Are you retailing… or leaving money on the table?

 Are you leaving money on the table?

One thing I focus on first when Consulting and coaching with hair stylist and salon owners is to figure out what’s already in their hands.

Retail is often 1 of them!

It may be something you may have overlooked or even attempted to do before and stopped. Maybe you didn’t see the results, or you kind of forgot about it, or you just didn’t have a strategy to make it PROFITABLE

It became one of those things that you don’t think about or it crosses your mind, but you don’t put it in practice!

You may even have products on your shelf now that are collecting dust…

If you are a salon owner who’s looking to become more of a Visionary of your place, developing a strategy for retail can actually help you eliminate some of the time you spend Behind the Chair.

As a stylist, you can pay your Salon Suite rent, or Boothrent without spinning the chair …and you can do it with the retail that you normally let sit on your shelves.

One of the most overlooked second streams of income is retailing.

Normally in the industry when salon professionals want to make more money they feel they have to result to spinning the chair more, and more, and more.

Even with that being the given thought process, many hair stylists are looking for ways to level up their income, but they don’t necessarily want to have to stay in the salon 12 to 14 hours a day. And for some 7 days weekly even on days they originally wanted off!

One of the greatest ways to begin earning some of the desired income is retailing.


As a licensed cosmetologist of 24+ years and former salon owner of 10 years( although I now consult with the industry full time), I know how the busyness of doing hair can overcrowd everything. You sometimes forget that you have products on the shelf. You get in the busy flow of taking another client or getting another customer in and out of the salon and overlook one of the easiest revenue streams available to us.


When I ask a new coaching client if they retail the answer is similar across the board. No stylist wants to ever feel like they are constantly trying to sell something to their clients. I get it!

You are probably saying, as it relates to your client, “She is already giving me $100 for her service today. She probably can’t even afford it. So I’m not even going to mention retail to her, even though I know it’s going to help her maintain the Integrity of her hair or the service that I provide it.”

Sound familiar. (that little voice in your head)

Business 101.. never try to count the customer’s money and never use your own situation to judge that of the consumer!

You have to be so careful when you’re thinking about building your business and pricing your services. If you find yourself in a space where you may be facing lack,  that same mindset can roll over to every other area of your business. If you are experiencing some lack in your own life, in your mind when you say, “They probably can’t afford it”, What you’re really doing is basing your business on what you can afford at the time. So be careful with your own personal thoughts, presumptions, and fears.

This is one of the reasons I say, “We build our business based on how we feel.”

If you are facing lack, it’s important for you to get into a space of abundance mentally, so that even if your current reality may be different from where you desire to go, you’re still able to strategically build your way out of that situation without letting your situation affect your daily processes.

Many salon professionals count their client’s pocketbook.

Consider this, even if they aren’t purchasing products from you they are getting them from somewhere!

Studies show that the average consumer has 1-4 retail products underneath their bathroom cabinet at any given time. In today’s times, especially with the natural hair community, it can be a whole cabinet solely dedicated to products that they’ve bought and purchased from different places as they’re trying to figure out what works for their hair. (BUT NOT FROM YOU)

So, if you aren’t retailing, they’re getting products from somewhere.

They are seeing infomercials

They’re watching them on television

They’re constantly being bombarded by ads on Facebook.

I promise you, they are purchasing retail products somewhere. Why Shouldn’t It Be You?

The Stylist

The licensed professional

The one who can actually tell them which products would be best for their hair. You can help them either maintain what you created or with their maintenance efforts in between visits with you.

If you don’t become the authority figure in their life about their hair, about what products are good for them, you are actually doing your client a disservice. Retail has so many benefits. Not just to earn more income in your business.


 Do you have products now that are sitting on your shelf? What would it mean to you if you were able to pay your salon rent, salon suite rent, your booth rent, or even your mortgage at your salon with retail?


Earning more and working smarter in your business is not about doing 50 different things, but actually maximizing from what you already have available and accessible to you now. That’s where you start!

Salon professionals are attempting to spread themselves so thin and do so many things without looking at the possibility of maximizing the things that are right in our hands!

