Why Hairstylist and Salon owners struggle and how to stop!

Why hair stylist and salon owners struggle and how to stop.

When Hairstylist and Salon Owners find themselves struggling, it’s often at the beginning of their career or after they’ve been in the industry for quite some time.

 I’ve had an opportunity to work with numerous hair stylists and salon owners and many of them have the same thing going on when their career begins to feel like struggle, regardless of what stage they are in their career. 

And one of the main reasons this happens is because they’re all over the place!

Many are trying to learn so many new things at one time.

And sadly, don’t recognize they are in this stage.

What I see going on in the industry is salon professionals are trying to learn either, every new trend or style that is coming out, or they’re trying to put the cart before the horse and what’s happening is their career becomes a juggle. There is no solid foundation or consistency to build from.

  There’s no flow to what they’re doing.


Doing a lot of busy stuff becomes the normalcy, and without awareness, it continues to happen for quite sometimes without profitable results.

Licensed stylist are then left feeling like, “Where is my money going, where is my time going and feeling burned out in that space.

 I want to share the thing that helps to combat this type of struggle.

That thing is Mastery!

 Master Something! 

 I believe in mastering things.

Now, this wasn’t always the case. But even before consulting, in my early years when I was full time behind the chair, I did finally recognize that I wanted to specialize in healthy hair.

Once I learned to market myself that way, to the right people, my clientele soared more smoothly, and I didn’t work nearly as hard!

I had been doing a lot of weaves and really trendy styles, and there is nothing wrong with that. It was great, I got paid. But paid and burned out. I had to have sooo many supplies on hand because I tried to offer everything under my licensing!
 Sound familiar?

You probably have a cabinet, drawer or some type of container with things you rarely use!  But it’ need them because it’s something you offer on your menu!

Or, you could be a stylist that does really great work, but you kind of just mesh into the sea of confusion with all the other stylist!

If you learn to master a few things you grow at a much stronger rate.

If you were to sit down and talk to most successful people, they’ll tell you that they’re getting really really good at a few things, not 20 or thirty different things! The more their income increase they put their efforts into doing FEWER things!

Now, if you follow me on my Live Salon Biz trainings on Facebook, Periscope, or Instagram, you know that I love to look up words and find out extended meanings for them.

So I took the liberty to look up the word MASTERY.

 I was blessed because it mentioned three words I want to share with you that can be pivotal for you in your career if you grasp hold of.

  • One word was control which is what Mastery gives you. You know it’s more difficult to try and do a whole lot of things than it is to simplify your processes and do a few things really well! That offers you a measure of CONTROL

A lot of what it’s going on when you’re trying to do a lot of things is really based on mindset.

Your mind is saying, “Let me try this, let me try that,” and actually end up being all over the place.

So the word control was prominent for me as I read the definition of mastery. Mastery gives you a level of control1

What would more control feel like to you in your hairstylist career?

 What does that look like to you?


  • The next word was superiority.(syn. Advantage, lead)

When you begin to develop Mastery in different areas of your salon career you actually put yourself in a place a superiority.

Hard truth:

Average rarely gets noticed

If you want to get really really good at something it never occurs because you’re doing 50 different things. It happens because you are consistently doing a few things over and over and over again. It causes you to perfect it and stand out from the crowd.

Think about it! You probably can name three to four salons in very close proximity to where you service your clients today. So, with everyone holding the same professional license, what’s going to be different about you from the next person?

Have you ever struggled to find out what’s different about you from the average stylist?

The answer is what you master!

You can only do that if there are a few things that you’ve gotten really really good at!

  • The last word that stood out for me when looking up the definition for MASTERY was the word Dominate!

Now, this was really really good to me because I’m a Kingdom Entrepreneur and one of the calls that a kingdom entrepreneur has is to take Dominion! Which is very similar to the word dominate.

Dominate has such a masculine flow to it that doesn’t roll off my tongue easily, so I’ll stick with the word dominion.

I like that better. 

That’s what Mastery allows you to do.

Take dominion (usually associated with territory) (A position for you in the marketplace)

Is this registering to you?

Are you beginning to see what simplifying things can do to create a unique space in the marketplace for your career?

  • It gives you Dominion!
  • It creates a space for you!
  • You’ll become known for those specific things and people will come and do business with you (quicker, sooner, faster,) who need the thing that you’ve become really great at.

