“NO” more negative VIBES.

I’m sure you’ve seen this on social media platforms, people proclaiming they don’t want anything negative in their life, no one coming in their space with negative vibes.

I fully and completely get that.

On our live training last night, we talked about the need to Master(your) Mind.

A huge percentage of the negative vibes in our life we’ve attracted.

I know, that is not what we always want to hear because it now puts the ball in our court.

 For the most part our thoughts attract negative situations into our life.

Here’s how:

Your thinking impacts your feelings, your feelings impact your actions, and your actions impact your results.

This in turn begins to attract like thinkers and doers in your space.

All is this forms your VIBRATIONS.

Have you noticed those who complain and operate in a victim mentality attract other people who will affirm how hard, unfair, and complicated a thing is?

This creates a negative vibe that rests in that concentric circle of the individuals. (The 5 people they spend the most time listening to and BEING with) The difficulty seems real to them all because they are all experiencing it, talking about it, and affirming it.

Then there are those who talk about the great possibility of a thing. They tend to gravitate towards one another and go on to do amazing things. They are intentional about not spending time focusing on outcomes they don’t want and instead focusing on what they do want.

Good Vibes

I’m thinking of my clients as I’m writing this. Those who are soaring in a pandemic, despite the current climate in society.

 Some are launching new brands and products and turning them into 6 figure earning revenue machines, even in this climate. Others are simplifying their process, products, and services and increasing profits with fewer efforts. Much of that is the energy, community, and collaborative effort in their thinking and those they are connected to.

If you truly want NO negative Vibes, you have to create a mental atmosphere first that repels those VIBES and attracts empowering, successful, peaceful, dominion creating results.

Your personal mastery, in mastering your mind, is the first step.

It’s the place I started when life was chaotic behind the scenes in a dysfunctional marriage(Mastering My Mind)

I changed MY vibrations!

The affirmative practices and gratitude shifting I teach my clients is where I began. These are great practices to begin transforming your vibrations and attracting and manifesting on a different level.

It is the central focus from which all other things I teach in the master training in our Exceptional Leaders “MasterMind” is delivered.

I’ve been sharing about the Master Mind opportunity for about a week now on social media for our 2021 enrollment. I open the Mastermind once per year and we are now open for enrollment for a short time. There are a limited number of spaces available to a few ambitious women who want to up-level their life and business. You can apply to join us here:

In the meantime if you want

NO negative vibes

you have to create an atmosphere for abundance peace and prosperity within you!

All month long for the month of “NO”vember” I am sharing what we have to say NO. to in order to say yes to what we really desire. Be sure to join me on my social media platform

For today, focus on mastering your mind and shifting your vibrations. You will attract completely different.

“NO” more negative VIBES!

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