With retailing, it’s not about selling. You’re already using the products constantly, getting great results, and you know the benefits well. It’s simply not about selling. You can start by purchasing a few retail products you currently use and love (3 pieces each to start even) a few at a time.

I have a client who took my “Retail and Profit” course who in 30 days went from a place where she had not been retailing and made 657 extra dollar$ in a 30-day time frame. She hadn’t even fully applied all the strategies I taught in the course.  If you’re thinking you can’t, retailing is very doable and profitable!

Maybe you say $657 is not a lot of money. Well, let’s think about it! It may be your booth rent. For some. it’s your car payment and insurance, it may be your utility bill and telephone bill at the salon. Start thinking from a space of bringing in $700 with very little effort. That’s just the beginning… with consistency.  I also have a client who took the retail and profit course who made $700 in retail in 1 week.

After a while, it should simply become a part of your daily practice and business model. There are just so many benefits to retailing properly to your guests and having a strategy for it in your salon business

Here are a few benefits to retailing:

  • Retailing is another stream of Revenue.

For some, when they hear “another stream of revenue” they think, I wash cars, I bake cakes, I do hair, etc. They think it’s five different separate jobs. But multiple streams of revenue is revenue that was created from one foundational source. Your salon industry career is a huge foundation to branch out and do many different things from that all collectively extend from that one source.

EX. One body of water, the ocean, reaches out to form a lake, or stream, or a river.

 You get it?

They flow somewhat effortlessly!

All those bodies of water extend from the one larger body of water.

  • Retail helps you maintain customers.

Now I know plenty of stylists who have no problem getting customers. They are constantly getting new customers, but maintaining those customers, that’s a different story! The struggle is the constant need to chase more customers. Retail helps with retention. Retention is your ability to maintain or retain the customers. If you’re in a space of only chasing clients, 9 times out of 10 your retention rate is really low. That means that the number of times that a client consistently comes to visit you after their first visit is low. A factor that helps you do that( maintain the customers) is retail. You’re the place they can come and get everything. It creates a space of loyalty. They refer other people. It’s a client attraction system.

If you aren’t retailing, you’re missing a huge aspect that will help you build your business in more than one way.

  • Retail puts you in the position of the expert.

Only a person of authority can suggest products that actually work for consumers. You have unlicensed stylist everywhere who suggest products to clients that are not maintaining the Integrity of their hair. The wrong products are simply like a Band-Aid, not the solution. The real solution would be you as the licensed professional referring products you know work. This leaves an even happier customer who views you as the expert. Establish yourself as the professional. You’re the person that your clients can go to for all of their hair care needs.


I challenge you now to rethink that retail that’s sitting on your shelf! Are you leaving money on the table? Consider developing a retail strategy that becomes another source of revenue you can rely on!

P.S. If you’d like to know the one thing that actually helps to translate your retail strategy much easier, I teach it inside my Retail and Profit Course where you can get more insight on creating a retail strategy that’s profitable and how to retail to your customers without feeling sale(zy).

You can also take advantage of several other business and marketing training courses inside “The Mind Your Business Beauty Camp” membership site. The “Retail and Profit Course” is just one of many of the business building and marketing training for hairstylist and salon owners inside of the membership site.

For less than the cost of a great dinner eating out you can access the Retail and Profit Course today!

Click here to join: The Mind Your Business Beauty Camp Memberships SIte!


Retail becomes another stream of income and a strategy that allows you to replace some of the time behind the chair, provide educational opportunities for your staff, or pay your booth rent or salon suite rent… without spinning the chair!

You can get creative with your retail strategy!

Don’t overlook what you can provide for your guest and your salon business by retailing!

It’s powerful and easy to start!

Success on Purpose


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Disconnect to Reconnect

How often do you shut it all down, turn off the TV, turn off the routine, put the phones down, turn off all of the external things that stimulate you and dictate your drive… your thinking?

I took this picture a few weeks ago when I was out to eat with a friend of mine and our daughters!



You have to know my back story about phones and children.

It’s been the hardest thing for me to align and agree with in this technology-based world.

