You are deciding your future… daily!


We make them all the time.

Many without out consciously thinking about it!

Which is probably one of the biggest mistakes we could possibly make.

Not being aware!

Decisions do decide destiny, and as much as we may or may not be aware, our money story affects how we make everyday life decisions and the numerous decisions we make in our business.
Our money story dictates much of what happens as it relates to our destiny. Your money story is deeply aligned with the story we heard or didn’t hear as children. Sometimes our money story is affected by later events we experience in life that cause us to have STANCE  about money!  
 If we always heard lack in our homes as it relates to money, or there was a desperation around money; there is not enough, money is hard to come by, that’s only for rich people, etc. it can greatly affect how we currently view money today and the decision we make as it relates to money!
It could be the reason you do or don’t move forward on opportunities or refuse to go to certain environments or events because your money story says, “That’s not for you, or there will be no money left.”
Most parents or guardians meant absolutely no harm in the fear or money story they were creating around money. They shared what they knew and how they saw life. However, it can and often does create a scarcity mindset around money and opportunities. Even a previous loss of a business or opportunity in your adult life can create a fear around money.
If you are making decisions from a place of lack and desperation then you always yield results that equate to that. 
I remember going through a hard time in my finances.
New business, new marriage, new baby and a few years later, new financial woes I had not anticipated.
When I think back on those times, I made so many decisions from a place of lack, desperation, and frustration.
  • I wasn’t focused ( properly) on my money, only about chasing it.
  • I was grinding hard… at least I thought, and the more I put action into things the worst it seemed to get.
Turns out
  • I was working hard on the wrong things and making very lack minded decisions!
  • There was a fear of investing in things that would actually allow my business to grow.  I had stopped doing the principal things that create momentum in the abundance flow!
  •  I was too focused on my circumstances and not possibility ( seeing beyond what my natural eyes could see!)
Then I made a REAL decision.
I was no longer accepting my situation. I went back to what was transpiring when things were going well, how was I feeling, what was I thinking and doing when things were much better. 
One, I was definitely more focused and measuring my process and progress.
I wasn’t worried about money! I was in a space of belief and creation.

 I realized, during my time of lack I  had not properly taken into account my new life and how that would play into my business. Many things had been added to my life without me adjusting and making room!

I needed new systems!
  • I had gotten stuck in the routine of chasing clients and money.
  • Making scarcity decisions in my life and business, not decisions that would actually bring in more.
  • Only really focusing only how I could hold onto the seemingly dwindling finances coming in!
THAT SPACE, that type of decision making… only recreates the same thing.
I blamed it on the economy, it was around the time of a supposed recession, that was the buzz and the fear being created all around me, on tv, on the news and just about everyone I spoke to.#whoyoulistentomatters
I had a sit down with myself, quickly, not as quick as I should have, but quick enough to turn things around.
I thought to myself. “What’s the real problem here?”
It was my thinking!
I said, “Hey, there are other salons that are still doing well in the same city, in the same area.
I was making decisions from a place of lack and desperation.. not from a space of abundance, where clients are unlimited, resources are unlimited and everything I need is available to me.
I re-checked my salon vision and wrote it down.
That led to another HUGE opportunity, (I’ll share at another time)
Write your VISION DOWN!
I began opening my mind to the possibility.
This means my mind was open to new strategies, actually investing in my business for the next level( and not sitting in fear) 
I  had to realign with the abundance around me.
Take a moment, think about how you’ve been making decisions lately?
Have they been from a place of lack and desperation( not enough)
or abundance?
If so, you’ve been making decisions from a space of lack and desperation thinking.
This type of thinking always stifles your growth!
 What was the last opportunity you were faced with that you turned down because of the cost?
 Learn to look at opportunities from a space of value, not cost.  Instead, think of how much impact and growth it will allow you.
I remember the early years of my marriage, my husband would spend sometimes two days cutting the grass. We had a huge yard!  It took two days because he would start on it after work then spend almost all day Saturday or Sunday finishing.
He enjoyed working in the yard, but I felt it would be more “valuable” to hire someone so we could spend that time growing our family and doing things we loved.
  •  Maybe for you, it’s not cutting the grass but maybe hiring help cleaning the home!  There are people who love cleaning house and maybe your time would be spent doing something more valuable to you or your business.
  • Maybe you need help in the salon; an assistant or front desk and you see it only as an expense. But those two positions can free up your time and help push your business forward.
  •  Maybe it was a course you knew would send your business SOARING, but you looked at the cost and not the value.