 Today’s consumers are looking for people who specialize in the things they find value in and wish to invest their money in!

  • Your customer service
  • Your marketing!
  • Your skill-set on a few things
  • Your Business Practices!

Master Those Things!



Most stylist make the grave mistake of trying to be everything to everybody and it just doesn’t work.

For instance, imagine someone calling your salon business and wanting you to do this amazing new trendy hair styling skill-set that you don’t know how to do.

Do you tell yourself, “Man, I got to learn this new skill set?”

If you do this every time with each new caller (SN: there may be a branding/marketing issue), or each time you see someone else doing it on social media, you’ll find that you are in this never-ending stage of learning new skill sets. Never mastering them enough to really operate at the highest version of yourself, charge your worth… and really profit.

You’re always at the beginning stages of something instead of stages of mastery.

Chasing Clients instead of Attracting them

This leaves you in a phase of chasing clients instead of attracting them… making the process of getting new customers even harder.

Mastery helps you attract clients with greater ease. You’re clear about what you are great at so your perfect people, who are looking for those services, find you much easier.

Let’s think about this a little deeper. For every new skillset, you are going to learn you now have to learn how to market it. Marketing is a BIG area to focus on mastering.

Much of it is in identifying “your perfect people” for what you offer! It’s how people become aware of your business.

Having a few things to focus on when marketing makes the whole advertising and marketing process more simple!

Once you’ve mastered who your target market is (your perfect people) your marketing messages are speaking to the same people consistently! You’re no longer trying to get everyone to be a butt in your seat! Just the right ones!

I know you’re probably saying, “I am creative!” This seems boring!

Now you don’t have to dull your creativity and only do one hairstyle forever! (Remember we are talking about Mastering a skillset!

But, if you focus on getting really really good at one or two of those during a specific time frame it will begin to bring in the revenue you need in order to invest in adding other things to your list. This will help you  Master growing your salon career or business.

You’ll have

  • control
  • consistency in your daily processes
  • even minimizing the supplies you’re having to keep on hand
  • better understanding on how you Market your business
  • and how quickly your business grows. (COIN$)


Hairstylist and salon owners are struggling because they’re trying to be everything to everybody!

 When money is low, “Maybe I’ll add a new service to the menu!

Stylist are attempting to do every new thing that comes up on the scene without mastering the right things.

 I see stylist on social media who do really really great hair, with 10’s of thousands of followers,  but they have to sell their services for cheap. That should not be the case!

I immediately know there are some business building principles they haven’t mastered!

 Regardless of how good you are, if you don’t have anyone to do the services on, it’s of no use.

 Learning the BUSINESS OF HAIR is the thing you need to focus your efforts on mastering!

Mastery will rebrand you,

simplify your processes,

attract your perfect people,

and give you consistency in your revenue!


What  do you need to MASTER?

What do you need to simplify in your daily processes?


Take a moment to write down 3 things you are going to focus on mastering, make sure that one of them is the Business of HAIR !

Success On Purpose



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What mentorship did for my career in the salon industry!

When I hear stylist who are in the industry three, five, even 20 years and they’ve never had a mentor my heart goes out.

It’s not to say you can’t make it without a mentor, but it’s definitely a lot easier, and the results you see are faster and more impactful when you have the wisdom of someone who has already gone the mile.
Ask every successful person you know how having a mentor impacted their career!
I remember my first year in the salon industry, actually, before leaving Beauty School, one of the busiest salons in my area came to our local beauty school and inquired about me working with their company.
Who does that?( such a blessing, no searching, no wandering)
I’m forever grateful as I think about it today!

Before beauty school was even over I was able to work in one of the busiest salons in town.
As soon as I graduated, I had sooo many clients. Literally, my first week’s check was over $800 and I was on commission( I only received 40%) You do the math!
I think I thought that’s just how it was out here in the streets (the real world after beauty school) as far as the hair industry was concerned. Clients are everywhere!
I just thought clients were plentiful and it was as easy as them coming to sit in your chair. That’s all I knew at that point! So, after a year in a busy salon, I got the big head and decided to step out on my own to rent a booth. Annnnd, I flopped! I couldn’t keep up my lifestyle, had my car taken back. What happened? I was skilled at styling and I was constantly doing new and repeat customers at the previous salon.

