not have a father figure in life I constantly analyze if I am doing right for my girl and two boys. I was raised by a great single mom – who did what she could do to “build a man” (in me). This is great advice and most importantly a great starting mindset for me.

    • Thomas, you are a step ahead and moving to higher heights of greatness, just from your openness to receive the information and your commitment to analyze your role as a father often.That’s what great leaders do. Situations change and grow all the time requiring us to be aware and lead differently with the same goal in different situations. I’m glad this was a WOW for you. One family at a time!

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