However, I  gave into the convincing my daughter did with her father and grandmother.( who in turned double-teamed me 🙂

So still to my uncomfortableness, she has phone under very limited terms and I am still not a stickler for children with phones at certain ages.

 Anyway, I digress from that because I can make the entire blog post support my thoughts on children and phones! LOL!

So, as we sat down to eat, I noticed everyone had their phone. My first thoughts were, “If everyone is on the phone, how do we connect?”

So I made a suggestion and this is where the phones ended up! On the table!

We went to eat to enjoy each other, to catch up, to converse, to really see about the individuals we were spending time with.

I ran across the picture today and thought that’d be a great blog post to share with you.

How often do we turn it all off and just sit and become aware?

So often we’re in our routine of life and no matter what it is that we desire, even if it’s right in front of us, because of our busyness, it sometimes passes us by.

Regardless of what your desires are for your salon career and life, sometimes the constant thoughts that you have, that can be fear based or small thinking,  override everything our heart’s desire… Without even noticing!

It’s not until we get to the place where we find time consistently to shut everything off and ask ourselves,

“Is this what I desire the rest of my salon career, my business, my relationships, and life to look like? Am I doing things that collectively bring me fulfillment and meet my true heartfelt goals!”

It is only then, when we take time to reflect and ask the RIGHT questions, in our quiet space, that we can think with full clarity!

Is what I’m doing working, am I happy, fulfilled, is my business growing, are my relationships healthy, am I  heading towards creating a lifestyle I truly love,etc.?

The time you take to disconnect from everyone else’s story on social media. the way everyone else is running their business, everyone else’s opinions, and truths, is when you can align fully with your own.

In that space, you can actually decide to connect with what matters the most, TO YOU!

It’s a place of fresh perspective!

Decide clearly how you want it to be! (Your life and business)

This is the place where you begin taking full responsibility for your thoughts.

 After all, thoughts become things!

They dictate much of what happens and transpires in our biz and life!

It’s so easy to be in a routine, where your true goals and desires are mere words you don’t align with, simply because you don’t break the routine, because you don’t take time to disconnect to reconnect.

It’s always during my disconnect times that I get my AHA to re-shift in my business, that I get my aha’s about parenting differently or loving differently or even warnings about the need for new information or a shift in order to continue on with my desired goals!

During my disconnect times, I am able to be present, with my own thoughts, what’s REALLY transpiring in my life and biz, what I want to do, be and have, and what I desire the rest of my salon career and my business to look like.

I shut everything down! 

I shut down all of my responsibilities to answer the questions about what I truly, truly desire… and then I make a commitment ( to myself) to aligning with the directions or actions that will take me there!

 Set out an amount of time daily to this.

Be consistent with it.

You’ll find that the bigger your goals and dreams are the more time you’ll need to spend thinking” and being!

This will allow you to create an even more EXCEPTIONAL life an business without allowing distractions to take you too far off course of your hearts desires!

 Do you take time to disconnect so you can reconnect with what you truly desire?

Action Step/ Challenge:

  •  I challenge you to set a time daily to disconnect.
  •  Over the next 30 days, practice this.
  • Be aware of where you are on a journey, what’s important to you and how you need to continue aligning or possibly re-shift!
  • Take time to be in the moment with everything and everyone you embrace and see how it matches where you truly desire to head!

 Success on Purpose


Ironically, as I was writing this blog post, I heard a presenter mention the word SHAQAT. 

  • It is a Hebrew word meaning to be quiet, be tranquil, be at peace, be quiet, rest, lie still, be undisturbed! ~Selah

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2018 Goals

There is no doubt about it that the turn of a new calendar year brings about a desire for change for many people!

 I personally plan my entire new calendar year(2018) during the months of August-Oct of the previous year. (2017)

This helps me stay ahead of marketing, course creation and how to serve my salon industry clients and entrepreneurs.

 Of course, some things are tweaked, taken out or added along the way, but it helps me have a strong foundation in order to stay focused and purpose-driven throughout each new year.

 I recently asked those connected to me on social media and my private clients what were three things they would be focusing on for the New Year!

#1 Not Procrastinating was one high on their list! 