I later realized that the clients loved my work, but they loved the BRAND of the salon I previously came from. Their marketing, the way they scheduled, the added amenities. I didn’t have any of those concepts down packed.

Eventually, I moved to a city about two hours away and my life changed. I landed in, again, THE busiest salon in the area and it more grande than the first. They even advertised their services on BET( not sure if you’ll remember BET).

It was my first time experiencing a salon of this caliber. They had check out systems, assistants, amazing marketing, training classes and at least 15 busy stylists each day! They serviced major artist who came to town for concerts and events. Every who’s who in the area had visited one of their locations. The Salon was so active in the local community, hosting training seminars, participating in hair shows, fashion shows… you name it!

It was there that I met my mentor.( The Owner)

Although she was rarely at the salon, unless it was training day or in for a brief time, we somehow became close. Besides, she was managing one of multiple locations she owned and a beauty school in a completely different state!

It was there that I learned the foundations for the BUSINESS OF HAIR.

Inflight Hair Salon.

Over 7 salon locations(or more) at that time my mentor had established.

working at that Salon and being connected to my mentor( I ended up doing platform work and becoming an educator under her wings) shifted every single thing I did in the industry and definitely how I saw the industry. This experience was an even more impactful one than the salon I’d worked for before.
Guess what? I found out later that the previous owner had worked in one of my mentor’s Salons before! Wouldn’t you know!

I learned so much about systems, business, pricing, people building, growing a T.E.A.M. and marketing than I’d ever known before.

It has impacted my career in ways that I could never imagine not having done it.

22 years later Carolyn Marshall Covington is still my mentor to this day!
So, when I see hair stylist and Salon owners who haven’t had that opportunity to be under a mentor, I think of how much further along they could be with one.

It is the driving force behind me creating one of my staple programs. 3d Success- Mentorship and Branding Bootcamp- For Hairstylist and Salon Owners!

I had so many people reach out to me for mentorship that I created a Mentorship and Branding opportunity for Hairstylist and Salon owners. I’ve since worked with many hair stylists and Salon Owners from all over, mentoring them, helping them grow their business and understand their brand. I’ve seen shifts in their career in as little as 1 week to 90 days that gave them clarity, increase, and direction to continue excelling, reinventing, and prospering in the Salon Industry!

I absolutely stand by mentorship.
We learn 2 ways, TRIAL AND ERROR or the wisdom of others who have already gone the mile. And that way saves you a lot of headaches.

DO you have a mentor?
How has it impacted your life and career?

If you’ve been wanting guidance that will help you position your greatness for greatness, I invite you to join us in the next round of 3D Success Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp For Hairstylist and Salon Owners!

Click here for details and to join us!
You get to experience my mentor in the Boot Camp as well. Learn more about her here!  

There is power in Mentorship!

  • You have connections that you wouldn’t ordinarily have that expand your reach!
  • You enlarge your chances for opportunity!
  • You get more done in less time because you know not only what to do from others who have gone the mile, but you know what not to do!
    Success On Purpose

Go LIVE! How Video And Live Streaming Can help Your Business!

I remember the first time I began to have a true appreciation for video in my business. It was a class that I gave to stylist and salon owners in the beauty industry.

 I asked someone to record me at that time so that I could reflect on what I could do to improve my classes.

I did not have a YouTube channel but the person posted it on YouTube and in about 30 minutes about 300 people had already viewed the video. That video was made about six years ago and now has over 35,000 views.  I still, to this day, get clients that work with and pay me to consult with them about their business from seeing that very video.

It was actually a few years after the video was created that I really understood how powerful video was for my career and my business.

I have not stopped producing video content for my business since.

Studies show that 90% of consumers will watch content from business owners through video by 2019.

It will be one of the most effective forms of marketing, topping Face Book post, Blog post, etc.

There are several advantages on how video can do help your salon/stylist business.  I’d like to share with you!

1 Video creates a unique emotional connection with those who are watching.

People need to know, like, and trust you!

So, seeing you on video gives them an opportunity to create that connection so much faster than any other type of content your Salon or stylist career can produce.

2-Video allows you to repurpose your one-time effort.

I have several videos that were taken from events where I spoke to the Beauty Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, A graduating classes, etc. and all of that video footage has been repurposed for other things. I’ve used them on my website, in blog post, etc.

