As I hung up the phone with publisher Tunisha Brown of, I realized that I had agreed to write a series of articles for the magazine. June 2012 would be the first time something I had written  would actually be published in a magazine. In our short 20 minute conversation, I had not only agreed to write, but to do a three-part series and blurted out a title, “The True Enemy.” Wow! I was excited about the opportunity to share without any bias. I put  my thinking cap on and decided to share things I noticed, during my many conversations as a licensed cosmetologist, were holding people back . Procrastination was a huge one. Thus, the title of my first article was now real and on paper. I have taken the liberty to improvise the article in this post.

Dag, I should have gotten the oil changed in the car a month ago, now I’ve blown my engine!

Wow! I had intentions on taking that meat out of the freezer. I should have taken it out when I thought about it. Now I have to find time to stop by the grocery store before heading home to prepare dinner.

Wow! I should have turned those papers in before now. Now the number of applicants accepted are so few, I may have to wait until next year to register!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You could be battling with the enemy of procrastination.

Does it seem like your life is operating in a circle, one that constantly feels like you’ve been at this point before? The true path is straight and narrow. This can only be accomplished by action, plans, and direction.

Such a cunning little sly enemy, procrastination that is.

It will steal your valuable time, kill your intended joy, and destroy your good intentions. It never seems that major (I’ll do it later) because it starts off appearing as only a minute figure to most equations, but procrastination will fester and wreak havoc in ones’ life. It not only affects the life of the person who procrastinates but those around or connected to the person procrastinating.

Acts of procrastination appear minute but spread like a virus, causing a domino effect. Every act you take or don’t take effects someone or something else. It’s the law of the universe. Procrastination can prevent you from receiving what’s available to those who “handle their business” decent and in order.

Procrastination has killed dreams:

I’m going to write that book one day….(only to find your book on the shelf because wisdom runs deep and someone else moved forward on the opportunity sooner) WRITE THE BOOK!

Procrastination has stolen true identities hidden behind…

– Missed meetings or unmet deadlines (this tampers with your integrity and how a person views you),

– Excessive, unimportant extracurricular activities like TV and general telephone time that do not build, or line up with your priorities,

– Excessive sleeping (we like to call it resting) But, if you haven’t been doing anything productive ask yourself ”what do I need so much rest from”. Excessive sleeping is one of the signs of depression. That’s another article in itself.

Procrastination has destroyed marriages:

-I’m going to do better one day…..

Don’t allow the enemy of procrastination to reign in your life. Do some reflecting. How different could your life be if you were not allowing the enemy of Procrastination to rule in your life.?

Take your power back! No more procrastination! Take action now.

Write the vision-Make It plain and Take Action Now

From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE.


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