These are the type of decisions business owners are faced with making all the time.

Knowing how much impact and growth the opportunity will allow you is the VALUE of the opportunity!

Don’t think from a space of
“That won’t work for me. I’ll never be able to afford that”
“That type of setting is not for me, it’s for those type of people”…
Whatever that means ūüôā
 You were born for the EXCEPTIONAL things in life!
You were created with abundance and possibility in mind!
 Begin thinking from a space of expecting things to work out as you stretch and move to new levels! Change your Money Story!
Your Decisions Decide your Destiny and your Money Story affects it all!
Success on Purpose,
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Disconnect to Reconnect

How often do you shut it all down, turn off the TV, turn off the routine, put the phones down, turn off all of the external things that stimulate you and dictate your drive… your thinking?

I took this picture a few weeks ago when I was out to eat with a friend of mine and our daughters!



You have to know my back story about phones and children.

It’s been the hardest thing for me to align and agree with in this technology-based world.

However, I  gave into the convincing my daughter did with her father and grandmother.( who in turned double-teamed me ūüôā

So still to my uncomfortableness, she has phone under very limited terms and I am still not a stickler for children with phones at certain ages.

 Anyway, I digress from that because I can make the entire blog post support my thoughts on children and phones! LOL!

So, as we sat down to eat, I noticed everyone had their phone. My first thoughts were, “If everyone is on the phone, how do we connect?”

So I made a suggestion and this is where the phones ended up! On the table!

We went to eat to enjoy each other, to catch up, to converse, to really see about the individuals we were spending time with.

I ran across the picture today and thought that’d be a great blog post to share with you.

How often do we turn it all off and just sit and become aware?

So often we’re in our routine of life and no matter what it is that we desire, even if it’s right in front of us, because of our busyness, it sometimes passes us by.

Regardless of what your desires are for your salon career and life, sometimes the constant thoughts that you have, that can be fear based or small thinking,  override everything our heart’s desire… Without even noticing!

It’s not until we get to the place where we find time consistently to shut everything off and ask ourselves,

“Is this what I desire the rest of my salon career, my business, my relationships, and life to look like? Am I doing things that collectively bring me fulfillment and meet my true heartfelt goals!”

It is only then, when we take time to reflect and ask the RIGHT questions, in our quiet space, that we can think with full clarity!

Is what I’m doing working, am I happy, fulfilled, is my business growing, are my relationships healthy, am I  heading towards creating a lifestyle I truly love,etc.?

The time you take to disconnect from everyone else’s story on social media. the way everyone else is running their business, everyone else’s opinions, and truths, is when you can align fully with your own.

In that space, you can actually decide to connect with what matters the most, TO YOU!

It’s a place of fresh perspective!

Decide clearly how you want it to be! (Your life and business)

This is the place where you begin taking full responsibility for your thoughts.

 After all, thoughts become things!

They dictate much of what happens and transpires in our biz and life!

It’s so easy to be in a routine, where your true goals and desires are mere words you don’t align with, simply because you don’t break the routine, because you don’t take time to disconnect to reconnect.

It’s always during my disconnect times that I get my AHA to re-shift in my business, that I get my aha’s about parenting differently or loving differently or even warnings about the need for new information or a shift in order to continue on with my desired goals!

During my disconnect times, I am able to be present, with my own thoughts, what’s REALLY transpiring in my life and biz, what I want to do, be and have, and what I desire the rest of my salon career and my business to look like.

I shut everything down! 

I shut down all of my responsibilities to answer the questions about what I truly, truly desire… and then I make a commitment ( to myself) to aligning with the directions or actions that will take me there!

 Set out an amount of time daily to this.

Be consistent with it.

You’ll find that the bigger your goals and dreams are the more time you’ll need to spend thinking” and being!

This will allow you to create an even more EXCEPTIONAL life an business without allowing distractions to take you too far off course of your hearts desires!

 Do you take time to disconnect so you can reconnect with what you truly desire?

Action Step/ Challenge:

  •  I challenge you to set a time daily to disconnect.
  •  Over the next 30 days, practice this.
  • Be aware of where you are on a journey, what’s important to you and how you need to continue aligning or possibly re-shift!
  • Take time to be in the moment with everything and everyone you embrace and see how it matches where you truly desire to head!

