What “The Strong” Do To Reach Success

People who have obtained significant success have learned a few things along the way. They have not always gotten it right, they’ve failed at some of their attempts, and even lost along the way. Yes,  believe it or not, success  comes with a  few losses and triumph. So what on earth are successful people doing to keep going in disappointing or uncertain times ?

There are a few common threads that mirror in the life of those who have obtained great success.
Here are a few ways successful people stay strong and overcome, continuing on to meet huge amounts of success in their life, despite adversity or challenges.

~Successful people understand that not trying will only keep them in the very place they are  in, or in some cases, worst.
*You must move past fears and emotional upsets when challenging situations arrive in your life. Your faith will be your resource to move forward.

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~They continually grow in the art of forgiveness. They understand how important it is to be okay with THEMSELVES when they have fallen short of a goal or task. They forgive themselves and others when disappointed, overlooked, or rejected. They know that the valley of unforgiveness will keep them downtrodden and unable to push forward to new heights and destinations. They understand that wrongful acts, words and decisions they have made do not decide the future of their success. Successful people know there lessons learned are valuable and actually preparation for their journey.
*Learn the art of forgiveness

~They understand how important relationships are for their journey. An awareness of how and who they are in relation with, has a huge impact on the consistency and flow of their journey. Successful people have learned that who they are next to is a direct correlation of where they are going. “Kinda like a map”. Being around other focused, determined, supportive and positive people is at the top of their list.
*Who you are next to affects your thinking and how you see yourself.Learn to love yourself. It will change who and how you relate to others.

~Those who are successful recognize  seasons and change and are able to adapt. They understand that nothing stays the same if it is going to grow and they have master the art of relevance(what’s most important) and the need for change.
*Be willing to be the change agent in your situation. Don’t wait on others to decide the quality of your life and situation. Be willing to change.

~They understand that even idleness has a cause and effect. They know that what they put into a thing will hugely effect the outcome, and that every choice they make will eventually bring about a result. They are purpose driven in even some of the seemingly simple acts in their life.
*Let what you do have purpose. Be purpose driven

~ Successful people have a vision, goal, and purpose for almost every action they take. They are strategic thinkers that have balanced planning and instinct. Reflection is a lifestyle in the lives of the successful.
*Thinking, planning and preparation are your friends.

~They understand that  TRUE success in any area will always include someone other than themselves.
*What you need, the most peaceful fulfilling journey is found in what you do for others.
From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry,
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life.

YOU are important!

wpid-wp-1407000670549.jpegYour unique purpose is important! With all the things you are responsible for one would think you have enough going on to experience fulfillment.  Yet a yearning for something may still be present. You were created with a purpose, specific and unique to you. Your life journey is comprised of a series of events intended to connect you to your purpose. Clarity on your purpose will be your unique driving force in your daily life. It will connect all the intricate details to your journey. Connection to your purpose will improve your relationships and your outlook on life. It is the very thread to your being. When I notice people who have not yet connected to their purpose, I detect a restlessness and uncertainty in the way they go about life. This is definitely not a strike against them. Just an inner yearning called to make them aware of the imbalance that occurs when they are not fulfilling their purpose. A still small urgency to redirect path…to purpose. Today, take some time to focus on YOU. Just a few extra minutes for yourself. A nice stroll, tub bath instead of shower, a ride out in the car. Take a few extra minutes to consider YOU today. One of the greatest ways of connecting to your purpose is through reflecting. I know, everybody needs you, however, figuring out YOU is the best way to completely and wholly offer your best to those people and things you care about and love. Your unique individual purpose is important!

From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!cropped

A thin line between love and hate!


With a culture that has become knowledgeable with information, right at their fingertips. With a generation who has become quick to take freedom to its ultimate limit. With few boundaries and a lack of genuine concern for others it is easy to perceive correction as a form of hate by those who are bombarded with the ways of the world.

Leaders and teachers are often walking a thin line of being considered or called mean or judging.

Business owners battle with giving instruction and correction, because of the sensitive employees who find it difficult to handle correction without offense. Being reduced to run businesses for which they dread to lead.

Parents being accused of being unloving because there is a constant need for correction.

Spouses being accused of complaining or nagging… because of a wayward spouse.

There is definitely a thin line between love and hate being placed in the minds of generations walking out life in today’s times.

Many chosen for leadership positions are stepping down  because of the pressure they endure in their attempts to bring clarity to those who are unaware, that fight them tooth and nail with self-righteousness and a lack of respect and honor for truth. And even stepping down because  their own wrong motives and personal agendas are back firing.

More time is needed, teaching about love and learning how to love. Our culture needs a clear understanding of what love really looks like. Most are loving and leading the best way they know how.

