Have you heard the term TRAILBLAZER?

Webster’s terms it as

  • Pioneer
  • One that blazes a trail to guide others.

There were several things I jumped out and did in my career, I now teach others to do the same!

  • I was the first salon in my area to have a website in 2003 .. and I built it.
  • I had a policy and procedure manual, handbook, and training manual for my salon when I first opened it in 2003, that wasn’t popular at all in my area. Even today many salons don’t have those systems.
  • My salon stayed on the first search page as the first salon for 4 years in a row because I learned SEO.

Those are a few things I trailblazed in my business in my local area. #trailblazer

But, I soon learned that there were a few things to be mindful of when you are a trailblazer and a visionary that jumps in and takes action.

1- get understanding.

Many people are before their time, doing amazing things in their business, but don’t have a full understanding of what they are doing, how great it is, and how they can truly benefit from the advantage. 

For instance, people who have 10,000, 20,000-100,000 followers on social media, but don’t convert any of them to customers in their business. They know how to influence people, but not how to maximize the opportunity. There are many things they try in their business, but because they don’t measure the effects and results of it, or understand what to do, they may not even know just how effective what they are doing is.. so they stop.

1 thing I learned about trailblazing is having a full understanding of the why and measuring results:

  • I grew and maintained an email list of nearly 1,000 people for my salon(over 500 ACTIVE which is the key component to your list)) and used email marketing strategies as early as 2003. ( for at least 8 years) It wasn’t until I stopped for a season that I realized just how valuable it was. I noticed a difference in sales and some client retention for those clients that weren’t regulars! #measure

Trying things with no strategy,  Ahhh, this is popular for many industry professionals, but not purposeful.

You know, you see someone else doing it and think, “I am going to do something similar,” and you move off your original path👀

You often find much later that you were in an excellent position to truly S.O.A.R.,

if you only knew and understood that what you were doing had major opportunity if you’d had a simple strategy for it and kept going.

2- Know your value_ Often times when it’s new you have no idea just how valuable it is. This is where you under charge, underserve, or only market sparingly. Don’t second guess your value!

I think Trail Blazing is awesome! However, having a full understanding of what you are doing helps to maximize the opportunities. When you maximize opportunities you don’t have to do so many things good, just a few things really great!

How many times have you reflected on a past effort or idea years later, after you simply didn’t do it anymore, and realize you did not take full advantage of it? How great it could be now.

(if only you had known and kept going)

Almost like you missed your window of time because you just didn’t know how valuable that opportunity really was.

I encourage you to move on that idea, even if no one else is, even if it’s not popular.

The world needs individuality at this time. TRAIL BLAZE!

Just be sure to research, study, get the necessary help, and get a full understanding so you can maximize your efforts. KNOW YOUR VALUE!

Here are a  few trailblazers who started with an idea no one else had and moved on it. They are popular in our world today!

  • Jenn Hyman of Rent The Runway
  • Brian Chesky Founded Airbnb :
  • Alex Ljung Founded SoundCloud :

Those same opportunities are available for you.

Be the first,

be unique,

be different.

Be a trailblazer.

Your individuality is what will cause you to stand out in the crowded marketplace….

Success on purpose,


P.S. I love to support you. Schedule complimentary time with me for a SOAR call here bit.ly/buildwithtanya


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