If you have informational videos, they can be repurposed, edited, used on your website to create “new Revenue”- yep you can sell it – It now becomes another stream of income.

~3 Out of sight out of mind!- Video allows you to spread your message to several different platforms.

It’s so easy to get smothered in the middle of so many post  on social media! VIDEO MAKES YOU VISIBLE!

 I begin using Periscope live stream, I hit the start broadcast, over a year ago now. But, after about one or two videos, I stopped for almost half of the year. I stopped because I wasn’t sure about what I needed to talk about, I wasn’t sure who my message was directed to and I needed a form of accountability. So, I hired a coach. I actually now broadcast on three platforms live ( Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram) with ease. I always have something valuable to share and I’m connecting with people who  do business with me, simply because I had accountability, got the right information, and begin to experience the benefits for my business. 

 If you are stuck, you know that going LIVE  will offer amazing opportunity but need accountability, I have an amazing resource that offers training on video marketing and coaching. Click here

You probably know the same thing I did before I fully committed to a plan for video marketing…. It works if done properly!

If you know that your business needs the exposure videos and Live Streaming can do for your business, Hit the GO LIVE button!

Let’s face it, we don’t want to get any further behind in the way we do business. (Doing Business as changed for stylist)

Remember the statistic, by the year 2019, 90 percent of marketing will be done by video.This is the way consumers are consuming content form businesses NOW.

More people watch video more than any other form of content, more than blog post, more than post on social media, more than post on Instagram… they are watching video! All of the other platforms are still working, but video creates the client connection faster!  IF you’ve been afraid to hit the START BROADCAST button or the GO LIVE, or even TO make a prerecorded video to market your products and services, you should really reconsider your efforts.

I did a broadcast , LIVE ;), 

talking about more benefits of Video marketing. Click here to watch it!

We are in a recession proof industry, but we have to know how to remain relevant. I know how it feels not to have the answers to next in an industry you love so much.


I’d Love to help you! Click Here

People have to know, like, and trust you to do business with you.

As an entrepreneur, hairstylist, or salon owner, you want to work smarter and not harder.

  • You want to create a way that you can connect with the customer, even long after you have made the marketing opportunity.
  • You can re-purpose your videos on several different platforms so that you’re not working so hard on your marketing efforts!


From my experience to yours,

Success on Purpose.

Tanya Wilson Cherry


7 Ways To Let Go And Grow your Salon Career

The biggest hurdle to growing your salon career is probably the fact that it’s uncomfortable. Yep, Growth can be uncomfortable! But so worth it!

 It often involves restructuring your schedule, delegating( finding the right people to delegate to), changing the details of your role, and letting go of some things you’ve been doing forever.

Some of the things you have to let go of may actually be things you feel good doing because it’s comfortable!

They’ve kinda become a security blanket. But security that only allows you to stay where you are now!

For instance, as a salon owner, you may have gotten comfortable growing “your” clientele and focusing on getting new customers for “you.

 But now that you have other people working with you, your mindset has to switch from that of a hairstylist to that of a salon owner. 

There are people sitting, or not showing up, who work in your establishment, who don’t have customers.

 And we know hairstylist need customers to stay in business.

 Whether you intended to or not, you took on the responsibility of helping them when you allowed them to join your team!

 You’ll have to let go of thinking like a hairstylist and now think like a salon owner who is growing a business and getting customers for the entire salon.

 If marketing has never been your thing, it has to become your thing now. A business that does not market does not grow!

 I shared 7 more things to let go of in order to grow  your salon Career in this video (Let Go And Grow Your Salon)

 I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video.

 Did you hear something you need to let go of in order to grow your salon industry career?

Success On Purpose


Your Beauty Business Consultant



Does your Business operate like a 24 Hour Walmart?

While consulting with a business owner the other day,  as we are discussing her ideal customer and target audience, she begins to tell me that her customers want to know they can access her anytime.
While this is a great pleasure for customers, it can be quite draining and unrealistic for the business owners. Leaving the business owner always on edge, unable to balance life and often times hit or miss with client conversions and income goals.

Consumers(your customers) have an innate habit of putting the things they can do anytime… last on their list.

There is no sense of urgency or importance.

Although I feel being consistently available for your clients is SOOOO IMPORTANT, if they can reach, schedule, or have services with you “any Ole time”…it can also lead to a rather chaotic life.