Time has to be given to teach more leaders and those being led what love looks like, to broaden that thin line between love and hate. Understanding that love and correction are a correlation to one another.

Our culture needs affective ways of delivering correction. Delivering correction affectively also makes a difference.

When authentic love is not present..it always leads to frustration and confusion.

Love and correction are not two items on total different ends of the spectrum.

But how their delivery does matter.

Let’s broaden the line between love and hate.

God’s love is the perfect example.

The understanding of love and a heart to love are revolutionary in everything we do.

To run an affective business, church ministry, to head a family, train children in the w

ay they should go, and have great relationships, authentically loving is needed. The one piece that can allow hate to slip across the line is if  love is not present.   LOVE is the missing link.

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life.

How you handle it makes all the difference

Making right decisions when things don’t always go my way is a lesson I have been reminded of often in life and in my business endeavors. On Saturday, at the moment that I prepared a local event, “A vision For Your Life and Business, that did not transpire, I was reminded that “how I handle it makes all the difference.”

Upon arrival to the venue for the class, I and the staff hired to help set up for the event , were unable to get in the building.   AHHHH! No one was available to let us in!  After 30 minutes of contemplating several things.(which was now 30 minutes before the class participants would begin arriving) “Did they get the date wrong, (they are normally prompt and on time when I’ve used them in the past), Is everything okay with the staff assigned to let us in?” Anything could have happened! “What about those that are participating, who have rearranged their day and looking to get unstuck? (some driving a distance to attend), OH MY, I made an administrative decision. I didn’t know if any one was going to be available at all to let us in. No one was returning my call,  I CANCELLED my class. I called, emailed and contacted everyone attending . That was a hard pill to swallow. I feel strongly about delivering what I say and I value people’s time.

I could have very easily gotten extremely upset with the person in charge of letting us in the building, the money  I had spent on marketing materials with date specific information, just a number of things!  At that point, I realized there wasn’t much that I could do about the situation that had already occurred. I actually decided not to even go over extreme details on how they will compensate me for the error until today. I got in my vehicle, went home, grabbed a bag and went to visit a friend for the weekend. We had a great time!

Yes, I was extremely disappointed. I did not want to disappoint anyone. I was looking forward to sharing and building with my followers and others interested in coming to class.

I share this to remind you that  life happens , inclusive of things that our beyond our control and how we handle it will make all the difference.

The grace that occurred during that time is one that will bring even more value to the class on the reschedule date. I found out moments after, although the class is for everyone, my class qualified as CE(continued education) credits for licensed cosmetologist.  I am even more excited about rescheduling the class. What a blessing in disguise!

Things happen.. beyond our control. It’s a part of life. You just pick up the pieces and keep moving. Hit the restart button and do it again. #Growth.

How you handle it makes all the difference!

From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people..walking out this jewel called LIFE!

Too Tired to dream again?


Is your normal routine causing you to miss out on life!

There are certain things that must be done daily, just to maintain. But often, in the mist of it all, you can forget to live!

Whether its work, home, spouse or children, life’s responsibilities can keep you pretty busy. Before you know it, 5-10 years have gone by and you forgot to live. You can be bombarded with responsibilities, that you continue to do, because you don’t want to disappoint others or because you signed up for it (5 years ago). Pay attention to what you have committed to that is no longer serving purpose in your life for where you are now.
No one wants to have regrets about all the things they wanted to do and never took the time to incorporate into their busy schedules. You can get so caught up in your routine that you forget to dream or imagine life being any different.
Don’t get caught in the bondage of normalcy. Normalcy can fool you into thinking that “this is what you will be doing for the rest of your life”. That this is all that life has to offer you for rest of your life. It’s time you started investing in yourself!

Life has so much more to offer.
I remember a time in my life where I  was just going through the motions. Not embracing anything new , just trying to support what I was already responsible for. Now that I have clarity, I get a surge of exhaustion just thinking about it.  I started reflecting and realized that some of the things in my routine were no longer important to where I was at the time, nor where I was headed. I began using my imagination and vowing to LIVE life, not just exist. One huge thing I did, I took a class in Florida that changed my life!  It was obvious that my vision was cloudy. I  then devised a system for my life to GET UNSTUCK. I knew I needed to invest in myself.

Guess what? This system I devised works for any one willing to apply it to their lives. Homemakers, hairstylist, small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs. The principles in this system just work. I’ve taught this system before at a leadership conference for business owners, clergymen and everyday people looking for their next level, I have now turned the system into an upgraded class and made it relevant for RIGHT NOW. The world is forever changes and it’s important that we can adjust and change as well. Old systems don’t always work in new seasons.

I’ll be incorporating this system as a bonus in my upcoming MIND YOUR BUSINESS POWER CLASS this October. This will help you jump-start your new year. Success is merely planned results.