Which is a great habit to overcome. It is usually defeated by getting really clear on the benefits that finishing a task will cause in your life. It is also defeated by creating small daily projects to commit to and finish. After all, procrastination is simply a habit of not starting or not finishing. Practicing the habit of finishing on small things will create the habit of completing major goals!

#2 on their list Finding new circles of influence or a great concentric circle, let’s just say TRIBE was high on the list as well.

 Now, this I feel is extremely important.

 They say you are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I share a little about that in this video clip. As unimportant as it may seem, having people who understand where you are heading is important. The energy for entrepreneurialship is a major key to accomplishing goals, mindset, and taking action!

 The third thing high on the list of goals for many entrepreneurials was not surprising… their money!

Seeing as though we just experienced the Christmas holiday season, I wanted to offer a tip that might help you during Holiday times for the upcoming year. You can also use it as a general way to save money that doesn’t have to be allocated to holiday spending.


Great tip as you move into the New Year.

Do you do a Christmas Club Savings?

  • You can have money automatically drafted from your checking account each week, bi-weekly or monthly starting in Jan… Or if you are disciplined you can deposit a specific amount on the schedule you set.
  • In November they give you check for the amount you deposited into the Christmas club savings throughout the year or re-deposit it into a specific account.
  • I.E.

$20 per week will yield you about $1,000 for your Christmas spending(Holiday food, gifts, travel tickets if needed) at the end of the year

  • The main thing is you don’t have to spend large lump sums at one time for your holiday expenses out of current and normally allocated funds.
  • You could, of course, use this for a general savings plan as well.

I KNOW MOST CREDIT UNIONS OFFER CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUBS… but you could ask your bank to set this up with a regular savings account as well.

As we progress into 2018, I’d love to hear what your major goals are for your life and business! 

Comment below!


Success On Purpose
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7 Ways To Let Go And Grow your Salon Career

The biggest hurdle to growing your salon career is probably the fact that it’s uncomfortable. Yep, Growth can be uncomfortable! But so worth it!

 It often involves restructuring your schedule, delegating( finding the right people to delegate to), changing the details of your role, and letting go of some things you’ve been doing forever.

Some of the things you have to let go of may actually be things you feel good doing because it’s comfortable!

They’ve kinda become a security blanket. But security that only allows you to stay where you are now!

For instance, as a salon owner, you may have gotten comfortable growing “your” clientele and focusing on getting new customers for “you.

 But now that you have other people working with you, your mindset has to switch from that of a hairstylist to that of a salon owner. 

There are people sitting, or not showing up, who work in your establishment, who don’t have customers.

 And we know hairstylist need customers to stay in business.

 Whether you intended to or not, you took on the responsibility of helping them when you allowed them to join your team!

 You’ll have to let go of thinking like a hairstylist and now think like a salon owner who is growing a business and getting customers for the entire salon.

 If marketing has never been your thing, it has to become your thing now. A business that does not market does not grow!

 I shared 7 more things to let go of in order to grow  your salon Career in this video (Let Go And Grow Your Salon)

 I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video.

 Did you hear something you need to let go of in order to grow your salon industry career?

Success On Purpose


Your Beauty Business Consultant



Is your salon busy during the holidays?

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mother’s Day when it’s like super busy and you’re leaving the salon like 11:30 pm at night,

are the times where “it’s so easy to be fooled by those “brief moments of success.”

and then

there are many salons who experience the total opposite, tons of cancellations or clients not scheduling altogether during Holiday Seasons.


there are those salons who are simply consistently busy!

What’s the difference?

I see many stylists in the salon industry professionals get really fooled by all the busyness and buzz during Holiday times!

Those seasons are a great time in the industry!

Families are blessed, people are making money, chairs are turning, money is being passed hand-over-fist… and then we forget that January and February are two of the slowest times of the year, as well as July. Or, even that next week after the holiday rush just may be looking a little slow on the book.

What’s the difference in how salon professionals experience holiday times and slow times?

Systems. Systems allow continued increase and flow in your business.

Here a few tips be mindful of during the busy holiday season, that are repeatable and can be considered as part of systems.

1- Do amazing profitable consultations with all your guest.

