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When I learned that only 17 out of 50 states require Continued Education in the Hair Stylists arena, first I said, “THANK YOU NC, for requiring more from us as a stylist,” then I realized why so many stylists feel burned out and unaccomplished in their career.

Like, how do you work in an industry that’s forever changing for 10 -20 years and you never do anything to grow and change with it, simply because it’s not required!

I know, it’s easy for the years to slip by, or maybe feel you are creative or you learn every day from your coworkers, but it’s not the same!

You guys know! You can see it in a haircut that’s not precise, or a color that has uneven tones (not on purpose, not balayage, not custom color, just improperly applied).

Or old school attempts to market the salon business, like offering really cheap priced services to get people in, making a random post on Social Media, hoping people get it and are interested… and not because it’s part of a strategy. Simply because it’s slow again!

All of this comes from lack of education, the thing that’s not even required in most states. Or should I say lack of education on the “right things.”

When I say the right things, I mean there are some specific unique things that are small but major for your unique career that will make a huge impact.

Yes, It’s cool to go to the big hairs shows, and cut parties, and hair battles. The connection with the other stylists is GREAT ENERGY. But tried and true education is done when you are in class. When you know what specific areas you need to improve on and you go specifically focused to make that happen!

I remember several times in my career feeling uninspired and drained, and every time I took a class, or went to a show and took a class, or got help in marketing and growing my business IT GAVE ME LIFE!

It boosted my confidence and gave me something new to help my business run more smoothly or offer my clients, who by the way get bored too, even if they don’t say it!

See, when we are clueless about what to do, we often settle for feeling it’s slow in the industry or the industry just isn’t for us anymore. But often times that comes because we need a real plan for growth and new information.

Even if your state doesn’t require it, get new levels of training, it’s something you should desire for yourself and your own business or career.

Hair is one of those things you can wing for a while, but eventually, it will begin to show… that there is something missing.

Don’t take training or business help for granted. Your success does mean learning new things, staying relevant and doing “real” business. Just know that the most successful stylists in the industry have mentors, take skill set hands-on and look and learn classes, and most importantly, they eventually take business classes. Even the greatest skilled stylist soon learns that they need to know how to do business and, that their skill set is just that,(skill set) but it isn’t the business itself!

Our right now skill set will get us to the door, our up-leveled skill set will get us through the door and our ability to grow personally and professionally in our business will help assure we can eat at the table once we enter! Your goal should be long term success. You should desire greatness for your career, your Brand. and your business.

Your goal should be long term success. You should desire greatness for your career, your Brand. and your business.

Even if no one requires you to, continuous education should just be something automatic that you desire, for yourself and the longevity of your business!

The Industry is always changing! Will you?

What the customers desire is always changing and guess what, they are informed now. Are you?

From My Experience  To Yours

Beauty Business Consultant

Tanya Wilson-Cherry


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