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There have been times in my past where my vision for my life was not clear and things just felt wrong. Like many others, I had moments of despair and disappointment. You know those times where you say, ” This can’ t be what my life should be like.” That very thought is a divine clue that something is off course. A removal, improvement, and or change is being summoned. It’s as if the sun will shine so bright and things will go so well, (looking up), and suddenly there is a shift! The one’s that you weren’t anticipating, or then again maybe you were! You insist on telling yourself, “I should have seen this coming,” and many times that statement is true. There are ups and downs in life that are built-in, beyond our control. But many things that we encounter are the direct results of systems that we sometimes subconsciously create and continue to relive, over and over again. Systems that we build. Some are walls filled with hurt and disappointment while strangely offering security. We subconsciously relive or recreate those scenarios repeatedly because at the least we know what to expect. Some walls are filled with pride that we shovel around as if it’s confidence, because we are ashamed to say we are wrong or really don’t have all the correct answers. No one is perfect and no one person has all the right answer. Pride causes you to sulk in an undeserving mindset that keeps you from your purpose and has no place in your destiny. Other systems may be our “titles” that we hide behind, that allow us to DO what the world deems important, but doesn’t guarantee that we will BE what is necessary. Walls can be our money that we use to compensate for not showing up in areas the way that we should. If we are not careful, walls falsely become safe places. In all actuality, those walls are just traps that I call vision blockers.

In realization of my own personal walls and systems I had built in my life, I became aware that those things were causing confusion and uncertainty. I knew had to get a clear vision! I could no longer ignore the SHIFTS that continued to occur, put them off, or think that time or things would just fix themselves. Those walls were clouding my vision and my ability to clearly see what my next, most important moves needed to be. Those walls were obstacles that were holding me, and those that I was connected to, back from becoming all that I (WE) were destined to become. I was certain of one thing. The God that I served was a God of truth. I needed to find truth in my life. I asked God to show me my naked self, to understand myself and walk in my purpose.

Random thought: It’s funny how we see things in others , long before we see things in our self.

Sometimes, the very things that we are accustomed to using to maneuver our way through life become the things that hold us back from our purpose. They cloud our vision. I’m not speaking 20/20 vision, as we see with our natural eye, but a clear perspective of purpose in our LIFE journey. Vision is a picture of where you need to be headed. When you don’t have clarity on that, you’ll find yourself just trying stuff, no real rhyme or reason, except that you are searching with no direction.

When my vision was not clear, I knew deep down that something had to change. IT WAS ME!

Other than being a God of truth, I understood that God operated by systems too, but not those that I had used in my past. God’s systems are refined and sophisticated in the most simple ways. Yet I and so many have passed by them on many occasions, because our vision was clouded by things that have no real purpose. Don’t get me wrong, everything that happened along my quest for clarity and vision was used for purpose. I could never replace the experiences with any amount of silver or gold, but I could choose to walk in clarity , longer than I would walk in clouded vision and judgment. I put my energy, (you use energy whether you’re struggling or thriving), into what would connect me to my vision. I evaluated what really mattered and got rid of the unnecessary. I challenge you to GET CONNECTED TO YOUR VISION, so that you can open the GATES TO YOUR PURPOSE. Make sacrifices in your life now! Get rid of unproductive things and replace them with purposeful activities. Everything that transpired in your life, up until you read this post, can be used to fulfill your divine purpose. Put first things first. You were created for greatness!

Tanya Wilson Cherry

Consultant to business owners and extraordinary people like you. Walking out this jewel called life

Let’s bring this thing Full Circle!  Tanya cropped in chair

#Getconnectedtoyourvision and open the gates to Your Purpose!


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