Does your business run when you aren’t there?




In 2003 I opened a brick and mortar business, at that time it was a Salon & Boutique.
We offered only hair care services at that time( later a full-service Day Spa)
specialty clothing, ( I had formed relationships with wholesalers in the Garment District in New York, The Atlanta Market, and Wholesale companies online.) We only carried 3 of any clothing item at a time.
Skin care products,( Pure Shea Butter, Lotions and soaps)
and hard to find perfumes and fragrances. More of a Lifestyle Salon.

In 2005, one month shy of 2 years after opening I had my daughter.
After two weeks of being out of work completely, I attempted to go back to work( not servicing clients) to operate my front desk. I wanted to see hands-on how things were going! I got nightly reports of the sales from staff, but I needed to see 

That didn’t work.
I was not ready .
I realized quickly after only a few hours at the desk that I would do the entire 6 weeks like I very well should.

At 6 weeks I was struggling emotionally to leave my daughter in someone else’s care.
Luckily, one of my clients owned several Day Care’s in our city and one of the locations was a small private location for infants attached to her home. YESSSS.
That was definitely my best source of comfort because she had been a client of our salon for years. Even prior to me opening my own location.

She actually gave me this journal about a year before I stopped being a booth renter and on to ownership.
I wrote everything in this book, wholesale distributors, plans down to the dollar, marketing and retailing courses I would take, and several systems I created that would be the reason I was able to stay out of work and still function.

So off I go, back to work servicing clients in my business.
Then, my daughter got sick with a respiratory infection that had me out of work again. This time, I did not return to work fulltime for 8 months. I only worked about 4 hours of 2-3 evenings each week, but the salon remained open.
Thank God, my daughter didn’t stay sick for 8 months, but I really wanted her to be older before taking her to back to daycare.

How on earth did we stay open? I was in almost 2000 square foot of building, with staff, and in a prime location!

When I look back on it, I was nervous at that time. We were still fairly new, some of the staff were new, but systems, goals, and having other revenue streams definitely helped us in that season.

So many service-based business owners open the business and build jobs for themselves that require them to be present to make money! Even if they have staff, their focus is on getting clients for themselves.

I feel the goal for owners should be personal mastery and developing leadership not necessarily focusing on doing more customers themselves.

That experience taught me early that I wasn’t superwomen, it was okay to need help, and doing it alone was not the goal!

I encourage you this morning to get clear on your Growth Path for your business.

Build one that gives you time freedom and revenue without you being present!

You will build it and strategize completely different!

Success On Purpose

Your Transformational Growth Strategist/Business Mentor/ Life Coach


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Not Perfect But Progressing


What a blessing! 

I remember this day!
I was blessed to be in the presence of some really great and powerful future salon industry professionals a few years back at Miller-Motte College.

I taught a group of cosmetology students who had not yet entered the world, as they would know it, of the salon industry.

Studies show that only 1 in 4 students who attend cosmetology school actually go on to make it a career and retire from it!

I wanted to impart something that would possibly cause that number to rise!

I wanted to leave them with something that would help them stay focused and effective while on their career path.

I saw so much greatness. These fresh starters had the whole world in front of them and the possibilities were unlimited.

Here, Check Out The Selfies We took!

I wore one of my favorite shirts on purpose. Simply to remind them, “You don’t have to be perfect, as long as you are progressing and giving it your best!

Are you waiting to market your services, waiting to start your career, waiting to tell people about what you do when you feel it’s perfect?

We really have to check that internal voice of ours to make sure we aren’t listening to the wrong expectations from our self. This is why it’s so important to celebrate small wins.

What are 3 things you can think of off the top of your head that you have done, completed or succeeded in lately?

Not that it was perfect, or huge, but simply because you did it! Perfecting is a process that happens while you are in action.

 I wanted to remind the students of this on that day. I felt it would help them as they move forward in their career.

So many special moments occur for me internally when I teach.

One future professional approached me after class and said, “You changed my self-esteem and how I see myself.”


That’s huge.

Mainly because how we see our self-determines what we feel we deserve and ultimately what we will be willing to try or do differently.

I gave them strategies to start immediately that will help them in their career path. Like, finding a mentor, coach, consultant, or friend who has been where they are headed. Someone who could help guide them through steps that would help to assure they don’t make as many mistakes or direct them on a path that would save time in achieving their goals and a few headaches in hopes they would not give up!

It’s so important that we have positive people we are connected to, who are goal-oriented and focused, to help us maintain our momentum as well.  For me, if I have changed at least one life in each event I host, I have fulfilled my assignment for the day. Helping someone avoid distractions and some of the things that slow up progress is important to me because I know how easy it is to get bombarded with information, wrong opportunities and doubt.

I share this with you because doing what you love and getting paid is possible. I absolutely love what I do!

Do you enjoy what you do?

Are you walking out your dream career or business?

Successful people do it every day. One step at a time, making mistakes and perfecting them as they go!

Successful people have figured out the systems and strategies that simplify life so that what matters most is what they focus their time and energy on. This is truly how people become successful and prosper.
If you know you deserve greater than where you are right now, it may not be that you are doing anything wrong, just not enough of doing what is right and most of that is found while MOVING!