Maybe you will need to tell 2 people no, so you can spend an extra 15 minutes on building strong relationships with your new customers or those you have not seen in a while.

You really want to have the choice of being consistent like that all the time.

2- Create marketing plans and promotions that you rev up before and after the holidays

3-Be sure to get all your clients email address. Your email interaction is a way to connect with clients consistently and with the tap of a few buttons.

4- don’t overspend during great  Have a cushion for just in case financial times.

5 Know your business and the seasons

During this holiday time, you want to be ever so grateful for how the income has come in and how  you’ve been blessed in your salons, and in your Salon Suites, or hair stylist career…but never forget to prepare for the future

Traditionally, busy for a few months and then slow again has become what most salon professionals accept. It’s not a sustainable business. You have to prepare combat the normal slow times with consistent client attraction systems and strategies!

Great systems help you build so there is consistency.

Not so many highs and lows.

It’s easy to be fooled by the income and the increase that comes in sporadically dring holiday times. Holidays are an amazing time to bring new people into your salon… but retaining them, again, is the key!

You don’t want hit-or-miss businesses where you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world one week and wondering if yo should change career the next. Because it’s a holiday and a lot of people are in from out of town and other areas, and people are excited about getting their hair done it really can bring increased finances.

However, you want to see that income all the time!

I did a Free Master Class on Facebook called Wisdom to earn more in the Salon Industry.

You can check it out here FREE Master Class!

I had a special guest on the broadcast, Myeisha Edmonds, Certified Trichologist and licensed cosmetologist from New York, who shared how putting systems in place changed her business in less than 90 days! From Broken to Booked!

I teach many of those systems in the Mind Your Business Beauty Camp Membership Program. I created the Membership site to offer hairstylist and salon owners an opportunity to invest and learn to market and grow their business at amazing investment cost. 

I’m sure you understand that hit or miss does not grow a sustainable business. What systems could you perfect so that you attract more clients instead of chasing them?

Not sure, head over right here to check out the opportunities to create the salon business and lifestyle you love! You can begin immediately!

Every day should feel like a Holiday in your Salon Business!

Success on Purpose,

Beauty Business Consultant


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Why things don’t work in Salon Industry Careers!


My content calendar for my blog post had me scheduled to post about something else today… other than what I’m about to share!

But, I shifted a little because I wanted to really talk to you guys about measuring and results. They matter!

I see so many times where salon professionals take classes and courses or try new things in their salon business or career and finish feeling the same way they felt when they started… as it relates to their revenue or their business moving forward.

Here are a few reasons that happens:

  • Hairstylist and Salon Owners take courses that don’t align them with where they are “right now” in order to move forward. In other words, they take courses prematurely without deciding how thing will align with where they ultimately want to head in the future! Because it’s not aligned implementing it and seeing results becomes difficult or draining.

  • They take skill-set courses for styles that they don’t even enjoy doing or their customers have no desire or any need for.

What prompted me to switch and talk about this subject was when I checked my inbox from a client who took my Brand Build, Profit- Master Session for Salon Owners who shared with me her recent results. We did a session on a Client Attraction Systems that I taught about a week ago.

She shared with me that the first day that she applied the strategy within the Client Attraction System to her salon business, she gained three new customers, then shared with me this evening that she gained two customers from another strategy she just implemented today!

It made me think of how important it is for hairstylist and Salon Owners to look for results. Now every strategy won’t happen this fast, but they do happen faster when you take courses or apply strategies that align with where you are in your growth stage of your career or your unique level. Knowing where you are increases the chances of knowing what to focus on, when, and see results sooner!

It’s important that you measure.. and it’s even more important that you do the work!

Measuring helps to see where to place the most efforts to see the greatest result(profit)

 Often times you will find that 80 % of your results really come from 20% of the work you do. This concept is called the Pareto principle  Coined through a principle shared by Vilfredo Pareto.

Also known as, THE LAW OF VITAL FEW.


There’s no way that my salon owner client would have gotten those results, even if I taught the most amazing strategies if she had not done the work!

Which is something I’ve noticed many salon industry professionals struggle with. Clarity will definitely  change this!


