While consulting with a business owner the other day,  as we were discussing her ideal customer and target audience, she began to tell me that her customers want to know they can access her anytime.
While this is a great pleasure for customers, it can be quite draining and unrealistic for business owners. Leaving the business owner always on edge, unable to balance life, and often hit or miss with client conversions and income goals.

Consumers(your customers) have an innate habit of putting the things they can do anytime… last on their list.

There is no sense of urgency or importance.

Although I feel being consistently available for your clients is SOOOO IMPORTANT, if they can reach, schedule, or have services with you “any Ole time”…it can also lead to a rather chaotic life.

Eventually causing burnout, as well as affecting negatively so many other things in your life that only receive a very minimal of your time and energy.

Of course, we discussed a strategy that still offered her time to be available for her customers. But, also put boundaries and systems in place, still giving them an opportunity for emergency contact with her.

(but one where she was compensated greater in those instances)

I taught her systems where she was compensated when she had to reschedule her life to be available outside of the normal business hours that worked to harmonize her life.

Oftentimes fear makes entrepreneurs operate like a 24-hour Walmart. Not realizing that unlike Walmart and its productivity power, most small businesses are either one individual or a small T.E.A.M.

Fear(known as lack mentality) causes entrepreneurs not to put boundaries in place…afraid they will lose customers. fear that there won’t be enough.

Ironically, many find that even when they are super available, they still don’t meet the real financial goals they desire!

Having a plan, systems, and realistic boundaries helps you serve from a higher place and create a business and lifestyle you love!

We teach people how to treat us.

Our expectations, systems, and guidelines in our business help us to operate from a higher space of value and excellence, not from our reserve tank all the time, but from our overflow.

If you are looking for ways to strategize, plan, and profit in your business without sacrificing so much of your time, family life, and things you love, be sure to join  3D Success Academy

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