Starting with your thinking.

It really doesn’t have to be perfect in order to see progress.

I understand wanting to do your “it” different. Setting goals to improve and grow are important. But it doesn’t have to be perfect to start!

Maybe you want to open a new salon business, and make more money in your hairstylist career, or learn new strategies to begin creating a business and life you love!

Just remember:

You don’t have to be perfect or have everything right, but you do have to start!

Often, we wait for things to be absolutely perfect and that time never comes!

Perfecting is a process!

You have to just set yourself on the path to achieving the business and life you desire!

 Success On Purpose,


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Does your Business operate like a 24 Hour Walmart?

While consulting with a business owner the other day,  as we are discussing her ideal customer and target audience, she begins to tell me that her customers want to know they can access her anytime.
While this is a great pleasure for customers, it can be quite draining and unrealistic for the business owners. Leaving the business owner always on edge, unable to balance life and often times hit or miss with client conversions and income goals.

Consumers(your customers) have an innate habit of putting the things they can do anytime… last on their list.

There is no sense of urgency or importance.

Although I feel being consistently available for your clients is SOOOO IMPORTANT, if they can reach, schedule, or have services with you “any Ole time”…it can also lead to a rather chaotic life.

Eventually causing burn out, as well as affecting negatively so many other things in your life that only receive the very minimal of your time and energy.

Of course, we discussed a strategy that still offered her time to be available for her customers. But, also put boundaries and systems in place, still giving them an opportunity for emergency contact with her. ( but one where she was compensated greater in those instances)

I taught her systems where she was compensated when she had to reschedule her life to be available outside of the normal business hours that worked to harmonize her life.

Often times, fear makes entrepreneurs operate like a 24-hour Walmart. Not realizing that unlike Walmart and it’s productivity power, most small businesses are either one individual or a small T.E.A.M.

Fear( know as lack mentality) causes entrepreneurs not to put boundaries in place…afraid they that will lose customers. fear that there won’t be enough.

Ironically, many find that even when they are super available, they still don’t meet real financial goals they desire!

Having a plan, systems and realistic boundaries helps you serve from a higher place and create a business and lifestyle you love!

We teach people how to treat us.

Our expectations, our systems, and guidelines in our business help us to operate from a higher space of value and excellence, not from our reserve tank all the time, but from our overflow.

If you are looking for ways to strategize, plan, and profit in your business without sacrificing so much of your time, family life and things you love, be sure to join us for the next round of Slay Your Plans and Profit

Success On Purpose 



Want to live your best life? You gotta plan it!

Do you feel like your life is being sucked up behind the chair?

Often times stylist feel stuck to the chair.

~If you don’t go to work  you don’t get paid.

~If you don’t work on the busiest days of the week you will loose your clients.

This is how many stylists feel! Mentality  feeling stuck behind the chair.

Although you love your craft, you don’t want to spend your whole life behind the chair!

For about half of my career (20+ years as a licensed cosmetologist), I might have taken 10 Saturday’s off  that weren’t work related, up until the last 5-7 years of my career. When I realized this, I knew I had to change.  I realized I needed a plan.

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years.  I now only work two Saturdays or less per month, (some months I don’t work on Saturdays at all) and only work two late evenings each month! I take 8-day vacations without being stressed about client loss or added pressure of income lack. I was only able to do it with a plan

Are you living your best life?
Do you feel stuck in a routine that is not giving you the fullness of life you feel you deserve?
Do you want to take your family on a dream vacation? Do you feel overworked and underpaid?
~If you are feeling this way there is a great chance that you are just letting life happen, stuck in a routine that ‘s just not working! What you need is a PLAN.
Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, you have to have a plan, such a simple statement can easily be overlooked.
~Like really, the answer can’t be that simple.

But it is!
Only when you understand WHY planning is so important.
`Planning becomes power when you understand why. When you truly understand the importance of planning it changes everything! When I begin to plan my life it shifted everything around me for the better. I wake up with purpose and clarity, I’m happier and more fulfilled. The list goes on.
~In this informational DVD , I explain why planning is so powerful to your best life and what you need to plan your best life! This DVD is regularly $39.00, today you can receive your copy for only $25.

My dad told me as a young girl, “Have a plan or plan to fail”.

I get it now!
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From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Business Consultant?Speaker/Thought Leader

Your Best Life DVD

Looking for your Best life?

You gotta Plan It! 
~80% of success is in planning. The one thing we often forget to do. We come up with great ideas or dreams that only stay in our head and years go by without making them happen!
~Your Dreams, and goals need a plan in order to make them happen! 

Enjoy this thought provoking and motivating D

VD teaching you the importance of planning and what you need to do to plan your best life!

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Write your Vision… Make it plain

I just read a post on social media that enclosed one of my favorite scriptures, “Write the vision make it plain.. Habakkuk 2:2”. As I began to think on it, I was reminded of how my mother began giving me a planner as early as I could remember, She was avid about writing things down. I must admit, it took me some years , well into my twenties, until I began to be consistent with writing things down and even longer before I realized the effects writing things down had on my delivery and action towards things that needed to be taken care of in my life. I notice that I was more efficient in finishing task and less likely to forget things.

