I was thinking about my year, how it literally transformed into something so aligned, so beautiful.

It was my obedience to the word I heard God place in my heart at the end of 2020. I was seeking God for direction and focus for the upcoming year, 2021, and only heard the word TRUST.

That simple.

That clear.

Now, I’ve believed in and trusted God for quite some time so hearing TRUST made me a little concerned. I felt like, “God, what’s going to happen where I need to trust you more now than I already do?

I paused and knew God was calling me to embrace yet another level of trust. I knew I was embracing a new realm of something.

That’s exactly what I did.

There were many areas where my trusting God on another level was so necessary during 2021. Life threw some unexpected blows I couldn’t have imagined would happen.

Because of the space of TRUST I rested in, I knew I was fully supported by God, my assigned angels, divine partnerships, and even new income streams,

Back in July, (one of my productive rest months where I take activities off the table in my business and recenter), I begin sharing about the Renewed Woman with my social media following.

I gave glimpses of what she looked like, how she had her being, and things she’d overcome to get to her space of existence.

 I shared it completely from a space of trusting what I felt led to share.

 It was a slight pivot from my normal content, but quickly learned it brought everything full circle.

  • What I didn’t share was I was sharing portions of the Renewed Woman healing.
  • What I didn’t share was she’d gone through specific stages of her evolution. (Mainly because those things were downloaded to me later)

I did it the entire month of July… talked about The Renewed Woman.

This was what I felt led to share from my intentional time with God as it relates to my content and how I supported others through my business. That’s what unfolded that month.

Little did I know it would lead to the very space I am now, hosting the 3-Day Master Life class, “Heal Sis” a complete download from God.(for the third and last time for 2021)

 If you follow me on social or are on my VIP E-List where I send out Renew Moments Email, you’ve probably heard me talk about the stages of Spiritual Growth and healing to becoming the Renewed Woman.

I was thinking about the Self-Aware Sis this morning. This is stage two of spiritual growth and evolving into the Renewed Woman.

I wanted to share two distinctions about the Self-Aware Sis with you


In this stage, she is the DIY Queen.

You may remember me sharing the Self-Aware Sis is in an isolation stage, with an, “I don’t need nobody to support me, I don’t have anyone to support me, I can do bad by myself, it’s me against the world” energy.

This in fact equates to her being the DIY Queen.

She spends countless hours doing it alone, figuring it out, choosing the hard route, but somehow feeling empowered by it.

Her time may be spent couponing, penny-pinching, looking for the cheapest deal, settling, exerting more energy than necessary in order to HAVE

Now, there is nothing wrong with being a good steward, you should.

Being frugal in spending may be a necessary moment in time you feel you need to exist in, but Self-Aware Sis, never truly moves into manifesting things with greater ease.

Her energy is spent getting the thing, the hard way. (Still not seeming to truly get ahead- at least not in alignment with what she truly desires.)

Busy is her lifestyle and that gives her a sense of accomplishment, while also leaving her feeling burned out, and very much operating in her masculine energy.

She reads tons of books and gathers information yet hasn’t really activated what she’s reading into her life. She hasn’t embodied it.

She is the DIY Queen so there is much resistance in receiving outside help from a professional or Coach even. Something in her always says, “Oh I can figure that out on my own… and she can. But why would she spend the years, and struggle and self-sabotage doing it the hard way when a more effortless way exist?

She doesn’t know she is deserving of an easier route. A more supportive route in her life.

Some of this is imputed by the survival mode she may have experienced in failed relationships or her previous marriage.

It just rolls over into the other areas of her life as well.

 She may take a course or two but doesn’t realize she is only soaking in yet more information that hasn’t translated or manifested in her life. She is there to learn more, but not truly become more.

She is very much in her head and not her body. (Masculine energy)

 She instead uses the information she learns to tell others what to do.

Even if she has not embraced it herself.

When she does ask for help, she can’t fully receive it because she cuts off the person who is supporting her to let them know she already knows it.

She has only gathered a lot of information she has not yet herself embodied.


Self Aware, Sis is in a Convincing Stage of her life. It’s part of the Self-Aware Sis Stage I mentioned earlier.

 She’s attempting to convince others of her value and her worth. This often steeps over from actions she took during the marriage before the divorce or the failed relationship. Feelings of being unseen or heard, people-pleasing to convince a partner of her value and worth by showing she could do it all and knows it all became her routine.

 Self-Aware, Sis may be aware she is doing this but struggles to do it differently. Unable to truly do anything about it.

This is why she goes into isolation… “no new friends.”

 Her trust issues are at the forefront in this stage.

Including her trust in herself.

True support and connection are low on her list.

I dive deeper into 3 more stages of the Renewed Woman and her Spiritual Growth inside the “Heal Sis” Master Life class during one of the three days f class.

 This is my body of work where I share of how I transitioned from a 14-year marriage, (divorced for 3 years at this time) healed,

and did it with greater ease,

teaching you how to BE.

I support you in activating a new stage to embody and heal, in the

“Heal Sis” Master Life Class.

It’s the last one for the year.

The early offer ends tonight at 10:00 PM (ET)

I’d love to support you. If you are ready to release the DIY energy, do your inner work, and heal, if you are ready to be supported CLICK HERE

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