The Garden of the Mind

Not sure if you garden, but when I tell you it’s my jam, it’s my jam!

I am at peace in my vegetable garden, I’m getting some of that good Vitamin D, and I get super downloads from God.

 You may not have a garden that you physically go outside and plant things in, but you do have what I call “the garden of your mind!”

Just like the seeds planted outside seeds are being sown into the garden of your mind all the time! Those seeds produce a harvest or a result

(your reality).

Here are 5 things you can do to keep the garden of your mind in alignment with what you want to manifest, how you want to feel, what you want to create, what you want to experience in your business and life!

The first thing you must know as the gardener of your mind is what kind of harvest you want to produce. (What results you want to create)

 This is important. It will determine the type of seeds you want to plant.

What music will you listen to?

 What shows will you watch?

 What books will you read?

What events will you attend?

 What information will you learn?

 Who will you listen to, connect with, collaborate with, socialize with, hire and partner with?

They can sow seeds in the garden of your mind.

They all impact your results.

You determine the quality of what you produce in your outer world

(your home, business, cars, clothes, experiences, income, relationships, etc.)

  Your inner world, your inner mind, what is going on inside you internally!  The garden of your mind!

#1 Your thoughts, your words, your faith, your belief. The course for how the seeds grows will be determined by what you do daily. What you meditate on day and night.

One of the things I do as the weather starts to warm up outside is water my vegetable garden twice per day. Early in the morning and in the evening when it starts to cool down some.

 Even when the temps are low, I naturally go to visit the garden twice per day. Just to see the process. The wind will blow random seeds in the garden. I want to assure that only the seeds I want to grow, and harvest are taking residence in my garden.

You’ll want to do a check as well. With all the things happening outside of you, in the world space, etc. you’ll want to make sure the garden of your mind isn’t soaking in unwanted outside elements. Your reality, what’s transpiring in your life, will be the clue to what’s going on in the garden of your mind!

You can take similar action with the garden of your mind.

Early in the morning is a great time to water and nourish your garden with things in alignment with what you want to create in your life. Those things you want to physically manifest will be determined by what you are absorbing mentally.

You can do this by saying affirming statements about how your day will go and choosing to listen to things that align with your vision for your harvest (results)


Be organized to avoid frustration and to stay in flow.

 The times I forgot to label what I was growing in the garden, I didn’t know where to plant it, how to care for it, or anything. Some plants in the garden simply do not work well with others.

You knowing what you want to create in your business and life helps you organize what you should learn, do, or have more of, inorder to make it happen with greater ease.

Having a supply of audios, books, and activities that keep you in flow helps you organize the garden of your mind!

What goes in is what comes out!

#3Trust what you have sown. (This is a huge part of Flow)

 When we are uncertain, thinking thoughts of doubt and disbelief, it takes us completely out of the FLOW of creating what we desire with greater ease.

 Flow is the space of existence, where opportunities, mental downloads, and success happens with ease… because of alignment!

This is predicated by a measure of consistent trust that what you’ve done, what you desire, what you want to manifest will manifest.

  • There are stages where you won’t see how it’s all manifesting. You simply have to know it is manifesting, according to what you have sown, according to your understanding, and according to your belief. This all takes place in the internal aspect of your being not what’s outside of you. Not what’s going on in the climate or the world’s climate!

#4. You must pull weeds from the garden of your mind. Consistently spend time assuring that limiting thoughts aren’t crowding the possibly for abundance and greater results in your life! Question your own thoughts and things you hear.

A great question to ask yourself is, “How does this thought (or the media you hear) serve me and my vision?

How does it serve what I wish to create?

 Is this thought an asset to the image I want to create? The self-image I want to create in order to fulfill my goals.

Be sure that nothing is distracting or taking your attention from fulfilling the business and life you want to create.

#5 Don’t waste your seed.

Our mind is a sponge. And with the age of social media, uncle google, and the internet, we can get to a place where we say,

“I already know that!”

The question is, “Have we applied it?” Did we take advantage of the opportunity? Did we waste it, or sabotage it? Did we run it through the garden of our mind to see which area of our life could benefit from applying it?

 Time, energy, money, resources, they are all seeds.

 Don’t waste your seed!

As the gardener who gardens outside you have to be in tune with nature, much like you being the mental garden keeper of your mind, you must find a sense of Flow!

 Just like in business and life there are components to flow. Flow is realized by what’s going on within the confines of your mind!

Things like awareness, trust, discernment, capacity, and patience.

 Be open to new ways.

 Able to adapt to climate change and conditions brought on by the weather and things happening outside of the garden, while staying connected and in alignment with the end goal, the harvest! (Your desired results)

 So, you see, we do have some gardening principles in common!

 Even if you do not garden outside, you are the garden keeper if your mind!

 The Growth Strategist
Master Life and Business Coach

Happy Growing!

Success on Purpose,



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