Eventually causing burn out, as well as affecting negatively so many other things in your life that only receive the very minimal of your time and energy.

Of course, we discussed a strategy that still offered her time to be available for her customers. But, also put boundaries and systems in place, still giving them an opportunity for emergency contact with her. ( but one where she was compensated greater in those instances)

I taught her systems where she was compensated when she had to reschedule her life to be available outside of the normal business hours that worked to harmonize her life.

Often times, fear makes entrepreneurs operate like a 24-hour Walmart. Not realizing that unlike Walmart and it’s productivity power, most small businesses are either one individual or a small T.E.A.M.

Fear( know as lack mentality) causes entrepreneurs not to put boundaries in place…afraid they that will lose customers. fear that there won’t be enough.

Ironically, many find that even when they are super available, they still don’t meet real financial goals they desire!

Having a plan, systems and realistic boundaries helps you serve from a higher place and create a business and lifestyle you love!

We teach people how to treat us.

Our expectations, our systems, and guidelines in our business help us to operate from a higher space of value and excellence, not from our reserve tank all the time, but from our overflow.

If you are looking for ways to strategize, plan, and profit in your business without sacrificing so much of your time, family life and things you love, be sure to join us for the next round of Slay Your Plans and Profit

Success On Purpose 



What many hairstylist and Salon Owners Worry about today!

The industry has changed so much! I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 23 years now. And a lot has changed.

Even for me.

At some point in my career, I went from constantly hitting the pavement and using tried and true strategies to build a clientele( that still work) to coupling them with more creative client building strategies.

I share a few at the end of this broadcast.

Now, as a Business Consultant to Salon Owners and Hairstylist, many share they are simply trying to find their way in this new online and digital world.

I will say that owning a salon and having a need to not only build a clientele for myself but for staff as well, caused me to have no choice but to be creative, innovative and even take a few uncomfortable risk in marketing to make it happen.

Uncomfortable risk!


Well, when you’ve never done something, like Facebook, built a website or marketed online, it can be uncomfortable! But I didn’t let that stop me! Creating a salon business that I loved was important to me when I was a salon owner.


Now, we all Know, if it’s important to you, you find a way!

I talk to Stylist and Salon Owners often who are overwhelmed with all of the new technology and some of the new trends in styles and hair “fashion” today.

My advice is :

  • The internet is your friend. Start with a few simple strategies you can be consistent on until it becomes easier.(I’ll list some below!)


  • Stay relevant! , But this doesn’t always mean know how to the latest weave, or lace front or crochet style even. 

Relevant can actually mean going really deep into your niche.


Your niche is something that is very comfortable or suitable for you.

As a licensed cosmetologist, you can do and market A LOT OF DIFFERENT SERVICES! However, if you really enjoy cutting, go really deep in your knowledge and skillset of cutting. You really don’t have to be all things to all people. Just amazing to a few people. A few may mean 100 people out of the billion in the world.

Does this help you understand NICHE better?

Does this paint a more clear picture of why you don’t have to learn ALL the latest styles and techniques to be profitable?

Now there are a few skillsets where having a strong basic foundation in will help. 

However, if your knowledge in a niche area is amazing and you market properly you probably won’t have time for much more!


Just focus on Mastery! (get really good at a few things) Your sense of urgency to become better should also align with how fast you’d like to profit!

So, if you are worried that you can’t keep up with Today’s salon industry and all the new strategies and techniques, Breathe. Pick a few to get great at

  • Strategies to attract the right customers to your website and physical location!
  • A niche area to dominate in
  • And my all-time favorite…email marketing

These are just three of my top suggestions for success in today’s times for the Salon Industry!

I’ll be sharing more detail in my private Facebook Group for Hairstylist and Salon Owners! JOIN OUR TRIBE!    

Until Next Week,

Success on Purpose,


Is your salon busy during the holidays?

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mother’s Day when it’s like super busy and you’re leaving the salon like 11:30 pm at night,

are the times where “it’s so easy to be fooled by those “brief moments of success.”

and then

there are many salons who experience the total opposite, tons of cancellations or clients not scheduling altogether during Holiday Seasons.


there are those salons who are simply consistently busy!

What’s the difference?

I see many stylists in the salon industry professionals get really fooled by all the busyness and buzz during Holiday times!

Those seasons are a great time in the industry!

