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As we move further along, we are now in the last quarter of 2018. Like really, 2018 has waited on no one. You may find yourself feeling like you didn’t quite accomplish the things that were on your list. You are not alone! Statistics say that over 75% of people who set goals at the beginning of the year began to  fall back from their plan late February early March. Seeing this fact, I thought about my own goals. Comparing goals I’ve set and accomplished, to those I didn’t, there were significant things transpiring for me during the times that I completed goals. I’ll list them for you:

#1 I formed a system and strategy for writing out my goals

#2 I didn’t set my focus on the things that could go wrong during the process, I  focused on how my life would be different once I achieved the goals.

#3 I constantly invested in things that reminded me of my goals… audibles, websites, coaches, consultants, videos, articles, books, and yes… Facebook pages 🙂 . ( I monitored what I was taking in)

#4 I kept my goals visibly accessible and revisited them often.

#5 I broke my goals down into small obtainable task

#6 I didn’t allow minor setbacks during the process to discourage  me to the point of quitting

#7 I  got help from a mentor, coach, and or spiritual partner; someone- who believed in, supported, and encouraged me, that I could connect with regularly.  AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Someone who had next level information that I obviously didn’t have or I wouldn’t need help.
I realized that doing it alone was not always the best route to take. I had HELP. Someone who could hold me accountable, give me answers, advice, instructions and listen.

When you are pursuing your goals, dreams, and visions, not everyone around you will support you or believe in you, often times your friends only know as much as you do. They can’t see any further out then you can!

It is important that you have at least 1 person, an accountability partner, mentor, coach, consultant or spiritual partner, ( sometimes you need them all) that you can connect with when needed. Don’t isolate yourself. You become stagnant when you are completely isolated.

It’s perfectly normal to need a little help. We all do sometimes.  If you’ve fallen off from goals you’ve set at the start of the year, start now, right where you are. Use the 7 steps I listed earlier to HELP you turn your goals and dreams into reality! GET SOME HELP. Don’t drag on getting to your next level because you want to be the lone ranger and say you did it by yourself. No one who is truly successful can say that!

If you find that you are struggling to figure it all out, I’d love to help you devise a plan and assist in coaching you through the process!

I have two ways to help you now.

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 Where do you Need HELP?

From My Experience to Yours,

Success on Purpose

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Your Transformational Growth Strategist!




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