The Beauty Industry is really a great industry with many possibilities.
Looking through pictures early this morning, I realized how many phases I’ve gone through in the industry. Here are some listed below!tanya-speaking-to-booth-rent
     *From Stylist working for a company ( I really learned a lot from others, I learned business strategies and marketing strategies, I learned honor, responsibility at work and the rewards of consistency at work. Working with a company helped to establish another level of discipline I would definitely need while out on my own!
    *Platform Artist traveling state to state teaching other industry professionals styling techniques. I learned there were some really great up and coming stylist on the scenes that were hungry!
     *Educator: working for a product company,`going to seminars and technical institutes training other stylists. This gave me great experience for what I do now. I learned what I like , I learned how to tweak my message for the audience, as well as areas I needed to improve on!
     *Booth Renter: This is where I learned that no one else would make it happen but me. I had to wear many hats; marketer, receptionist, listener, visionary, you name it there was no one else but me. Recognizing this helped me learn to do what matters most!
      *Salon Owner for 10 years. This is where I grew the most. I took everything I knew and still that was not enough, but it was definitely a strong start. I was forced to recognize I could not do it on my own and to never stop learning, even when you feel you’ve made it.
I learned to adapt to change, develop a tough skin, have faith on “anotha” level, lol, and continue to have a pliable heart. I learned that my staff was very important to my business, as well as my customers. As I developed personally, so did my business. Sticking to a vision was a HUGE takeaway! Importantly, striving to not just live a successful professional life but an even more successful private life. It would be much of the take away from it all.
and now
Industry Business Consultant. I realized just how many people needed help. I am able to humbly remember where I was and reach back to share my gifts, experience, and knowledge from my own success. It keeps me on my A-Game, and pushes me to stay ahead and create value! Doing it for others creates amazing value for me as well. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
There is more, but this is what was connected directly to the industry, but it all is definitely a foundation for where it started. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
If I had a few pieces of wisdom to offer it would be:
~ learn all you can, don’t stop.
~Charge your worth
~Hire a mentor or coach( trust me it will save you some years of trial and error)
~Stay connected to the Industry( don’t go off in your own bubble)
~Take care of your customers
~ Be consistent
~Go beyond what’s expected
~ take care of your customers need’s
~learn more about the business outside of your skillset
~ Learn how to respect your money, save, invest, don’t just blow it on unnecessary
 From My Experience to yours, 
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
 Consultant to stars like you everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!

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