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Not sure if hair is what you want to do for a living anymore? Having second thoughts about the career path that you chose? Exhausted about the whole the thing? You’re probably experiencing burnout.

The industry has changed so much over the past 10-15 years. The demand for you to remain relevant is even more important now than ever. Technology is one of the best ways to market your business now. Yes, you need multiple streams of marketing avenues, you need to connect and network, and advertise in different arenas. But you need to be up to date with technology.

There are new kids on the block and they are taking the industry by storm. Who? The unlicensed stylist. What are they doing that is getting the attention of all the consumers? THEY ARE VISIBLE! They are publicly , intentionally, broadcasting their work online. Where everyone is. Where you are, right now! Burn-out occurs from continuously doing the same thing over, and over, and over, again and not yielding desired results.

Yes, there are some tried and true basic foundation principles to hair that you must continue to use as a licensed professional throughout your career. However, your customers, that you rarely see anymore, are being informed and enticed through social media. And they like the information they are receiving! Even if some of it is not the correct information. The economy has been up and down for  some time and people are looking for change. As a hairstylist, you know, when people want a change, they start with their hair. You too must be willing to adapt to the changing world that we are in. The consumer, your customer, is online. So are you!

Do you have an active Face Book page, or Instagram account? Have you heard of Periscope? Sure you do, right? Are you using it to properly to promote your business? Well, maybe every 15 post, once a week you may throw a picture or two up of your work. Did you know that only a limited number of people actually see that one random picture in their news feed, depending on when they log on. And I know you think people are spending all day running over to your page, but that’s actually rare. Take advantage of social media. In a fickle economy, for stylists, it’s your least expensive and best form of advertisement. Replace some of the time you’re on Facebook talking about your weekend, what you going to do for the weekend, the issues you have with Sally, you broke up with your boyfriend, cut that out, and get focused on your career. Find time, I know you have it, (when you aren’t doing hair) to market your business through social media.(where the consumers are) I shared this 3 years ago in a class I taught Making Your Salon Soar to Salon Owners, and it’s even more prevalent now. Did you know there were millions of people on Face Book at one time. There’s no nowhere that you can market to that number of people free.

I’ve started a Closed Group on Facebook called “Mind Your Business For the Beauty Industry, where I give valuable information to licensed cosmetologist! You can request to join here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/756072497870949/. We go over eveything from growing your client, how to get the most benefit from your social media platforms,  the importance of having a website, and even your money.

It’s important that you remain relevant and up to date!

There are stylist everywhere, on every corner, and YOU need to be seen, and stand out! You are a great stylist and your small concentric circle is not enough to yield the career that you desire. The economy has changed and it requires another level of creativity to stay in the game and make it profitable. Your license makes you that much more valuable! Your competition should not be the unlicensed stylist, doing hair at home, and posting it on You Tube..(hint.. hint) You need exposure and just passing out your business card, every now and then, or hoping someone calls is not going to cut it anymore!  You need to market your business. If you believe in your self and your business other people need to know about it! Go Global, On the Internet…Go mobile!


From My experience to Yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry,

Business Consultant,

Thought Leader

Beauty Industry Professional

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