Families are blessed, people are making money, chairs are turning, money is being passed hand-over-fist… and then we forget that January and February are two of the slowest times of the year, as well as July. Or, even that next week after the holiday rush just may be looking a little slow on the book.

What’s the difference in how salon professionals experience holiday times and slow times?

Systems. Systems allow continued increase and flow in your business.

Here a few tips be mindful of during the busy holiday season, that are repeatable and can be considered as part of systems.

1- Do amazing profitable consultations with all your guest.

Maybe you will need to tell 2 people no, so you can spend an extra 15 minutes on building strong relationships with your new customers or those you have not seen in a while.

You really want to have the choice of being consistent like that all the time.

2- Create marketing plans and promotions that you rev up before and after the holidays

3-Be sure to get all your clients email address. Your email interaction is a way to connect with clients consistently and with the tap of a few buttons.

4- don’t overspend during great  Have a cushion for just in case financial times.

5 Know your business and the seasons

During this holiday time, you want to be ever so grateful for how the income has come in and how  you’ve been blessed in your salons, and in your Salon Suites, or hair stylist career…but never forget to prepare for the future

Traditionally, busy for a few months and then slow again has become what most salon professionals accept. It’s not a sustainable business. You have to prepare combat the normal slow times with consistent client attraction systems and strategies!

Great systems help you build so there is consistency.

Not so many highs and lows.

It’s easy to be fooled by the income and the increase that comes in sporadically dring holiday times. Holidays are an amazing time to bring new people into your salon… but retaining them, again, is the key!

You don’t want hit-or-miss businesses where you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world one week and wondering if yo should change career the next. Because it’s a holiday and a lot of people are in from out of town and other areas, and people are excited about getting their hair done it really can bring increased finances.

However, you want to see that income all the time!

I did a Free Master Class on Facebook called Wisdom to earn more in the Salon Industry.

You can check it out here FREE Master Class!

I had a special guest on the broadcast, Myeisha Edmonds, Certified Trichologist and licensed cosmetologist from New York, who shared how putting systems in place changed her business in less than 90 days! From Broken to Booked!

I teach many of those systems in the Mind Your Business Beauty Camp Membership Program. I created the Membership site to offer hairstylist and salon owners an opportunity to invest and learn to market and grow their business at amazing investment cost. 

I’m sure you understand that hit or miss does not grow a sustainable business. What systems could you perfect so that you attract more clients instead of chasing them?

Not sure, head over right here to check out the opportunities to create the salon business and lifestyle you love! You can begin immediately!

Every day should feel like a Holiday in your Salon Business!

Success on Purpose,

Beauty Business Consultant


Be sure to like my Face Book Biz page.

You can join me weekly Mon./Wed./ 11:30 am(EST) for FREE live Salon Biz Trainings!

 See ya next week #letsgrow

Trail Blazers in Business

Have you heard the term TRAILBLAZER?

Webster’s terms it as

  • Pioneer
  • One that blazes a trail to guide others.

There were several things I jumped out and did in my career, I now teach others to do the same!

  • I was the first salon in my area to have a website in 2003 .. and I built it.
  • I had a policy and procedure manual, handbook, and training manual for my salon when I first opened it in 2003, that wasn’t popular at all in my area. Even today many salons don’t have those systems.
  • My salon stayed on the first search page as the first salon for 4 years in a row because I learned SEO.

Those are a few things I trailblazed in my business in my local area. #trailblazer

But, I soon learned that there were a few things to be mindful of when you are a trailblazer and a visionary that jumps in and takes action.

1- get understanding.

Many people are before their time, doing amazing things in their business, but don’t have a full understanding of what they are doing, how great it is, and how they can truly benefit from the advantage. 

For instance, people who have 10,000, 20,000-100,000 followers on social media, but don’t convert any of them to customers in their business. They know how to influence people, but not how to maximize the opportunity. There are many things they try in their business, but because they don’t measure the effects and results of it, or understand what to do, they may not even know just how effective what they are doing is.. so they stop.

1 thing I learned about trailblazing is having a full understanding of the why and measuring results:

  • I grew and maintained an email list of nearly 1,000 people for my salon(over 500 ACTIVE which is the key component to your list)) and used email marketing strategies as early as 2003. ( for at least 8 years) It wasn’t until I stopped for a season that I realized just how valuable it was. I noticed a difference in sales and some client retention for those clients that weren’t regulars! #measure

Trying things with no strategy,  Ahhh, this is popular for many industry professionals, but not purposeful.

