wpid-storagesdcard0DCIMCamerasalon-chaie.jpg.jpg Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re considering opening a salon. – Do you have a clientele? – How do you plan to build and grow your clientele ? – Are you going to operate as a booth rental salon or a commission salon ? – Do you know a seasoned stylist that you can connect with for advice? – Do you have a marketing plan? – Do you understand customer service? All of these may seem like simple questions that would be a given, but surprisingly, many stylist open salons without considering 4 out of the six of the questions, and sometimes all the above questions. Having the answer and being able to say YES to the questions will be a strong basic foundation to your business as a salon owner. They are questions you need to consider before opening your new business. #PIP Preparation is powerful! From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry 20 year Licensed Cosmetologist 10 year Salon Owner Consultant to stars like YOU and everyday people experiencing this thing called LIFE.

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