Most people think Time is money.
They look for more time …so they can make more money.

I disagree.

I earn more money so I can buy back my time.

If you follow me for any amount of time it‘s very likely that I’ve mentioned God in my trainings, in my broadcast, and a lot of things I teach.

It’s not even because I intend to, it’s just a part of my life. 
It’s also a part of my business.

When I read scripture I actually see entrepreneur and life strategy. 

One that stands out is, “God gives us the power to get wealth.”

I’m not going to go into detail on that one today because it’s so much to that. A bit much for just a simple email. It wouldn’t do it its proper justice.

But I do want to talk about redeeming your time as a relates to business and life related to scripture. 

As a Business Coach there are few things I find are inconveniences and problems from most business owners:

*never feeling like they have enough time. 

*Being overwhelmed and exhausted because of the amount of time they are exerting 



It’s like they are caught on a hamster wheel. It’s as if they’ve connected with a lot and accumulated a lot of stuff that they now have to manage… on top of personal obligations they need to honor.

Here’s a question to sit with a moment in deep thought.

Do you want to work more or do you want to make more money and give more value? 

We have to be careful with this, because sometimes we’ve equated our busyness and being connected to so many different things as a measure of how we are valued. (but that’s for another email.)

It’s a question I had to resolve within myself.

You see, for a long time, I thought I had to have my hands in a lot of things inorder to earn more, be a part of cliques and organizations that would require so much of my personal time. 
I never got to connecting so much with the later, but it was the agenda that was being pushed in my city and state.

I thought that the only way to do it was to work really hard.. and spread myself thin. 

That shifted when my daughter turned 2, she’s 16 now.

In addition, I saw many women who definitely had the same mindset.

They were my clients in my previous brick and mortar business and women I knew from my community.

I watched women who came to be serviced by me or my staff, in my previous business, who could never turn it off. 

They were racing from one thing to the next. Their shares of what they were doing for the weekend or next month were always tied to their work, always.

Whether it was volunteering or committing themselves to boards and committees, just a ton of things. 
For those clients who were entrepreneurs, they praised team “no sleep”, and booked and busy.

Taking off meant shutting down…because of feeling broken down.

Not because they deserved it.

For me, I had to redeem my time.

Let’s do a quick study on redeem and tie it to scripture.

Redeem means to gain or regain possession of something “in exchange for payment.”

Ephesians, 5:16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 
Evil in Hebrew means misery or distress. Whewwwww.

I can’t break this all the way down through an email but I will say that working hard in overwhelm is not God‘s desire…for any of us, to work by that measure. 

The other day I checked my notification and I had a payment for $5555. 1 client, 1 sale, 1 course.

When I thought about that payment I said, “Wow, things have really changed from a decade ago” 

Now this is far from the first time I have received large payments at one time, but in that moment I just took that opportunity, in gratitude, to reflect. 

I didn’t have to overwork.

I didn’t have to stress and I didn’t have to have 5000 clients in order to make it happen. 

I want you to hear me on this again. 

This was one client, for one program, and 1 sale.

Not many sales, not chasing 50 customers, 1 sale. 

For some, I am very aware that this would take care of the bulk of their bills for a month. This, or maybe just two sales of this magnitude.

I have learned to redeem my time. 

I understand that the way I was working before was evil for so many reasons.

I hope this is registering for you as it did for me.

I remember when I first began making this mindset shift, healing my money wounds. 

It has been my heart ever since to share with as many who are willing.

I won’t be able to reach everyone, but I know this: there are many who desire new measures of freedom.

One of my favorite quotes just came to mind. ​
I Freed 1000 slaves . I would have freed more but they didn’t know they were slaves“ 
~Harriet Tubman.

Either way, I made it my desire to teach more women how to redeem their time. 

Oh, I know the plight of a woman.

I know the plight of an ambitious woman who holds multiple responsibilities in the community.

I know the plight of a woman who is also a business owner, who is also a mom.

Even more so, I know the plight of a woman who is also a business owner, who is also a mom, and a single mom. The heaviness to provide and not feel you have enough time in each day is always at the forefront. 

I’ll be teaching women how to do the same thing in their life. 

Redeem their Time.

Imagine getting 1 to 3 clients that can pay your bills for an entire month. 

Not feeling the stress of having to exert so much energy to earn money?

How would your life change?

Would you have more time freedom? 

Could you relax more and build your business with greater ease?

Could you serve your clients, your family, yourself, and everyone else in your life at a higher level?

If this speaks to your heart… follow it. 

I’ll be teaching women how to do this at my 1-Day Live In-Person Intensive this weekend, May 14 in Raleigh NC.

Today May 11 at midnight is the last opportunity to enroll.

There are installment options still available through Pay Pal Pay Later.

I believe fully that your gifts will make room for you. 
I’m inviting you to come and have a seat at the table. 

I‘m teaching a small intimate group of women how to redeem their time, create the life and business they love, without having to exhaust themselves in order to do it.
Are you one of them?Join Us HERE​Success On PurposeTanya ~Master Life And Business CoachUnsubscribe | Update your profile | PO Box 8003, Wilson, NC 27893

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