Our culture has been guilty of supporting:

Struggle love,
Teaching it to our children,

Stand by your man (as a ride or die chick)👀 Why we got to die though?

Take care of your man at all times (literally)

A piece of a man is better than having no man at all…

You are a gold digger if you desire a man who is not broke(that you don’t have to get it out the mud with)
So you all can have lights, heat, shelter, food, clothes, great education for your children, vacations, great opportunities, nice things, good health choices etc.
Yeah you shouldn’t desire those things with a partner according to culture.

That you should put up with his mess unconditionally(That’s for his momma ladies)

That you should look for someone who fits the above scenarios, do all the things, be the “practice wife”.

All while he gets it together and “finally enters manhood” in his 50’s/60’s.
Only to go and marry someone quickly who still has their youth and femininity. He then fully provides and cares for emotionally and financially off of your blood sweat and tears.

All the things….

This scenario is oh too common and often supported in our culture, especially in the black community. I’ve listened to the cries of women and their life stories.
I’ve watched the common brag post by women on social on being SO STRONG until they come to the realization that the type of strong they were duped into being, by men who wanted help in their role of provision, that made them feel they had to be superwoman to qualify, was depleting them internally.

SN: There are healthy masculine men who live and love to operate fully in their role of providing.

This “work hard for love” culture is the reason so many of our women struggle emotionally,
Work harder than the law allows to provide financially,
struggle health wise, and even spiritually…
and are in need of healing.

It is the reason so many of our woman are operating, the majority of the time, in their masculine energy and then ironically called “angry and bitter.” My My.

Your divine feminine energy knows this is outside of your normal makeup, your divine nature.

That’s the internal anger and frustration that’s ruminating.

I’ve set a number goal for the number of women I want to help embrace their feminine energy, step into New truths, and create the lifestyle they love…Not one they tolerate.

The She Prospers Mastermind is the ideal place for women to step higher into their femininity and manifest the life they deserve and desire.

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