Did this year look too much like last year for you?  Make a conscious decision to invest in YOURSELF. An investment that always pays you back!

Save the date for my next upcoming class. It’s never to late for a fresh start in life and business! October 25, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Express in Greenville, NC!

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Don’t just go through the motions. Began dreaming again. Live your best life.

Invest in yourself.

Life can be different!

From My experience To Yours, cropped

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people.., walking out this thing called LIFE!


Your Best Life!

This is a letter written in love… to you. I care about your life.

I’ve been through that phase in life where most of my conversation was about the things that I want, and what I dreamed of, what I hope to do, when I get the money. But when I really, really got serious, I made some sacrifices in my life. I stop saying I couldn’t afford certain things that I knew I needed to move forward. I took a good look at my finances, how I was living my life and what I was doing with my time . Getting serious was not an option anymore. Deciding to make some decisions about what was most important was no longer a thought… but a definitive choice.

I went without cable for years because I realize that there was not much to cable  that was going to move me to my next place in life.

Yes, no cable. You have to make some decisions, not excuses.

I saved close to 1200 dollars a year with no cable. I had more time and money to invest in the things that were important to my future. Because I made that sacrifice,  I found the ROKU system which allowed me to stream television programs with no monthly fee!  My sacrifice led to another solution! 

I’ve learned that the things I sacrifice for the good of my life and family ALWAYS lead to greater.  Those years of struggle were disheartening to know that I needed something to help me move forward, under $100 dollars, and couldn’t get it. The clothes in my closet, that last elaborate meal at a restaurant, that last social party I attended, non of that was moving me to higher heights.

Whenever you set your mind and your actions in the right direction you will be able to move forward with grace and the things you truly need are made available. What you give up for the good of a greater life will only be for a season. You have to see past your right now and find some sound direction for where you are going. You will not sacrifice forever, but you could be doing the same thing you are doing now forever… if you don’t get serious.

Years ago I totaled my SUV, at which time I had a huge decision to make. I hadn’t had a new car in years and the new car smell was calling my name. Do I get a new car and a new monthly payment, or do I get something that I can pay for in cash and use the money that I would use on a car payment , for things that were more important, to sow into my destiny and quality of life? I chose the latter.

I see people all the time with financial trouble for small things, unable to do things that take them to greater and I know if they start with what they have, make sacrifices and decisions, they would not have to turn down opportunities for greater because they can’t afford it. I know how it feels. I was once there. But once I got serious, decided that I was comfortable with who I was, didn’t need to impress anyone, I made the best decisions for my life.

What is really going on? The part that we feel no one knows, the parts that no one sees but YOU.

You  can get so caught up in your normal routine, your normal struggle and miss moments and opportunities because you are investing in the wrong things. Wrong investing, not just with your money, but also with your time. Is it enhancing where you want to go and what you need to get there?

What you spend your time and your money on is important to your future. If you are struggling  with your vision for your life/ business, that new pair of shoes or a new outfit, that is really more about impressing someone else other than yourself, will not benefit you more than what you could invest your money/time in that would take you to the destination in which you desire. Instead, could you spend that money on a class or event that will help increase your knowledge to increase your income or grow your business?

I say this with love:

You have to sit down and get really, really serious with yourself,  your finances, and your time. Is what you are investing in worth more than the type of life you ultimately want to live? Could you sacrifice something today that will get you closer to your destination,  your purpose, your vision, your dreams, and your goals?

The people you see who lifestyle you admire, whether it’s their business, marriage, family life or personal life, all made sacrifices to obtain those things or relationships. Success requires sacrifice and choices. When you get serious, you will  evaluate how you are spending your time. Some of the time  you spend watching TV is actually time you could spend investing in your business.(taking a class, reading about your class, developing personal self-improvement) Some of the time that you spend at every local  party or event is time that you can spend on your future. It does not mean that you will go without those things forever, but until you get to your destination, you need to get serious and make some sacrifices and some decisions. Figure out what your life or business is lacking , what would you like your life to look like? What’s needed, what is going to get you to your destination? Figure that out and DO THAT.  You don’t want to have regrets later in life because we weren’t willing to have a few years, months or days of delayed gratification! It will save you some tears and frustration in the long wrong. It’s only for a season!

With Love,

From My experience to yours!

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people…walking out this jewel called LIFE.



What makes you feel successful?


      Make sure you are not chasing someone elses dream.

Not everyone wants to conquer the world. And that’s perfectly fine. Success is measured by an individual’s unique  desires and pursuit. When you walk fully in your pursuit for success, a significant difference will be seen and felt in your life and those around you.

Maybe you have a huge dream on the inside of you and each time you check something off your list that connects you to your dream you feel successful.

