Women having boundaries is not about aggressively stating your demands, likes, and dislikes.
It is about honoring your true nature of being able to continue in the divine plan God has for you . The one that’s filled with peace, love , joy, kindness, compassion, abundance, and healthy strength.

Much of the dynamics of the world today, hustle culture, chase the bag, I can do it on my own, I can do anything a man can do, I don’t need anyone, has diminished a woman’s femininity.

It has caused her to dishonor her natural God given intuition of knowing when to rest, when a situation is not serving her virtuous nature, when a person is not healthy for her, and when an action is not conducive to her wellbeing and prosperity.
Her picker is normally off as well.

This can cause a woman, without healthy boundaries, to be harsh and aggressive in her approach.
To misread intentions of others, to forfeit her true inner peace in pursuit of the worlds way of being.

Feminine energy and femininity is about being, not doing.
A woman who is aware, rested, and in touch with her femininity, is aware of how she is being and able to shift if necessary.

The chase has kept many women from being aware of how they are actually being.
World standards and definitions of womanhood have been distorted with what the world considers beautiful and strong.

In my previous relationship I remember hearing,“Why are you always asking for help?”
As if asking for help made me not qualify for being a real woman.
For a brief season, I would question myself and feel pressured to do more. 💫I personally lean towards traditional roles, naturally.

Ever felt this way?

Clearly, there is a narrative and an expectation of struggle love, struggle life, being a strong black woman, that has been pushed that makes woman attempt to “do” more instead of being more.

I understand that the world has also distorted the role of man with ridiculous expectations for women to be able to do it all, work, clean the home, cook, raise the kids, (without assistance), help with bills, look beautiful, and still be available to fulfill the needs of a man as well.
An attempt to do it,
“how women (grandma) did it back in the day”.
Despite the fact that most women did not work outside of the home,. And also being asked to do it with dishonorable terms of jaded polygamy to which they had not signed up for. Learning of complete families on the other side of town.
But I gracefully digress from that.

My divine nature would intuitively make me aware it was too much.
It wasn’t natural for me as a woman to do so much, be under so much stress and do it with excellence, especially in non reciprocal circumstances.

Women have been asked to bypass and overlook their divine femininity and still be feminine, bring peace, be submissive, be faithful to unfaithfulness, loving and kind in situations that cause masculinity in women to rise.

A woman having healthy boundaries is about a woman honoring herself, her divine nature and being in the essence of her womanhood.
It is about her being in her feminine energy. Honoring her femininity.
Allowing herself to embrace rest, self respect, self love, healthy self esteem, and energy that’s welcoming, magnetic, nurturing, loving and compassionate to worthy Godly partners, friends and children in her life.
As well as being gentle with herself.
Do you need to establish healthy boundaries?

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Women changing how they are being in order to change how they are receiving.

Tanya Wilson-Cherry /Certified Life and Business Coach


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