Each and every time I am able to make a transition to a new level it is always,



because I have gone within and tapped into my own personal power.

It is never, ever, ever because of something outside of me that I am able to obtain a new thing or a new level.

Something so seemingly simple as going on a journey to master my relationship with time and organization is the very reason I began my Life and Business Coaching business. Simply, it was a desire to become a higher version of myself. It is why companies and organizations in corporate America asked me to serve them in the capacity of time management and organization before I even knew or understood what a Coach was. I had gone within and decided to get better in that area of my own life personally.

It was not because of money, although that has been a byproduct, the connected next thing, it was not the thing!

My friend triggered me years ago. She explained that I was not valuing her time because I was always late when were scheduled to go to the club, or the mall, or have a hang-out day.

It stings to share this now, but I was actually offended.

In my mind, the club and mall weren’t going anywhere. We had all day, it wasn’t that serious.
It wasn’t until I understood just how much I was not valuing or considering her that I began to see it differently. It added to my desire to see time differently.

That’s what opened the gate for me in the Coaching Arena, in the Business Arena. Me being willing to go within and also have a sincere desire to see beyond myself and see people.

2 Keys to Building Your Brand.

Every time I do this, a new gate opened to a new level. Every time I am willing to take personal responsibility, own my personal power, accept responsibility and cocreate with God it shifts.

It is because I went within. Because I owned that I am the common denominator for everything transpiring in my life.

Did my inner work.

Took personal responsibility for the seemingly small things. Things I may have previously been too prideful or too externally centered to be aware of.

Not because of a things outside of me.

Not that I’m not aware of external factors. Not that I am unaware when a thing, a person, or a place is not the best alignment for me. I only notice those things because of the willingness to go within. An ongoing energy to master that thing.

It is not the external thing that moves me, plays a role maybe, but not the thing!

When you compare. when you copy, when you conform, you lose your own personal power.

You lose the opportunity to transcend time, quantum leap your success, and gather a new level of footing to support your next level.

Your 3D Essence is inside of you!

Your Wealth is inside of you.

There are keys to gates to your next level when you are willing to go within. when you are willing to build your 3D Brand, from the inside out!

This is the work I get to support women in.

Stepping into their personal power, scaling their business, and creating lifestyles they love.

Building Business from the inside out.

Everything you are looking for is inside of you!


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