Many Salon owners and hairstylists don’t know where to apply their time and energy because they don’t measure when applying strategies.

I teach my clients to

  • Have a vision for what they are doing

  • Always measure the results

  • And do the work!

So, I share this blog post with you to encourage you to do the same thing when you’re going to take classes and courses or apply new strategies in your business- career.

Have an open mind about receiving the information, be sure t you av a futrue business  but still getting information to imporve the level you are on now!

Things manifest when you do know the right strategies, and do the work!

Results matter!

I also have a video I want to share with you guys that I did recently that relates to this Blog Post. You can click here to watch it!

See you on next week’s Blog Post!

Success on Purpose



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Is your Salon Career in Survival Mode?

Are you operating with a survival mindset or Prosperity mindset in your Salon Career?

Yesterday, inside my private group, “Mind Your Business For The Beauty Industry” on Facebook, I began a series on The 4 P’s To A Prosperous Salon Career.

Before I ever got into what the details of the series were, I taught them about mindset.

I shared how when I first started as a stylist, I worked in a really, really busy salon and I made pretty good money, at least for a 20-year-old who didn’t have a lot of other responsibilities.

Even at 45% commission I was doing clients all the time and I would still earn right under$1,000 weekly( I still remember my first check was $812 dollars)

Just starting out in my career, after about 8 months to a year, I begin to get the “big head”.

I decided it was time for me to step out on my own and go forward to renting a booth.

Guys wouldn’t you know, it flopped!

I ended up having my vehicle repossessed!

Guys, what happened? How did I go from having all of these clients to now not even having enough to pay my normal living expenses!

Over time I realized, I did not know the business side of hair. I could do the skill set, but the business side…. I didn’t know it! 

And… my mindset at that time was totally focused on learning skill set ( how to do the latest styles) not knowing that there were strategic things that I need to do( marketing, proper promotions) in order to maintain the customers that I had previously. The salon I was at …did all the marketing. They did all the getting, maintaining clients, and the strategies that would teach how to profit.

What happened when I left? I went into survival mode. So I was only doing enough to get me by for that day.

You know the never-ending cycle where you feel like you are chasing clients instead of attracting clients!  Where you are just praying for enough to pay immediate bills.

It’s such a trap that most don’t recognize because there are no strategies in place to make more. The focus is ALL off, and going to work behind the chair just becomes routine.

I did not have a Prosperity Mindset!

“So, Tanya,” you say, ”What’s the prosperity mindset as it relates to my Salon Industry Career?”

  • A prosperity mindset is a mindset that prepares for longevity! (long-term success)
  • Survival Mindset only focuses on what they need to do to get that client in the chair for today… to make it for today! There are absolutely no strategies in place that will give them a continuous flow of customers.
  • With a Prosperity Mindset, regardless of the economy, regardless of whether it’s July (Statistically the slowest month of the year for most business) a Prosperity Mindset puts strategies and systems in place that helps to assure they have a consistent flow of clients coming all the time.

This subject means a lot to me because I’ve experienced being on both sides of the spectrum.

I have to always do a self-check-in my own business to make sure I am maximizing my efforts and always focused on growth for my business. It’s something you should do too.

Because it registers so much with me, I also shared it with my followers on my FaceBook Fan page. You can catch the video Here!

So, I asked you on today, “Are you in survival mode? Are you operating in a survival mindset in your salon career or with a Prosperity Mindset?”

I actually have a free Mindset “Money Nugget” Assessment to those in my Private Group on Face book. If you are a Hair Stylist or Salon Owner, feel free to join us in the group to grab yours and catch our new Series, “The 4 P’s to a Successful Salon Career.”  Our first training was live on Tuesday and will be up in the group until our next part of the series on Next Tuesday!

Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Client Building systems that you put in place, do consistently, tweak and do again.
  • Measuring your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not
  • Have a strategic plan for your business growth each year, every 90 days, weekly, and even daily!


There isn’t a lot about a Salon Ownership or being a successful Hairstylist that’s random.

Although we are artsy and free-spirited (Such creatives),  we need consistent systems if we expect consistent massive growth!