   Maybe you naturally look for ways to bless others and each time you hear that someone you have helped has gotten to their next level, you feel successful.

   Are you a stay at home parent? Maybe each time the day goes smooth and everyone’s day goes well, because of your serving, you feel successful.

Not everyone’s dreams and goals are the same. Again, success is measured by the individual. It is the sum-total of accomplishment in an individual’s life that causes them to feel successful. The truest driving force in success is not found in a title, but in substance; what you bring to the table. Go deep within and grab hold of your best self, your best thoughts and your best plan to your INDIVIDUAL pursuit for success, and give it your ALL. Moments of satisfaction, will produce creativity to get it done.

Get active! When you are actively pursuing whatever your thing is, you increase your chances of accomplishing your measure of success.

Here are a few things to help you in your pursuit for success.
*First things First*
1-You need to decide what success looks like for YOU. Grab a piece of paper and make a list of things that are important to you in order to feel successful.

2-BELIEVE…believe that achieving it is possible.

3-Don’t become overwhelmed by the process. Being overwhelmed is a sign to either slow down, rethink, or declutter.  Remember,  each day won’t be perfect, yet perfectly part of the process. You are an imperfect person in a world with imperfect people. Circumstances and challenges will arise, but if you are determined , you will overcome them.

4-Embrace  achieving success in any area as a process. The process in itself is a very significant part of your life and those around you. You’ll learn your most valuable lessons during the process. Don’t despise the process…embrace it.

5.FIND YOUR FLOW. Balance is key. Find how you can get it all done, live a quality life and still take care of those people and things that you are responsible for.

You were created for greatness. You have it on the inside of you to succeed. Remember not to compare yourself to others. View others who are successful as your motivation, not your competition. Define what success looks like to YOU!
From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!

Do you know anything about the person you are servicing?

How many times have you skipped the consultation process and moved forward with a simple “How are you and how may I help you”, then on to servicing a new customer? Each time you do you are losing money.
The consultation process is an advantage point for any service provider. It is an open door to better serve your customer and increase your profits. A seasoned or knowledgeable service provider may find it easy to assume that a request for a service is  simple math.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to consult with your customer. It’s a chance to get to know the person who just walked in your door or just signed up for your service.

Other than your industry specific questions during a consultation :
E.g. Hairstylist will want to know of anything the customer is allergic to, previous chemical service dates and products (it’s important to keep records), as well as products used at home.

Here are 3 simple but significant marketing tips to add to your consultation forms to take your initial consultation to new levels for your customer and your business:
*What is your Name, address, phone number, and email address (This is beneficial with today’s online usage by consumers) The above information is your means of contacting your client after they leave your facility, class, or website. You can use their general contact information to keep them informed of new services and promotions through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly   newsletters.  You now have information to add another service to your business by confirming their future scheduled appointments with you in advance.
*Ask them what is the best way they prefer being contacted.

Consistently connecting with your clients and forming a relationship with them increases your chances of doing business.

In my salon we used the contact information to send a personal thank you card, through the mail, to all of our new customers a few days following their visit.

* this an added detail

*What are your hobbies ? (what they enjoy) This will make for great conversation for you and help you to add value to their life with information you may have about the things they enjoy (building relationship)

When people feel connected to you, they trust spending their hard-earned money with you.

*What is your birthday?  (☆★month/day☆★)
You may not want to ask the year 🙂 not everyone is comfortable with disclosing that information!
Use birthday information to send out birthday specials / offers/ and sample products  to let them know you appreciate them during their special time of the year. Find things that are important to them and make it important to you. ” This serves the customer and adds value to your service.”

My staff sent birthday cards in the mail (direct-mail marketing) to our customers each month and offered them a special discount during the month of their birthday. It was our gift to them and our way of celebrating their birthday.  This also helps with customers you may not have seen in a while.

These are a few simple ways to effectively use your consultation process.

A consultation is an opportunity to learn how you can better serve the needs of your customer the day of the service and in the future!

Take a few extra minutes to consult with your customer. It’s an investment!

From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called LIFE!

PUSH past RESISTANCE… to get to the rainbow!


Does it seem as if you keep hitting a “snag”?

Some form of resistance standing in the path?

When you are making changes in your life and striving for greatness, the tendency to resist the process is inevitably going to show up. There will be moments of fear and frustration that can lead to resisting the process. It’s perfectly normal. You just have to learn to push past it. Falling back into your old mindset and way of doing things is easy to do if your are not aware, determined and focused.
Watch this short clip “Push Past Resistance” , I did during a 30 day challenge to greatness. Use it to shed some light and continue moving forward. You have what you need to make it over the mountain and through the woods… to get to your rainbow.

Your just being stretched to greatness!

From My Experience to Yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!