wpid-PicsArt_1393946354857.jpgA healthy life is all the rage.  People are looking for healthier ways to live in their food choices, resources they are feeding their mind and yes, products they use for their skin and hair care. Our culture has taken a proactive approach to their life and learned the age-old benefits of all natural, unrefined and organic products.
One of my personal favorite finds is coconut oil. I LOVE IT! It has MANY affective uses. It has become a favorite to use on my clients as a stylist, as well as at home for my family. Here are a few ways I use it:
1) As a deep moisturizer conditioner:

*apply a quarter size in my hand and rub both hands together, (This almost liquefies natural coconut oil.) making it pliable and easy to massage throughout the hair. *For thin hair or those who are careful about the amount of oil on their hair, apply it before shampooing. *For thicker , more coarse hair that soaks up oil, you would apply after shampooing followed by a thorough warm rinse. For either hair type after applying, massage the coconut oil into the scalp and spot dab on those places experiencing dryness the most (usually the ends). Use a medium size comb to comb through hair and place a protective cap over the hair while under a dryer for 10-20 minutes depending on clients hair type or need

This is after a treatment. No added oils or sprays were used to create sheen after shampooing and conditioning!

!Lanet with coconut oil treatment
2) For twist , twist outs, and lock maintenance.
Apply small amounts to the roots of the individual locks or twist, before twisting. This is very good for natural hair (chemical free) that tends need a little extra moisturizer!
*I don’t use any gels or pomade with the coconut oil when twisting hair unless it’s around unruly edges.
3)To add sheen to a blowout before or after blow drying the hair. Use your best judgement. *A pea size usually does the trick.  Again you rub the amount in between both hands to make it pliable for an even saturation on the hair.
4) To smooth fly-aways in your hairstyle. Nothing like a polished looked, nor unruly pieces of hair in a style with their own personality :).  Again, a pea size depending on what style you are applying it to. Great for straw sets and flexi -rods or just to give a polished look to smooth styles and roller sets. *For rolled styles and straw sets apply a very small amount to each curl as you are styling.
5) For chapped lips
A great natural treatment to prevent and help heal dry chapped lips.
6) To moisturize dry skin .
Apply as you would your normal lotions and creams. After bath, pat dry the water from showering, leaving a little moisture apply to entire body.
7) To reduce the appearance of scars
Apply peas sized amounts to the affected area daily to reduce the appearance of scars.

* A great moisturizer for people who experience eczema .

These are a few ways I have enjoyed using coconut oil. I’d love to hear how you may have found coconut oil beneficial in your life.

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From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry,

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called LIFE!

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