Until Next week

From my Experience to yours,

Success on Purpose

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and every people who want to create a business and lifestyle they love!

I had Plans to retire from doing hair at the age of 35 :(


I remember early in my career saying I would retire when I was 35! (SMH)

 At 29,( after almost 10 years of my idea of being successful), I realized that at the rate I was going it was not going to happen!

Was I busy with plenty of hair clients, yes!

Was I making a good living, yes!

But, what I forgot to do was figure out what that looked like,(retiring at 35). I laugh now, but I did have big dreams even at a young age.

What strategies would I need to produce that kind of income to do that comfortably?

How would I have to market myself/business to produce those results


I guess I thought if worked harder it would happen( do more heads)

 Just like many of the dreams salon owners and hair stylist have in the industry, there isn’t a real plan /strategy to make it happen. Working harder doing what they are already doing becomes the plan.

 It’s easy to be fooled by the busyness of it all! I know first hand!

But, we all know you can only do but so many heads, but for so long.

So, I made another goal, that I would not depend on working behind the chair at the age of 40 to earn a living. My goal, when I opened my Salon in 2003, was to not be solely dependant on my income “alone” behind the chair. I knew when I went in the door I wanted others working with me, I wanted a TEAM.

And I created a strategy to do just that!


I realized that what I was doing prior to the new goal( slaving behind the chair), would only yield the same results, and I would wear myself out if I didn’t do it differently.

My biggest results have always been when I found another level of clarity on the HOW TOS. The more intentional and strategic I became about my business, and the more consistent I became about operating systems, the more I produced results that matched my true desires and values!

This thought process may very well be over the top for some, many often think, “It doesn’t take all of that!”

Let me know what they say in about 10-15 more years of doing the same thing and expecting different results 🙂

But not to a salon owner or hair stylists who’s serious about making their business one they can retire from, grow from, provide comfortable opportunities for their family from, use as a foundation to invest in things that allow them to leave a legacy and create a business and life style they love.

 It’s not too much for them!

It won’t be too much for some one who wants to learn what they need for their next level because when all the smoke clears, the facts of what they are doing don’t truly present themselves favorably.

They know they can do, have, and be more.

It’s not too much for that Salon Owner or Hairstylist who knows they want more!

Is that you?

Would you like to have more control over your salon business daily actions and profits?

Where ever the wind blows is the direction we head when we don’t understand who we are as Brand, When we don’t have a Brand Strategy, and a marketing plan to grow our business and profits.


Much of a career that is not clear nor intentional will be found just trying stuff, reacting and putting out fires.

How do I know? It was once me. Yes, I was earning good money, I even had dreams, but I had absolutely no strategy that made sense as to HOW I WOULD GET THE RESULTS OF THE DREAM.

Here’s a video you may find interesting!

Success On Purpose,



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Why I feel Hairstylists and salon Owners are UnInspired and Drained in the Salon Industry!

Something serious to think about!

When I learned that only 17 out of 50 states require Continued Education in the Hair Stylists arena, first I said, “THANK YOU NC, for requiring more from us as a stylist,” then I realized why so many stylists feel burned out and unaccomplished in their career.

Like, how do you work in an industry that’s forever changing for 10 -20 years and you never do anything to grow and change with it, simply because it’s not required!

I know, it’s easy for the years to slip by, or maybe feel you are creative or you learn every day from your coworkers, but it’s not the same!

You guys know! You can see it in a haircut that’s not precise, or a color that has uneven tones (not on purpose, not balayage, not custom color, just improperly applied).

Or old school attempts to market the salon business, like offering really cheap priced services to get people in, making a random post on Social Media, hoping people get it and are interested… and not because it’s part of a strategy. Simply because it’s slow again!

All of this comes from lack of education, the thing that’s not even required in most states. Or should I say lack of education on the “right things.”

When I say the right things, I mean there are some specific unique things that are small but major for your unique career that will make a huge impact.

Yes, It’s cool to go to the big hairs shows, and cut parties, and hair battles. The connection with the other stylists is GREAT ENERGY. But tried and true education is done when you are in class. When you know what specific areas you need to improve on and you go specifically focused to make that happen!

