I remember early in my career saying I would retire when I was 35! (SMH)

 At 29,( after almost 10 years of my idea of being successful), I realized that at the rate I was going it was not going to happen!

Was I busy with plenty of hair clients, yes!

Was I making a good living, yes!

But, what I forgot to do was figure out what that looked like,(retiring at 35). I laugh now, but I did have big dreams even at a young age.

What strategies would I need to produce that kind of income to do that comfortably?

How would I have to market myself/business to produce those results


I guess I thought if worked harder it would happen( do more heads)

 Just like many of the dreams salon owners and hair stylist have in the industry, there isn’t a real plan /strategy to make it happen. Working harder doing what they are already doing becomes the plan.

 It’s easy to be fooled by the busyness of it all! I know first hand!

But, we all know you can only do but so many heads, but for so long.

So, I made another goal, that I would not depend on working behind the chair at the age of 40 to earn a living. My goal, when I opened my Salon in 2003, was to not be solely dependant on my income “alone” behind the chair. I knew when I went in the door I wanted others working with me, I wanted a TEAM.

And I created a strategy to do just that!


I realized that what I was doing prior to the new goal( slaving behind the chair), would only yield the same results, and I would wear myself out if I didn’t do it differently.

My biggest results have always been when I found another level of clarity on the HOW TOS. The more intentional and strategic I became about my business, and the more consistent I became about operating systems, the more I produced results that matched my true desires and values!

This thought process may very well be over the top for some, many often think, “It doesn’t take all of that!”

Let me know what they say in about 10-15 more years of doing the same thing and expecting different results 🙂

But not to a salon owner or hair stylists who’s serious about making their business one they can retire from, grow from, provide comfortable opportunities for their family from, use as a foundation to invest in things that allow them to leave a legacy and create a business and life style they love.

 It’s not too much for them!

It won’t be too much for some one who wants to learn what they need for their next level because when all the smoke clears, the facts of what they are doing don’t truly present themselves favorably.

They know they can do, have, and be more.

It’s not too much for that Salon Owner or Hairstylist who knows they want more!

Is that you?

Would you like to have more control over your salon business daily actions and profits?

Where ever the wind blows is the direction we head when we don’t understand who we are as Brand, When we don’t have a Brand Strategy, and a marketing plan to grow our business and profits.


Much of a career that is not clear nor intentional will be found just trying stuff, reacting and putting out fires.

How do I know? It was once me. Yes, I was earning good money, I even had dreams, but I had absolutely no strategy that made sense as to HOW I WOULD GET THE RESULTS OF THE DREAM.

Here’s a video you may find interesting!

Success On Purpose,



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