 Success on Purpose


Ironically, as I was writing this blog post, I heard a presenter mention the word SHAQAT. 

  • It is a Hebrew word meaning to be quiet, be tranquil, be at peace, be quiet, rest, lie still, be undisturbed! ~Selah

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The things that shited my life !

I’ve had some truly defining moments in my life.
One, in particular, I remember crying profusely, like a baby when I got the revelation of all the money that had passed through my hands as a hairstylist, and I only had about 1 thousand dollars to my name and that was literally from the money I had made the week prior. I paid my bills on time, but the rest of my money was spent shopping, traveling, etc.
I got the revelation through a series of conversations. They were coming back to back.
The first conversation:
How much are you worth?( I was confused because I thought they were speaking of self-worth)- well actually at the root they were.
But, they challenged me to look at the debt I had and subtract it from the money I had saved.
I was in the red.
About 1 month later, what I’d like to call an angel, challenged me with similar questions.. but more detailed.
  • How much money do you have saved
  • How much money do you budget to just blow
  • How much money do you spend shopping
  • How much money do you spend eating out… the list goes on.
When that conversation was done, I was crying like a baby. I really thought the way I was building my life was fine. But you don’t know what you don’t know.
The third conversation was a client, about 2 weeks later.
My client encouraged me to open a CD and put money into it monthly. It was a $50 dollar minimum.
At first, I hesitated because my mind said, “I can make fifty dollars in 30 minutes behind the chair,”
But the reality was $50 monthly would be $50 more than what I had saved at the time.
So I said. “Why not?”
I had already started a strict budget for my second conversation and this just fell in line.
Over time I increased my savings to $100 monthly, $200 monthly, $300, $400.. until I was able to pay off debt, open my salon debt free and find a measure of freedom! It’s one of the reason’s I share my budgeting strategies with stylists that I work with now. I know oh too well what making the money, but not doing the right thing with it feels like!
It was a pivotal point in my life.
And it changed the way I looked at everything.
But even with that, there was another shift that needed to occur.
I will share that on next weeks blog post!
These transitional points in my life caused me to study and invest in things that would surely make what was not working… a new found truth.
 How many times have you done something that felt right at the time, only to gain some new information and realize you were not living to your highest good!
I call these transitional moments. In those times, we have 2 choices, we can take a chance to reach higher or stay where we are and settle.
 My transitional moments have not been comfortable for the most part, but they have been so rewarding when I embraced them.
 What are some transitional moments that happened to you in your life and business?
 How did you walk through those times?
For me, I know when I am facing a transitional time. I’ll start hearing the same thing over and over, I’ll hit a wall and can’t go forward, or things simply no longer work the way they use to! And sometimes I simply feel a burning desire to do things differently!
 I usually take time to truly process where I am and what my desires are for my future!  Afterthought and prayer, I usually know that transition is what I need for next! I’ve learned not to be so afraid during transition, but to embrace it. What often looks like the opposition is often opportunity!
I’d love to hear some transitional times in your life or business that turned out amazing for you and how you handle transition.
 Success On Purpose
 I’ll be sharing another transitional time I’ve experienced in next week’s blog. Be sure to check back! 

Is Your Salon Brand Relevant?

Salon ChairIs your Salon Brand relevant?
This was one of those mornings where I just didn’t have it all together. This resulted in me having to stop to pick up a sandwich to put in my daughter’s lunch box for today.
That roasted chicken that I prepared yesterday( that was supposed to magically turn into the famous chicken salad that my daughter loves ) never quite made it to being transformed into the next gourmet dish ūüôā I was overly busy yesterday. …¬†

So, anyway, we stopped at a drive through to get a sandwich. The place is normally so busy we sometimes opt for another spot when beating the clock for school drop off! However this morning the line was super clear. There were maybe two cars in the drive thru and my daughter says, “Wow, we must be super early this morning !” ¬†I looked at the clock, the time was pretty much the same as usual.( Don’t worry guys, I’m getting to the salon part, stick with me! ūüôā )

When I get to the order counter¬† the lady on the microphone ¬†quickly says, “We are only accepting cash this morning!” Luckily I had some on me! As we drove around to the window¬† I begin to wonder if that was why going through the line was such a breeze with easy access to move forward. Where was everyone?

