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Contrary to popular belief a fresh start is not starting over. It’s like a new morning full of new potential and opportunity. A jump ahead into a new day full of possibility! One where you push off the worries of yesterday and allow for amazing things to happen! A Fresh Start means you’re taking what […]
I’m not saying life is fair in the totality of it all. I’m not saying people have a right to take advantage of you. I’m not saying there aren’t situations where you are let down, neglected and even used or abused by those you thought would be the ones to support you the most because […]
If I had to sum up what to do in times of uncertainty in business when the economy seems to be taking a turn for the worst, it would be two things: Don’t panic…P.I.V.O.T Don’t eat your SEED. I recently shared a  live broadcast called Thriving in Crisis…The Joseph Principle. The Joseph Principle is a […]
Being a woman in business definitely goes through several phases, three of which I mentioned in a  previous training on Facebook . I also did a blog post on the first stage of growth, THE SEED STAGE, that a  business owner or entrepreneurial career goes through! So, today we’ll talk about the Growth Stage of […]
YOU ARE YOUR BRAND Tanya Wilson/Growth Strategist  Business Coach/Mentor Certified Life Coach Whether you’ve thought about it or not you are building your brand every single day. Everything You post on social media, how you interact with clients and potential clients, the collaborations you make, the process you use to service clients…it’s all a part […]
Most women business owners open a business with one goal in mind… TO OPEN. Often following a traditional path or routine, much like what we’ve been previously exposed to. Then find themselves just working, hitting some high points along the way, or taking years upon years to reach a point of comfort and fulfillment. This […]
Decisions. We make them all the time. Many without out consciously thinking about it! Which is probably one of the biggest mistakes we could possibly make. Not being aware! Decisions do decide destiny, and as much as we may or may not be aware, our money story affects how we make everyday life decisions and the […]
If you’re reading this, the words LEVEL UP are probably not new to you at all. It is a catch phrase that is common throughout many social media platforms. Music artists are even developing their songs around the words LEVEL UP! Leveling up is normally centered around going to the next level. But how does […]
Why hair stylist and salon owners struggle and how to stop. When Hairstylist and Salon Owners find themselves struggling, it’s often at the beginning of their career or after they’ve been in the industry for quite some time.  I’ve had an opportunity to work with numerous hair stylists and salon owners and many of them […]
How often do you shut it all down, turn off the TV, turn off the routine, put the phones down, turn off all of the external things that stimulate you and dictate your drive… your thinking? I took this picture a few weeks ago when I was out to eat with a friend of mine […]
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