I remember several times in my career feeling uninspired and drained, and every time I took a class, or went to a show and took a class, or got help in marketing and growing my business IT GAVE ME LIFE!

It boosted my confidence and gave me something new to help my business run more smoothly or offer my clients, who by the way get bored too, even if they don’t say it!

See, when we are clueless about what to do, we often settle for feeling it’s slow in the industry or the industry just isn’t for us anymore. But often times that comes because we need a real plan for growth and new information.

Even if your state doesn’t require it, get new levels of training, it’s something you should desire for yourself and your own business or career.

Hair is one of those things you can wing for a while, but eventually, it will begin to show… that there is something missing.

Don’t take training or business help for granted. Your success does mean learning new things, staying relevant and doing “real” business. Just know that the most successful stylists in the industry have mentors, take skill set hands-on and look and learn classes, and most importantly, they eventually take business classes. Even the greatest skilled stylist soon learns that they need to know how to do business and, that their skill set is just that,(skill set) but it isn’t the business itself!

Our right now skill set will get us to the door, our up-leveled skill set will get us through the door and our ability to grow personally and professionally in our business will help assure we can eat at the table once we enter! Your goal should be long term success. You should desire greatness for your career, your Brand. and your business.

Your goal should be long term success. You should desire greatness for your career, your Brand. and your business.

Even if no one requires you to, continuous education should just be something automatic that you desire, for yourself and the longevity of your business!

The Industry is always changing! Will you?

What the customers desire is always changing and guess what, they are informed now. Are you?

From My Experience  To Yours

Beauty Business Consultant

Tanya Wilson-Cherry


The Beauty Industry is Really a Great Industry!

The Beauty Industry is really a great industry with many possibilities.
Looking through pictures early this morning, I realized how many phases I’ve gone through in the industry. Here are some listed below!tanya-speaking-to-booth-rent
     *From Stylist working for a company ( I really learned a lot from others, I learned business strategies and marketing strategies, I learned honor, responsibility at work and the rewards of consistency at work. Working with a company helped to establish another level of discipline I would definitely need while out on my own!
    *Platform Artist traveling state to state teaching other industry professionals styling techniques. I learned there were some really great up and coming stylist on the scenes that were hungry!
     *Educator: working for a product company,`going to seminars and technical institutes training other stylists. This gave me great experience for what I do now. I learned what I like , I learned how to tweak my message for the audience, as well as areas I needed to improve on!
     *Booth Renter: This is where I learned that no one else would make it happen but me. I had to wear many hats; marketer, receptionist, listener, visionary, you name it there was no one else but me. Recognizing this helped me learn to do what matters most!
      *Salon Owner for 10 years. This is where I grew the most. I took everything I knew and still that was not enough, but it was definitely a strong start. I was forced to recognize I could not do it on my own and to never stop learning, even when you feel you’ve made it.
I learned to adapt to change, develop a tough skin, have faith on “anotha” level, lol, and continue to have a pliable heart. I learned that my staff was very important to my business, as well as my customers. As I developed personally, so did my business. Sticking to a vision was a HUGE takeaway! Importantly, striving to not just live a successful professional life but an even more successful private life. It would be much of the take away from it all.
and now
Industry Business Consultant. I realized just how many people needed help. I am able to humbly remember where I was and reach back to share my gifts, experience, and knowledge from my own success. It keeps me on my A-Game, and pushes me to stay ahead and create value! Doing it for others creates amazing value for me as well. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
There is more, but this is what was connected directly to the industry, but it all is definitely a foundation for where it started. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
If I had a few pieces of wisdom to offer it would be:
~ learn all you can, don’t stop.
~Charge your worth
~Hire a mentor or coach( trust me it will save you some years of trial and error)
~Stay connected to the Industry( don’t go off in your own bubble)
~Take care of your customers
~ Be consistent
~Go beyond what’s expected
~ take care of your customers need’s
~learn more about the business outside of your skillset
~ Learn how to respect your money, save, invest, don’t just blow it on unnecessary
 From My Experience to yours, 
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
 Consultant to stars like you everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!