I couldn’t help but ask if they had a lot of people to leave the line when they found out they weren’t accepting cards this morning. ¬†And wouldn’t you know she said, “Yes, we have but it’s something with our system and we just couldn’t help it!” I assured heard that I understood.

Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that happen in a business where you just can’t put the fire out instantly, but you have to keep going anyway.

I instantly begin to think of how important it is for Salon Brands and Hairstylist to remain relevant. One of the conveniences that are available for consumers now is the ability to pay with their card, many people rarely carry cash!  With services like PayPal and Stripe and several others, there are other alternatives for Salons and Hair stylist to offer Electronic Payment Services as an added convenience for their clients.

When I owned my salon we had our credit card processing done through our bank which is also another option in today’s times.

Not having the option of taking a card for your services may be one  reason why some Salon Businesses and Hairstylist are slower than usual.

How much money do you think you may be missing if your Salon Brand is not relevant?  

Often times there are things even simpler going down in a Salon’s Brand that causes them to lose money… they never knew they were missing.

I am offering a Free “Prep My Brand” Salon Challenge on Monday, Sept 4. -10th!

If you would like to join us here ¬†I’ll be sharing action steps you can take to uplevel your Salon Brand.

Join me daily for the 7- day Prep My Brand Challenge to prep your Salon Brand and connect some of the dots that lead to more profit.

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Success On Purpose,’Tanya


Beauty Business Consultant

Certified Life Coach




It's not the strongest of the species, that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to changeI remember in 2009, being encouraged by younger staff members to join Face Book. Well, it took me a minute to conform, because I’d heard people would be “all in your business” if you get on Facebook.
It was one of my younger Customer Care Coordinators, “Yay Alli!”, that encouraged me to give it a try. So, I gave her the ropes, my stipulations, she knew our vision and our culture… and I let her go for it.
I am so glad I decided to embrace that measure of change. I have made connections, increased my revenue, maintained connections, and learned so much in the process of embracing the social media change!
Three take away’s form this:
1-It’s great to have the younger generation in the mist of your flow. They will bring innovation, new ideas. and new concepts that you could otherwise be in the dark about, or possibly ignore or avoid because it’s simply not what you are use to!
2- Face Book connections will be ALL In Your Business. Which is a good thing if done properly. People need to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you!
3- Remaining relevant is important to your business growth and sustainability!
What has changed about the industry that you can embrace, learn properly and use to grow your business? Don’t be scared… what are you waiting on?
“Success On Purpose”
From my Experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry

1/2 Way There!


1/2 Way There!

So,  we are almost halfway finished with 2016. Can you believe it? As we celebrated this Memorial Day we are almost at the halfway mark for the year.
Wow! Times Flys!
Studies show that two months ago over 75% of people who had set goals at the beginning of the year had fallen back to their normal routines. I wonder what the statistics are for the half way mark?

Many had plans, goals, and dreams at the beginning of the year, whether it was weight loss, spend more time with the family, plans to increase income, grow their business, get out of debt, the list goes on.
This is a great time to sit and reflect to see just how far you’ve come. Find a way to measure how far or how close you are to your goals.
Give yourself some congratulations for your accomplishments. Be sure to remind yourself of just how much you have done, whether it’s big or small. Then decide of you need to head in another direction to receive greater results. Decide if this year is promising as it relates¬†to your goals or if this year is looking very similar to the years before.
It’s so easy to feel busy and not really be progressing. If this is you here are three things you can do

      #1 Write down specifics of what you want to achieve( make realistic goals with a plan)
#2 ¬†Find things that remind you of where you are headed… not where you don’t want to head!

#3  Make sure you are spending time with  progressive people. It does wonders for your             motivation and your thought process.

 Remember your best life is always waiting on you.
If you need  more clarity on just how to get there, join me for my next LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS

This Monday, June 6, 8:30PM. This class is ONLY $10. PRICED REALLY REALLY LOW.
I really want to allow everyone the opportunity to take the class and get clear on what they need to move forward in business. ¬†I won’t offer it this low again, but you can take full advantage now. If you feel you need a little clarity and accountability on moving forward Click the link for more details¬†
If you need to get back on track remember to do the 3 things I listed above.
Your Best Life is Waiting on YOU!


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