Here are a few facts I’ve learned about writing things down:

~You gain a centralized focus when you are writing.

~Things become real when you write them on paper, They are no longer just floating in your head among dozens of other thoughts.

~Writing triggers brain cells that give a focal point to what you are writing. This increases your chances of completing task by 90%.

~Most successful people are in the habit of writing things down daily.

 ~Your ideas are important and easily remembered when written down. You may not always use your ideas today, but they are collective maps or directions for your supposed journey in life. Your thoughts are valuable to your success!

I urge you to make list, write your goals, ideas and desires. Things are much easier to achieve when you can see it. They become part of your vision.

Write your vision , make it plain. This is a sure way to begin getting connected to your vision.

I’m grateful to my mom for stressing to me to write things down, it has been pivotal in my life and career. I even devised a class I have taught to business owners, clergymen, leaders and everyday people called “Get Connected to Your Vision”, around this one simple but important success strategy!  In the Vision class, I show through a system I devised, why writing is important to your destiny! I know you have heard it before, that you should write things down, but trust me, it really works.

I opened my first successful salon business all from a vision and lists. Here is one of my many list from over 10 years ago.


Today, make a list of your vision.. what you have to do TODAY. It will be a great sound board for the truths behind writing things down. You’ll be motivated and empowered to complete other task!

 From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry,

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!



YOU are important!

wpid-wp-1407000670549.jpegYour unique purpose is important! With all the things you are responsible for one would think you have enough going on to experience fulfillment.  Yet a yearning for something may still be present. You were created with a purpose, specific and unique to you. Your life journey is comprised of a series of events intended to connect you to your purpose. Clarity on your purpose will be your unique driving force in your daily life. It will connect all the intricate details to your journey. Connection to your purpose will improve your relationships and your outlook on life. It is the very thread to your being. When I notice people who have not yet connected to their purpose, I detect a restlessness and uncertainty in the way they go about life. This is definitely not a strike against them. Just an inner yearning called to make them aware of the imbalance that occurs when they are not fulfilling their purpose. A still small urgency to redirect path…to purpose. Today, take some time to focus on YOU. Just a few extra minutes for yourself. A nice stroll, tub bath instead of shower, a ride out in the car. Take a few extra minutes to consider YOU today. One of the greatest ways of connecting to your purpose is through reflecting. I know, everybody needs you, however, figuring out YOU is the best way to completely and wholly offer your best to those people and things you care about and love. Your unique individual purpose is important!

From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!cropped

Too Tired to dream again?

Is your normal routine causing you to miss out on life!

There are certain things that must be done daily, just to maintain. But often, in the mist of it all, you can forget to live!

Whether its work, home, spouse or children, life’s responsibilities can keep you pretty busy. Before you know it, 5-10 years have gone by and you forgot to live. You can be bombarded with responsibilities, that you continue to do, because you don’t want to disappoint others or because you signed up for it (5 years ago). Pay attention to what you have committed to that is no longer serving purpose in your life for where you are now.
No one wants to have regrets about all the things they wanted to do and never took the time to incorporate into their busy schedules. You can get so caught up in your routine that you forget to dream or imagine life being any different.
Don’t get caught in the bondage of normalcy. Normalcy can fool you into thinking that “this is what you will be doing for the rest of your life”. That this is all that life has to offer you for rest of your life. It’s time you started investing in yourself!

Life has so much more to offer.
I remember a time in my life where I  was just going through the motions. Not embracing anything new , just trying to support what I was already responsible for. Now that I have clarity, I get a surge of exhaustion just thinking about it.  I started reflecting and realized that some of the things in my routine were no longer important to where I was at the time, nor where I was headed. I began using my imagination and vowing to LIVE life, not just exist. One huge thing I did, I took a class in Florida that changed my life!  It was obvious that my vision was cloudy. I  then devised a system for my life to GET UNSTUCK. I knew I needed to invest in myself.

Guess what? This system I devised works for any one willing to apply it to their lives. Homemakers, hairstylist, small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs. The principles in this system just work. I’ve taught this system before at a leadership conference for business owners, clergymen and everyday people looking for their next level, I have now turned the system into an upgraded class and made it relevant for RIGHT NOW. The world is forever changes and it’s important that we can adjust and change as well. Old systems don’t always work in new seasons.

I’ll be incorporating this system as a bonus in my upcoming MIND YOUR BUSINESS POWER CLASS this October. This will help you jump-start your new year. Success is merely planned results.

Did this year look too much like last year for you?  Make a conscious decision to invest in YOURSELF. An investment that always pays you back!

Save the date for my next upcoming class. It’s never to late for a fresh start in life and business! October 25, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Express in Greenville, NC!

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Don’t just go through the motions. Began dreaming again. Live your best life.

Invest in yourself.

Life can be different!

From My experience To Yours, cropped

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people.., walking out this thing called LIFE!