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wpid-storagesdcard0DCIMCamerasalon-chaie.jpg.jpg Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re considering opening a salon. – Do you have a clientele? – How do you plan to build and grow your clientele ? – Are you going to operate as a booth rental salon or a commission salon ? – Do you know a seasoned stylist that you can connect with for advice? – Do you have a marketing plan? – Do you understand customer service? All of these may seem like simple questions that would be a given, but surprisingly, many stylist open salons without considering 4 out of the six of the questions, and sometimes all the above questions. Having the answer and being able to say YES to the questions will be a strong basic foundation to your business as a salon owner. They are questions you need to consider before opening your new business. #PIP Preparation is powerful! From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry 20 year Licensed Cosmetologist 10 year Salon Owner Consultant to stars like YOU and everyday people experiencing this thing called LIFE.

The Help

Holding Hands

As we move further along, we are now in the last quarter of 2018. Like really, 2018 has waited on no one. You may find yourself feeling like you didn’t quite accomplish the things that were on your list. You are not alone! Statistics say that over 75% of people who set goals at the beginning of the year began to  fall back from their plan late February early March. Seeing this fact, I thought about my own goals. Comparing goals I’ve set and accomplished, to those I didn’t, there were significant things transpiring for me during the times that I completed goals. I’ll list them for you:

#1 I formed a system and strategy for writing out my goals

#2 I didn’t set my focus on the things that could go wrong during the process, I  focused on how my life would be different once I achieved the goals.

#3 I constantly invested in things that reminded me of my goals… audibles, websites, coaches, consultants, videos, articles, books, and yes… Facebook pages 🙂 . ( I monitored what I was taking in)

#4 I kept my goals visibly accessible and revisited them often.

#5 I broke my goals down into small obtainable task

#6 I didn’t allow minor setbacks during the process to discourage  me to the point of quitting

#7 I  got help from a mentor, coach, and or spiritual partner; someone- who believed in, supported, and encouraged me, that I could connect with regularly.  AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Someone who had next level information that I obviously didn’t have or I wouldn’t need help.
I realized that doing it alone was not always the best route to take. I had HELP. Someone who could hold me accountable, give me answers, advice, instructions and listen.

When you are pursuing your goals, dreams, and visions, not everyone around you will support you or believe in you, often times your friends only know as much as you do. They can’t see any further out then you can!

It is important that you have at least 1 person, an accountability partner, mentor, coach, consultant or spiritual partner, ( sometimes you need them all) that you can connect with when needed. Don’t isolate yourself. You become stagnant when you are completely isolated.

It’s perfectly normal to need a little help. We all do sometimes.  If you’ve fallen off from goals you’ve set at the start of the year, start now, right where you are. Use the 7 steps I listed earlier to HELP you turn your goals and dreams into reality! GET SOME HELP. Don’t drag on getting to your next level because you want to be the lone ranger and say you did it by yourself. No one who is truly successful can say that!

If you find that you are struggling to figure it all out, I’d love to help you devise a plan and assist in coaching you through the process!

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The Burned Out Stylist

Picture 005

Not sure if hair is what you want to do for a living anymore? Having second thoughts about the career path that you chose? Exhausted about the whole the thing? You’re probably experiencing burnout.

The industry has changed so much over the past 10-15 years. The demand for you to remain relevant is even more important now than ever. Technology is one of the best ways to market your business now. Yes, you need multiple streams of marketing avenues, you need to connect and network, and advertise in different arenas. But you need to be up to date with technology.

There are new kids on the block and they are taking the industry by storm. Who? The unlicensed stylist. What are they doing that is getting the attention of all the consumers? THEY ARE VISIBLE! They are publicly , intentionally, broadcasting their work online. Where everyone is. Where you are, right now! Burn-out occurs from continuously doing the same thing over, and over, and over, again and not yielding desired results.

Yes, there are some tried and true basic foundation principles to hair that you must continue to use as a licensed professional throughout your career. However, your customers, that you rarely see anymore, are being informed and enticed through social media. And they like the information they are receiving! Even if some of it is not the correct information. The economy has been up and down for  some time and people are looking for change. As a hairstylist, you know, when people want a change, they start with their hair. You too must be willing to adapt to the changing world that we are in. The consumer, your customer, is online. So are you!

Do you have an active Face Book page, or Instagram account? Have you heard of Periscope? Sure you do, right? Are you using it to properly to promote your business? Well, maybe every 15 post, once a week you may throw a picture or two up of your work. Did you know that only a limited number of people actually see that one random picture in their news feed, depending on when they log on. And I know you think people are spending all day running over to your page, but that’s actually rare. Take advantage of social media. In a fickle economy, for stylists, it’s your least expensive and best form of advertisement. Replace some of the time you’re on Facebook talking about your weekend, what you going to do for the weekend, the issues you have with Sally, you broke up with your boyfriend, cut that out, and get focused on your career. Find time, I know you have it, (when you aren’t doing hair) to market your business through social media.(where the consumers are) I shared this 3 years ago in a class I taught Making Your Salon Soar to Salon Owners, and it’s even more prevalent now. Did you know there were millions of people on Face Book at one time. There’s no nowhere that you can market to that number of people free.