You know, you see someone else doing it and think, “I am going to do something similar,” and you move off your original path👀

You often find much later that you were in an excellent position to truly S.O.A.R.,

if you only knew and understood that what you were doing had major opportunity if you’d had a simple strategy for it and kept going.

2- Know your value_ Often times when it’s new you have no idea just how valuable it is. This is where you under charge, underserve, or only market sparingly. Don’t second guess your value!

I think Trail Blazing is awesome! However, having a full understanding of what you are doing helps to maximize the opportunities. When you maximize opportunities you don’t have to do so many things good, just a few things really great!

How many times have you reflected on a past effort or idea years later, after you simply didn’t do it anymore, and realize you did not take full advantage of it? How great it could be now.

(if only you had known and kept going)

Almost like you missed your window of time because you just didn’t know how valuable that opportunity really was.

I encourage you to move on that idea, even if no one else is, even if it’s not popular.

The world needs individuality at this time. TRAIL BLAZE!

Just be sure to research, study, get the necessary help, and get a full understanding so you can maximize your efforts. KNOW YOUR VALUE!

Here are a  few trailblazers who started with an idea no one else had and moved on it. They are popular in our world today!

  • Jenn Hyman of Rent The Runway
  • Brian Chesky Founded Airbnb :
  • Alex Ljung Founded SoundCloud :

Those same opportunities are available for you.

Be the first,

be unique,

be different.

Be a trailblazer.

Your individuality is what will cause you to stand out in the crowded marketplace….

Success on purpose,


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Let’s Go to The Next Level!

Why things don’t work in Salon Industry Careers!


My content calendar for my blog post had me scheduled to post about something else today… other than what I’m about to share!

But, I shifted a little because I wanted to really talk to you guys about measuring and results. They matter!

I see so many times where salon professionals take classes and courses or try new things in their salon business or career and finish feeling the same way they felt when they started… as it relates to their revenue or their business moving forward.

Here are a few reasons that happens:

  • Hairstylist and Salon Owners take courses that don’t align them with where they are “right now” in order to move forward. In other words, they take courses prematurely without deciding how thing will align with where they ultimately want to head in the future! Because it’s not aligned implementing it and seeing results becomes difficult or draining.

  • They take skill-set courses for styles that they don’t even enjoy doing or their customers have no desire or any need for.

What prompted me to switch and talk about this subject was when I checked my inbox from a client who took my Brand Build, Profit- Master Session for Salon Owners who shared with me her recent results. We did a session on a Client Attraction Systems that I taught about a week ago.

She shared with me that the first day that she applied the strategy within the Client Attraction System to her salon business, she gained three new customers, then shared with me this evening that she gained two customers from another strategy she just implemented today!

It made me think of how important it is for hairstylist and Salon Owners to look for results. Now every strategy won’t happen this fast, but they do happen faster when you take courses or apply strategies that align with where you are in your growth stage of your career or your unique level. Knowing where you are increases the chances of knowing what to focus on, when, and see results sooner!

It’s important that you measure.. and it’s even more important that you do the work!

Measuring helps to see where to place the most efforts to see the greatest result(profit)

 Often times you will find that 80 % of your results really come from 20% of the work you do. This concept is called the Pareto principle  Coined through a principle shared by Vilfredo Pareto.

Also known as, THE LAW OF VITAL FEW.


There’s no way that my salon owner client would have gotten those results, even if I taught the most amazing strategies if she had not done the work!

Which is something I’ve noticed many salon industry professionals struggle with. Clarity will definitely  change this!


Many Salon owners and hairstylists don’t know where to apply their time and energy because they don’t measure when applying strategies.

I teach my clients to

  • Have a vision for what they are doing

  • Always measure the results

  • And do the work!

So, I share this blog post with you to encourage you to do the same thing when you’re going to take classes and courses or apply new strategies in your business- career.

Have an open mind about receiving the information, be sure t you av a futrue business  but still getting information to imporve the level you are on now!

Things manifest when you do know the right strategies, and do the work!

Results matter!

I also have a video I want to share with you guys that I did recently that relates to this Blog Post. You can click here to watch it!

See you on next week’s Blog Post!

Success on Purpose



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