Simply put, expectation is:  How we hope or expect for life to be!

I recently read a statement that just did not sit well with my spirit.

 It said, “The secret to happiness is low expectations”.


In explanation, it stated people are disappointed because their expectations are too high and when it doesn’t happen, they are disappointed! The key is to not have high expectations.

I call crap on that!

Now, there is such thing as having high expectations for the wrong people, but that’s something totally different!

I thought of people I’ve met who said they did not dream anymore.

Please note: That always pierces my heart!

They had chosen to let life happen instead of creating it! They had this, “It is what it is“, mindset. Their previous experiences had caused a measure of disappointment and simply left them with low expectations for amazing things to happen.

 One thing I know for sure is low expectations (expecting mediocrity) will allow mediocrity to show up everywhere in your daily life!

So much of what occurs or transpires in our business and life is predicated by our expectations.

Expectations become great motivators for things we want to manifest in our life!

I personally have this huge desire I am manifesting. And because of that expectation, everywhere I turn I find information, resources, and confirmation on the possibility and certainty of it manifesting.

 Now if I was not expecting it, I may still see all those things (resources, conversations, information, etc.) but I wouldn’t notice them or I would think it wouldn’t work or wasn’t true or possible.

Expectation puts things on your radar!

 When you make a clear expectation you begin to aid your conscious mind with what you desire. It’s like an awareness of the very thing you desire (or the resources to make it happen) becomes magnified.

Have you ever purchased a car and afterward you begin to notice there are cars like yours everywhere? Before then, before it became “on your radar”, you probably didn’t realize there were so many similar vehicles. But, when you became conscious of the car you purchased you begin seeing them all the time.

It’s very similar with your expectations.

When a person has low expectations, it doesn’t mean opportunities aren’t all around them , they simply aren’t conscious of them!

As we continue moving through the second quarter of this year, look to see how you have been allowing your expectation to play a role in your results.

 What have you been expecting?

Have been expecting your business to grow or maybe because of the news and media consistently sharing about the state of our world your expectations have been dampened. Despite the conditions that exist, people are growing their business by leaps and bounds even during a pandemic. I witnessed a gentleman make over a million dollars in less that 4 hours just last week.

I’ve had coaching clients reaching 5 figure months consecutively who were doing less than half of that prior to the pandemic.

Those doing well have high expectations for what can happen for them!

Because of that they stayed in a state of possibility and expected things to go well.

Because of that they moved differently during this climate and seized opportunities, despite the external things that happened outside of them!

Low expectation always sends you in the direction of the low experiences!

Think about your business?

 Do you expect to do it all alone? When it comes to help with your business have you had lowered expectations for building an amazing team to assist you? Perhaps you’ve hired before and had not so favorable results. Could this be the reason you have lowered expectations?

 The moment you decide to raise your expectations you will notice all the opportunities around you to support what you are expecting!

Do you expect to only earn what you normally earn? Maybe you feel maxed out in your current ability to earn more revenue, at least without having to do more work on a continuous basis. Trust me. there is more!

 What would an additional income stream allow you to earn as it relates to your business? Set your expectations there! As you do you will be surprised at how your imagination and possibility begins to present itself to you with answers!

Every area of your life is simply waiting on you to expect more from it!

Do a run-through of the areas of your life and check to see what your expectations have been. I am willing to bet your expectations in that area align with your results!

Raise your expectations.

Success on Purpose,


The Growth Strategist

Master Life and Business Coach

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