The One Thing Women Don’t feel comfortable talking about… Money

However, it’s the one thing we need the most. It impacts almost every area of our lives. The quality housing we have, ownership, the quality of schools our children attend, the quality foods we eat, the options we have, our emotional health, our time freedom, our ability to give,… all the things.

I remember doing a series called The Money Conversation on social media some years back. Even then I was a little nervous to talk about money on such a broad platform.

 I’m sure it was because of all the shame and negative connotations that had been given about money. Especially where women are concerned,

Gold Digger, Money Hungry, Materialistic, you name it.

And don’t let me get started on the Faith-based Community when you start having the money conversation. I am a Kingdom Entrepreneur by the way. So I’m not just speaking from the sideline here.

Fiances. It’s the one thing so many women are on the prayer line praying about and asking God for a breakthrough in.. But it’s still taboo and like, looked as evil. HUMPH!

I have many thoughts around this subject and have come to truly understand the importance of placing value on our personal economy.

 As Business Coach and Mentor to women, I see it first-hand.

 So many women are undercharging for their services.

This leaves them hustling, tired, overwhelmed and often truly disconnected from what steps will truly grow their business.

  • We’ve been taught to invest in things and not ourselves.
  •  We as women have been taught to take care of everyone else and leave us on the back burner
  •  So many women don’t know the in’s and outs of the TRUE finances in marital relationships.

 It’s like this taboo conversation woman aren’t allowed to have.

The ability to know the ends and outs as it relates the money and the dynamics and vision of the family.

As long as you are cooking cleaning, taking on all the responsibilities of the children you are in position.

Oh, but you still gotta work too. Listen, this is coming from someone who loves to cook, prioritize doing things with and for my family (those are in my top 5 values) so I’m not saying we don’t do those things.

If we hire someone to help us with some of those tasks, that’s completely okay too,

But we do the money thing too!

At the same time, it’s one of the central reasons marriages end in divorce, amongst some other things of course. (That’s for another time)

It breaks my heart hearing women who left relationships ( or are on the brink) and long term marriages and were faced with figuring out how in the world they are going to make it happen and provide for the children and themselves.

 The ball is often dropped on them and they are simply left to figure it out.

Listen, I am speaking from experience here. I was faced with so many decisions during my divorce after a 14-year marriage, And yes being able to provide for my daughter was at the top of the list. This meant I had to push past my emotions, RENEW my business and life, and focus on my money! I had a focus on putting things in place to earn more, spend money, and invest in the right places to grow my income! And I had to do this in the midst of a dysfunctional marriage and arguing being spewed almost every day. So I’m not just talking over here. I built my 6k Mastermind and filled it in the midst of this. I transitioned from owning a brick and mortar into Coaching and consulting full time, I invested in help, packed a house alone, moved from my 14-year marriage home, put my daughter in a new school in a new town we’d never lived in… All the things. So, I get it!

I get it so much this has become part of my personal mission. To help women with their personal economy!

It’s dysfunctional times in relationships that women let entrepreneurial dreams die and efforts towards their business because they are just trying to figure it out.

 They are trying to figure out the very thing women struggle to have a conversation about.

The Money things. In business, it looks like pricing, investing, getting past the frilly stuff, and onto some more foundational things that will sustain.

 Look, this thing is like a disease. It shows up in our business, in our pricing, and even what we place value on.

Retail therapy, name-brand gear, and shoes tend to trump really fixing the money things. Listennnn, they have their place too We are definitely worthy of those things prioritized properly.

Women are stepping into entrepreneurial ship at unprecedented rates.. but still profiting the least.

Now all of this is solvable with the right understanding placed on VALUE. Not even just personal value, but the value of what you offer. Your Thing! Your Super Powers, Creating Systems in your business, Your personal and Business Values.

 Its Mindset shifts needed.

 It’s embedding in all of the Renew Concept I teach my clients.

It’s important.

Again, the average woman in business is UNDERCHARGING  for some of the very reasons I’ve mentioned.

It’s like they are bargaining their capabilities, value, ad experience.

Listen, I don’t charge based on what I think SHE can afford. I charge based on the value of my services, the years of experience I bring to the table, and the RECEIPTS. Meaning the transformation and income increase my clients

The time freedom they step into and the fulfillment they experience in Renewing their business, and life from working with me.

I’m not tied to people who think I charge too much.

 Those aren’t my people!

This is why I teach clients to build premium products and services and build premium brands.

Undercharging, not looking at the numbers causes you to hustle.

Hustling won’t sustain you. And it doesn’t make you rich , it just makes you tired.

 Is it more work upfront, YEP.

But once those foundations, we often don’t want to deal with,

are set in place,

once those systems are built,

it allows you to have experiences you truly desire, provide on another level for your children and family, ( some will retire their husbands or at least free them from the system), step into true philanthropy and give to causes and charities you value and really show up differently in your business and in the world.

This is another hurdle women have to get over, focusing on all the shiny stuff, at least long enough to lay the foundations.

 What shifts do you need to make about Your Prosperity?

Need to step into your own personal Prosperity Portal? Ready to Have the Money Conversation and implement the strategies needed for your Business and Life?

Join us inside 3D Success Academy! One of our Trainings inside the Academy Is Money Blocks.. the shift begins there!

Invest in yourself!

Success On Purpose


The Growth Strategist

Business Coach/Mentor

Founder Of 3D Success Academy- For Women in Business


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