I’ve started a Closed Group on Facebook called “Mind Your Business For the Beauty Industry, where I give valuable information to licensed cosmetologist! You can request to join here: We go over eveything from growing your client, how to get the most benefit from your social media platforms,  the importance of having a website, and even your money.

It’s important that you remain relevant and up to date!

There are stylist everywhere, on every corner, and YOU need to be seen, and stand out! You are a great stylist and your small concentric circle is not enough to yield the career that you desire. The economy has changed and it requires another level of creativity to stay in the game and make it profitable. Your license makes you that much more valuable! Your competition should not be the unlicensed stylist, doing hair at home, and posting it on You Tube..(hint.. hint) You need exposure and just passing out your business card, every now and then, or hoping someone calls is not going to cut it anymore!  You need to market your business. If you believe in your self and your business other people need to know about it! Go Global, On the Internet…Go mobile!


From My experience to Yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry,

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Declutter your life


We live in a world that’s always moving and shaking. The opportunity to become consumed is all too easy to do.

Saying “NO” can seem like a harsh word..but can be a means of survival. If you are not careful, you’ll become responsible for other people’s lives and lack so much in your own. No is often something you also need to tell yourself.

Allowing unproductive things to steal your precious time and balance in life can block you from receiving the incredible. I know this first hand. A balancing act for me was realizing that clutter was not just the excessive consumption of things and items I didn’t need. It was much more!
For example, remaining committed to committees, organizations and activities because you feel responsible, or because they have become routine, that no longer serve purpose for who you are now or where you are headed, is a form of clutter.

Everything good is not necessary. What can you remove from your life and your routine that will allow room for peace and prosperity in areas that are more important?

Here’s a short video clip on decluttering your life!  Watch the clip

Clutter can block peace and balance in your life. Figure out what to let go of and what to say no to. Give yourself room to receive the things you really need!


From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!wpid-wp-1407986005159.jpeg

PIP “Preparation is Powerful”

If someone offered you $10,000 dollars to tell them about the business you wanted to start and show them at least a first-year plan for it, today, could you do it?

Many people do things at night like ironing clothes, packing lunch, maybe even making lists to prepare for the next day.

Some start in January saving money for the Christmas items they want to buy friends and loved ones for the upcoming year.  They do all of those things because they have a level of faith. They believe that tomorrow and Christmas are coming. But, how much preparation do you make for that balanced abundant life that you visualize?

Where is your faith for that?

The dream of debt freedom, a new home, a new career, a new business, anticipation of marriage, a restored marriage, or an awesome family life? Are you preparing to receive those things or just talking about it as if it will magically just happen? If you’re thinking that it will just happen in due time, I’m sorry, but you are wrong. Maybe you don’t fully believe that they are possible,   or that you even deserve them. It is possible and you do deserve it. Surely,  if you believed you would be making preparation.
Thinking of starting a new business? Have you done your research on the cost, location, or how to get started?

It will always be just a dream until you start.

What are you waiting on?

Believing for debt freedom? Change your thinking about how and what you spend your money on.

Many daily choices you make that you are not conscious of are affecting your financial freedom.

Believing for a new home?

Take your family out to look at new homes. Establish a vision for what you want. Prepare a budget based on what you need in a home and what you can afford. Set goals towards saving for it. Start now!

If a door opened that connected to your vision and dreams for your life, would you be prepared to walk through the door?

What are you doing to prepare for your future?

No more dreaming without action.

You would be surprised at the resources available for your dreams once you begin to prepare to make them happen.


PIP..Preparation is Powerful!

Prepare for the things you expect…that’s half the battle! #Iseeyourgreatness
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you, walking out this jewel called life!


I need more money… Balling on a budget!

Stack Of CashmoneyMost businesses that fail say things like, “ I could not find good staff, the economy was terrible, I didn’t have enough money.” All of those seem like logical reasons why a business would fail.

While listening to life coach Tony Robbins, he made a profound statement that made me do some hard thinking. What he said went a little something like this, “Businesses and situations don’t fail because of a lack of resources, but because of a lack of resourcefulness.”
Watch this clip I did on resourcefulness:
I was compelled to reflect about my business. I went back through my financial statements and thought about my drive and personal response during the more successful times of my business, in comparison to the times when I felt like closing the doors. And sure enough, I was exhausting more resources that were available to me when things were going well, I was diversified in my marketing efforts, staying informed, attending more classes, seminars, and workshops, and putting forth more effort. The times that I was not as profitable, I had become stagnant and complacent. I was not in pursuit of new ventures and systems. I had slowed down my efforts.

Your lack of money is no reason to ball on a budget. Granted , there are times when circumstances will have an effect on your business . Those are the times you have to do more. You have to come out of your stupor and put some action to all the things you’ve learned while surfing the internet and reading books. Your best effort is never recognized until you try.

You have to get out, get informed, and get noticed. Your current circle of influence is where your limitations end and begin. No more “balling on a budget”. If you need more money, be more resourceful! There is a big world out there, with people just waiting for your service.

Lack in any area is simply a lack of information and often effort.

You don’t have a resource problem, you have a resourcefulness problem.

Do more! You deserve more. #Iseeyourgreatness!

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to businesses and stars like you, walking out this jewel called LIFE,

Let’s Bring This Thing Full Circle!

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